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Biden supporters mostly back him in 2024 election because they oppose Trump, poll finds
  • If Biden was full of bravado around breaking the government so we wouldn't have more elections like Trump I wouldn't vote for him either. It's not about the D or the R. It's about the choice that most likely to lead to a peaceful transfer of power in the next election. There are no good options but I choose the one that's going to allow future, hopefully better, choices.

  • Maybe we can get good IPv6 support now
  • We planned for that. We should be fine at least until we are an interstellar species. We could assign an IPV6 address to EVERY ATOM ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH, and still have enough addresses left to do another 100+ earths. It isn’t remotely likely that we’ll run out of IPV6 addresses at any time in the future.

  • Anon is metal as fuck
  • I know at least one dude who's parents caught him trying to cut off his balls with garden sheers when he was young in the 90s. They stopped him and he went on to play football and marry a woman and all the stuff his folks wanted. I wonder how he's doing now.

  • WTF Joe
  • Vote Biden so elections keep happening and make change at your local level. Voting in the interest of the people in local races where your vote really makes a difference. That's the only peaceful way to improve I know of.

    Giving up hope is what the owner class wants.

  • Do I Need to Watch Discovery To Enjoy SNW?
  • I've only watched the first episode of seasons 1 and 3 of Discovery I wanted to like it but I kept falling asleep. I tried a few times.

    I watched all of Strange New Worlds and only fell asleep during one episode which I rewatced later without trouble. I highly recommend SNW.

    PS: I'm under 50 and yes my metric for judgement when it comes to TV is "would I rather be sleeping?"

  • Google, then vs now
  • The yellow hint of "the thing I wanted" without the actual thing I wanted showing accurately describes my experience. Maybe I'll find the thing if I scroll down far enough... Maybe.

    It's also missing the Gemini blob.

  • Anime Discussion: Zom 100. Which character do you identity with? (And is it Shizuka?)

    As a cis-dude I feel like this anime wants me to identify with another character but I keep seeing myself in Shizuka. I don't understands why but I kinda like it.