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Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • It won't be hard. Kamala is going to be able to put a bullseye on Trump and republican politics like Biden simply wasn't ever able to do. She's going to be able to hyper focus on the deeply unpopular beliefs of the base and it will be hard for Trump or others to really deny it without losing their core supporters.

    Further, because she's relatively unknown there's really not the same baggage as there was with Hillary. Most people don't know who she is and I think that really plays to her favor.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Yup. Kamala is also not a bad pick because republicans are almost certainly going to start with racism/sexism as their first attacks "Oh, she's DEI". Given trump has been trying to court the black/Latino vote, this will play against him.

    Further, Kamala will be able to excellently push him on abortion. Biden really sucked at advocating for women's rights even though that's been a winner pretty much every time it's been the focus of a campaign (there's a reason Rs have backed away from mentioning it).

    It'll still be close and there's still a lot of unknowns. However, I for one think this is the right move.

  • LegalEagle — Trump Is Immune
  • bad in a clear way and define a simple test.

    The reason for this is both terrible and simple. It's because they don't want to be caught in obvious contradictions when "If a republican does it, it's fine. If a democrat does it, it's wrong".

    This is absolutely so that if a Democrat president decided to do exactly what trump did, they'll allow prosecution because "inciting a riot to steal an election is obviously not an official act." This leaves the door open for Ken Star style witch hunts against their political opponents.

    We have a fascist supreme court.

  • Real
  • There are premium brands that do well, but there are also non premium brands that do pretty well. GE, for example, tends to make fairly reliable product (even today) for roughly the same price point of samsung/lg.

  • Real
  • An insulated box with a decent compressor does not cost 10k. Making a compressor that fails after 2 years is actually hard to do, something both LG and Samsung spent time and money to achieve.

    Consider, for example, that nearly every car manufactured with an AC. Which is exactly the same tech as a fridge. Yet you rarely end up needing to replace the compressor on your car. You might need to recharge it or clean it, but not replace the compressor. 10k of your car price isn't the HVAC.

  • Real
  • There's some appliance breakdown vids (idk if Rossman is one of them) but the gist is Samsung and LG like to put cheap plastic parts in high wear locations which inevitably fail.

    Fridges are dead simple appliances. A compressor and evaporator coils with a temperature sensor. There's absolutely no reason they shouldn't outlast you and everyone you love.

    It's insane these "premium" brands are built to fall like they do.

  • Those without A/C, what are your tips to stay cool during the summer?
  • 2 tips.

    1. Negative air pressure is your friend. If you open the windows upstairs and down and blow air out of the house it'll suck air from the downstairs to the upstairs cooling the entire house.

    2. Bernoulli's principle is your friend. Rather than having fans right next to the windows you'll move more air if you back the fans a meter or so from the window.

  • 'It's a mess': Biden turns to family on his path forward after his disastrous debate
  • This is not the left cannibalizing itself. This is the democrat leadership taking advantage of a candidate who will end democracy and instead propping up progressively worse candidates election after election. Instead of going with a candidate that is even moderately popular with the left of the party, the democrats put in a candidate who is best known for compromising with the right.

    It's, frankly, the result of the wealth of the democrat party stomping down anyone that would potentially raise their tax burden.

  • 'It's a mess': Biden turns to family on his path forward after his disastrous debate
  • Yeah, ain't gonna happen because Biden would have to step aside. The time for him to do that was last November.

    This is going to be really bad and I blame Biden and the Democrats in 2020 that decided an 80 year old was a good pick.

  • "My juror": Trump believed a loyalist on the jury could save him, until the very end
  • Which is actually pretty hopeful. Once the dude got out of a media ecosystem telling him what to think and feel, and he was presented with the facts in an irrefutable way, he did what was right.

    Right-wing media is all about creating an information bubble keeping inconvenient truths out.

  • Biden pledges to name progressives to the Supreme Court, suggesting he expects vacancies
  • Yes. But that rarely happens (usually just because of health issues). There are very few decisions that have been made where all the members didn't weigh in. When even votes have happened the lower court ruling will stand as is. Which is particularly bad when you have places like the 5th circuit trying their best to fascism.

  • Joe Biden's approval rating in swing states is worse than national average
  • The two major issues he's highlighting is the border and gaza. I can't for the life of me understand why THOSE are the issues his campaign has settled on. Well, I guess I understand israel because of the money groups like APAC bring in... but still it's become really toxic among the base (even with most republicans at this point). And the border... like the fuck... we lambasted Trump for kids in cages and biden has decided that we should continue that policy and double down on it?

    The only way he's winning a second term is if somehow Trump voters have lost their motivation and devotion to him. Otherwise this election is really not looking good.

    There are so many popular issues that also make trump look terrible that biden could run on. Abortion, climate change, hating nazis, raising the minimum wage, expanding workers rights, LGBT rights, the actions of the FTC to reign in big business. He's got so many talking points to really be effective against trump and he's instead doing Hillary's campaign strategy of "Well yeah, look at that guy?".

  • Boise news and discussion cogman

    Northern Lights expected to be visible this week in 17 states, including Idaho

    > A solar storm forecast for Thursday

    > The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center said people wanting to experience an aurora should get away from city lights and that the best viewing times are between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. local time.