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  • This is annoying, where I am, I can usually just smile and walk past them. They want to check my receipt, but I don't

    What's become especially irritating is that so many items are locked behind glass. Want some knee pads so your kid can go skateboarding? Please get an associate. Want a new inner tube to get a bike up and running? Please page someone for help. Then, when you finally get the inner tube, the guy has to physically walk it to the self checkout area, put it into a cabinet and then I have to walk around to the front of the self checkout, ask the girl there to go get it and then I ring it up myself? What the hell is going on with inner tubes!?

  • If presidential immunity is absolute..

    Could Biden order Trump's execution and win the next election?

    "relationship" with kids mom

    I am beginning the process of divorce. There was no history of anything bad, just general lack of compatibility. We've been together 13 years, and at least the past 3-4 we've been shells of who we were.

    Though we both care deeply, we both know we want to be loved differently.

    Right now I'm still going between the depression/despair and some irrational nostalgic notion that maybe things could be the way I thought they were (in my mind I know that these are rose tinted memories)

    How do former couples get along usually? I'm a child of divorce, where my Mom moved two states away and I went with her. My parents were cordial, I think.

    My ex thinks that we should remain friends, but I think that will make the grieving process harder for me. I wonder if this desire to remain friends is a way for her to not fully have to let go. But if you want the milk, you buy the cow.

    Should I be wary, or should I be grateful here? How do I protect myself from catching feelings some days and dragging my healing for to long

    You get exactly one checkpoint restore to any part of your past life. When would you choose and why?
  • I'm so sorry that sounds really hard.

    I think the best thing we can do is remember we're not "the problem" but instead we are whole persons who have our own valid feelings, beliefs and values.

    Good luck however it goes for you - you can heal in time and with effort, and the best thing one can do is to always let our kids know, see, and feel, that we love them

  • You get exactly one checkpoint restore to any part of your past life. When would you choose and why?
  • I'm sorry and I had thought that too. I'm my case, I also ignored red flags. I also ignored that I'd tried several times to end it, but listened to counsel of others who convinced me to tough it out and try to work on things. I thought man I'm killing it!

    We had our first post marriage blow up in an uncomfortable loud shouting match at our fancy Maui luau.

    "We can keep trying"

    Even now, while we're trying to work out her plan to leave, and how to tell our 6 year old that we hope that just before his birthday the apartment will become available. The current estimate says 3 days before.

    Imagine being 6, at a "party"surrounded by your friends, and how it will feel that your parents both want to be there, and also don't want to both be there when you get home.

    But our current situation creates fights. Neither Mom or Dad are getting what they need from each other. I can't help but feel it's a selfish attitude and choice - but it also isn't

    If only I'd been more selfish earlier I could've avoided it all

  • You get exactly one checkpoint restore to any part of your past life. When would you choose and why?
  • May of 2012. I wasn't certain I should propose. I did it, she said yes. We've been married 10 years and are beginning the process of divorce. We have two young boys together. If I could take it all back and spare the hurt, both before, and after, I would

  • Windows 10 is the last version of Windows

    Raising this dead article as Microsoft now delivers extended support pricing details for those who choose not to migrate to the newer version of Windows. The one they were told they'd not ever have to migrate to

    the agent's argument in the matrix

    He said to Neo that humans are like a virus, breeding and infecting the world with our "stick" and general disgustingness.

    I look around the world, at the state of society, the environment, international conflict and the enshitification of humanity - I've gone through my life blindly accepting that life for life's sake is beautiful, and worth it.

    But as I see the state of it all, our perpetual need to destroy each other over ideas and resources, I struggle to come to grips with it. Societies around the world are facing population shrinkage... Do they all know something I don't?

    Is human life beautiful, and objectively worth perpetuating? Or are we a blight? Why should we be?

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