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People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • +1 For the Light Phone. Owned both their Kickstarter edition and their latest generation, and makes travel, camping, and more easy when I forward my calls/texts. Great battery life with still some creature comforts we have all gotten used to, smart phone wise.

  • Linux 6.9 released
  • Nice

  • What open-source software would you like more people to know about?
  • Love me some Jitsi. The app, and website, make it easy to just start a secure, anonymous call with pals. No weird AI models running in the background like Teams or Zoom.

  • What open-source software would you like more people to know about?
  • TrailSense, an easy to use, comprehensive wilderness tool.

    The goals of the developer are fun to consider:


    • Trail Sense must not use the Internet in any way, as I want the entire app usable when there is no Internet connection

    • Features must provide some benefits to people using the app while hiking, in a survival situation, etc.

    • Features should make use of the sensors on a phone rather than relying on stored information such as guides

    • Features must be based on peer-reviewed science or be verified against real world data

    Likewise, the features being developed under those goals are great for getting outside:


    • Designed for hiking, backpacking, camping, and geocaching
    • Place beacons and navigate to them
    • Follow paths
    • Retrace your steps with backtrack
    • Use a photo as a map
    • Plan what to pack
    • Be alerted before the sun sets
    • Predict the weather
    • Use your phone for astronomy
    • And more
  • Full scan of 1 cubic millimeter of brain tissue took 1.4 petabytes of data, equivalent to 14,000 4K movies — Google's AI experts assist researchers
  • "We did the back-of-napkin math on what ramping up this experiment to the entire brain would cost, and the scale is impossibly large — 1.6 zettabytes of storage costing $50 billion and spanning 140 acres, making it the largest data center on the planet."

    Look at what they need to mimic just a fraction of our power.


  • Cardboard pinhole camera | HP5+ 400
  • Moody, grungy, honest with the light in received. Dig it.

  • Any recommendations for a privacy respecting watch with basic smart features?
  • I would highly consider leveraging the AsteroidOS project -- a privacy-focused linux smart watch effort -- on one of their approved devices. That link should bring you straight to the watches they support.

    Pine Time works well with Pine Phone, but only has basic functionality with other Android devices, like notifications. Not much else last I looked, but I may be out of sync with the community's development efforts.

    The Bangle.js 2 smart watch is another open source device you could look into.

  • Ubuntu 24.10 and Debian Trixie Are Getting a Refined APT Command-Line Interface - 9to5Linux
  • Dumb error messages like that have to do with the UI and UX. The user interface (UI) in APT has mostly to do with how easily users see, recognize, and understand descriptions of errors (that is, how text appears and is organized), and the user experience (UX) in APT has to do with how easily users can, say, follow-up, within the tool, to resolve those errors.

    An example of a better UI in APT could be grouping to-be installed packages with clear linebreaks and color, or highlighting how much space is to be used by bolding it. All good stuff that isn't gonna kill my eyes when I have to scroll around to find what was / wasn't installed properly.

    And that scrolling around is all about the UX. An example of a better UX could be installation bars rather than percentages to keep the screen from scrolling past errors too quickly, affordances for users to make decisions within APT to resolve dependency issues without it dropping back into the terminal (again, dumb error messages), or providing help within the interface without having to back out to the terminal and use APT with an operator.

    I think it would be great to keep those error messages you mention, like, front-and-center, even after an operation has wrapped up. Who wants hunt/grep through a full log?

  • Any good Linux Tablet recommendations?
  • It's Linux-based hardware, so any OS could be installed easily if PureOS isn't a good fit for OP. And, unlike the phone, it's basically a computer, like one of their laptops (which have been fine).

    If we are talking about Pinephone, Fairphone, Librem 5, etc. -- they all suffer uniquely. Modems drop on all these devices often enough, battery life sucks based on tasks, app support is sundry, screens are left wanting, and more. Phones are hard to make.

    I might class Linux-based hardware phones differently from Linux-based hardware tablets.

  • Unsmart a smart TV
  • If there's a TV repair / electronics repair shop in your area -- someone who works with contemporary flatscreens -- I wonder if you could reach out and make the ask? They probably have a sense of which generic controllers they would use.

  • News articles hidden behind a paywall shouldn't be allowed in news communities
  • This is an interesting take. What about a summary bot that can post article contents, cleaned up, from behind the wall?

    Or: a bot that would post a web archive link, instead, to preserve privacy? Some instances take a similar approach to YouTube links by having a bot post Piped links.

  • Squash Arch is Live
  • Great distro /linuxjoke

  • Do you need to download an anti-virus for Android?
  • Maybe against the grain, here, with all the comments saying No, but: If you were interested in trying something out, I would give Hypatia a go. It's a FOSS-based app, available on F-droid. It's basically a ClamAV front-end. Pulls from their signature lists for Android, alongside other more general AV signature lists. Just an option.

  • Looking for a good photoshop alternate
  • Photopea -- online, but can be used as a PWA. One of the best!

  • Can you tell excel sheets which were created using a pirated version of MS Office?
  • One other possible option, if she feels stuck: Import it into Google Sheets and the export it into the Excel format. Sheets will just do its thing and replace all metadata with its own.

  • [Lawnchair] Palms Palms Palms
  • Thank you!

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