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Why western people seldom use "please"?
  • "Please" is short for "if it pleases you" or "if you please". It's used to turn a command into a request. It's probably not used on Lemmy, etc. because we're not requesting things of each other a lot.

  • Two walls, no problems
  • Caesar wasn't the only one writing letters home.

  • AAAAAAA.... This is so hard!!!
  • AAAAAA(h)... now I get it.

  • Restored my faith a little
  • Guillotines.

    Didn't work before, won't work in the future.

  • Doctor's orders
  • Well, good for the bloody holodeck.

  • Of Biblical Proportions

    An elderly Catholic priest dies one night peacefully in his sleep after a long life of serving God, and finds himself standing at the pearly gates.

    "You were such a pious and holy man in life," began St. Peter, "that as a reward you can make one request of me before leaving behind your worldly cares and entering heaven."

    "Well," says the priest, "I'd like to read the original manuscript of the Bible."

    Even more impressed now than before, St. Peter grants the request and takes the priest to God's own private library, before leaving him to his studies.

    Shortly afterward, the priest lets out an unholy shriek. St. Peter rushes into the library and asks, "what is it? What's wrong?!"

    And through gritted teeth and streams of tears the priest cried out: "Celebrate! It says celebrate, not celibate!"

    Trump Lawyer Argues Fake Electors Were “Official” Presidential Act
  • Electors are appointed by the states and counted by Congress. Where does the president come in?

  • Microsoft CEO of AI: Online content is 'freeware' for models • The Register
  • He seems to be confusing "freeware", which is basically a license for copyrighted work, with "public domain", which is the absence of a copyright.

  • Do you like America? Why or why not?
  • I wouldn't willingly live anyplace else.

  • Did hackers steal 33TB of data from the Federal Reserve?
  • the hack contains “33 terabytes of juicy banking information containing Americans’ banking secrets.”

    Smells like BS. The Federal Reserve doesn't maintain bank records for individual Americans.

  • In USA, do unemployment benefits last 6 weeks? Or 6 months?
  • Someone who is fired for good cause generally doesn't qualify. If they're fired without being at fault, or if they quit for a good reason, then that's different.

  • In USA, do unemployment benefits last 6 weeks? Or 6 months?
  • Again, it varies, but it's usually based on your earnings in the most recent quarter, and is usually funded by your most recent employer.

  • In USA, do unemployment benefits last 6 weeks? Or 6 months?
  • It's a state-run program, so it varies. Most states provide up to 26 weeks (6 months). No state provides fewer than 14 weeks.

  • Up is an illusion in space
  • This is why I appreciate the scene in Undiscovered Country where Kronos One glides into view, seeming to align itself to the Enterprise's orientation.

  • Logan Square landlord evicts tenant for flying Palestine flag
  • I'm a professional in the industry.

  • Logan Square landlord evicts tenant for flying Palestine flag
  • It's probably not an eviction notice, but a "comply or vacate" notice. Journalists often confuse "eviction notice", which is a court order, with the sort of formal written demand notices that tenants are entitled to receive.

  • American Employee: What Constitutes A Resignation
  • It will vary by state, but generally:

    When only one of the two parties is unwilling to continue the employer-employee relationship, it is obvious who is the moving party. If employment was still available to the claimant and the claimant refused to continue working, then the claimant is the moving party. If the employer will not allow the claimant to continue work, even though the claimant wants to, then the employer is the moving party.

  • TIL Joe Satriani's "Crowd Chant" was meant to be called "Party on the Enterprise"

    It would have included loops of Star Trek sound effects, but Paramount lawyers said no.

    Thank you for your attention, Bajoran workers. This mandatory cultural appreciation moment has been noted on your time cards and will be deducted from your food ration.