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538 Model Says Pennsylvania is 2024 'Tipping Point'
  • Did ABC/538 get to keep the political forecast models?

    I was under the impression that Nate Silver owned the original models, and took the models with him when he left?

    I guess ABC would have been able to keep the older models.

  • Apple refused to pay bounty to Kaspersky for uncovering vulnerability in 'Operation Triangulation' - 9to5Mac
  • Apple Security Bounty awards may not be paid to you if you are in any U.S. embargoed countries or on the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals, the U.S. Department of Commerce Denied Person’s List or Entity List, or any other restricted party lists.

    Kaspersky can whine all they want. Russia is embargoed. They're not getting their money.

    Kaspersky is a good company doing good work in the cyber security space. Unfortunately, because of the embargo, they may have to turn to the black market to sell future exploits. Or maybe not; I'm not totally sure what kind of ethical standards they have.

  • Pebblebee Tag for Android review: I couldn't Find My Device
  • The article says all phones Android 9 and up are in on the network.

    But I was under the impression that enrollment in the network was still rolling out? Anyone have details on the current state?

    To me, this just sounds like the network isn't rolled out fully yet (or that NYC residents don't use Android, which seems suspect) rather than a failing of the device itself.

  • Nvidia is now worth $102M per employee
  • Nvidia is in a great spot for the AI bubble.

    It drives up prices now, but when the bubble eventually burst, data centers are still going to need accelerators for more viable compute tasks.

    Absolutely the most robust business in the bubble.

  • Samsung is sunsetting Tizen and fully ending support for the smartwatch OS
  • There are still issues with WearOS, but I think some of that is hardware. Last I heard, Qualcomm's wearable SoCs were trash, but Samsung is in a good position since they have both the SoC fab and make the watch itself.

    Many industries are shifting to a model where Android is the de facto OS for consumer-facing interactions. It's not well optimized outside of phones yet, but it is rapidly improving. Many cars run Android now, for example.

    I'm moderately optimistic about the next generation of WearOS devices.

  • Joe Biden expected to sign executive order to curb immigration
  • It's not like the Dem base will switch their votes to Trump.

    At this point, now that the nominees are decided, the political game is to attract the swing vote, which is mostly "tough on crime," anti-imigration, and anti-taxation (as it applies to them directly).

    Even though none of these policies are actually good for those in the middle.

  • My Hotel Has An Adaptive Outlet
  • I assume so.

    If you've got a phone or laptop charger, then input voltage doesn't often matter. They'll work with either 120v or 230v.

    And in general, you likely won't be bringing non-charger electrical stuff with you when travelling.

    So if you're installing this in the US, it makes sense to just wire this with 120v. Peoples' phone chargers will continue to work just fine.

  • Media Companies Like Vox Are Feeding Their Journalists' Work Into An AI Wood Chipper
  • Unfortunately, I think it's been demonstrated that OpenAI will feed your data into their training pipeline whether you like it or not. They did this with YouTube. And they demonstrated this with Scarlett Johanson. (Even if they used a voice actor instead of actually scraping voice clips of her, it's still unethical.)

    So we knew they'd just scrape these articles anyway. This way, at least the publications get paid.

  • Is there a launcher for me?
  • Mostly I use custom launchers because I don't like the Google News feed

    What's wild to me is that back in the Google Now era, I was so excited to root so that I could install the extension for Nova to add Google Now.

    But these days, the Google "Discovery" feed is trash compared to what Google Now once was.

  • How campus protests flip-flopped America’s free speech debate [Colin Meyn | 05/25/24 | The Hill]
  • Obviously. But that's not an answer.

    My question is: what are the concrete desires of the capital class that are being threatened?

    Someone else said "oil" which is fair I guess, but very clearly a diminishing return when it's clear that energy independence is valuable for the capital class if they control the transition, a la Elon.

    So again, what do the wealthy have to gain or lose from these protests, specifically?

  • Judge Orders Alec Baldwin to Face Trial for ‘Rust’ Shooting
  • That seems to contradict the article:

    Special prosecutor Kari T. Morissey argued that “the actor has responsibility for the firearms once it is in their hands.”

    The prosecutor is explicitly arguing that he has responsibility because he was holding the gun.

  • Greater Idaho movement: 13 counties in eastern Oregon have voted to secede and join Idaho
  • The number of electoral votes and the number of reps is based on population and is decided by the census.

    So if this happens, at the latest, the votes would get fixed in 2031. But I wouldn't be surprised if this is part of the deal. Obviously those switching to Idaho want to bring their votes with them.

  • [BUG] Sync Crashing after 0.19 update

    On my "subscribed" page, if I scroll down, the app crashes. Not sure of anything more than that. But it's definitely repeatable for me.

    Device information

    Sync version: v23.11.29-22:27 Sync flavor: googlePlay

    View type: Smaller cards

    Device: ASUS_AI2302 Model: asus ASUS_AI2302 Android: 14

    General Programming Discussion cbarrick Encoding tic-tac-toe in 15 bits

    I recently stumbled upon a blog post by Alejandra González (a.k.a @blyxyas) that seeks to compress a tic-tac-toe game state into as few bits as possible. She arrived at a solution in 18 bits. This got me thinking, can we do better?


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    • Canada plays in Toronto on June 12 and Vancouver on June 18 and June 24.

    • USA plays in LA on June 12 and June 25 and Seattle on June 19.

    • Mexico plays in Mexico City on June 11 and June 24 and Guadalajara on June 18.

    • Semifinals in Dallas and Atlanta. Bronze Final in Miami. Final in NYC.

    The article has a nice graphic schedule you can download if you want to plan travel to specific cities. Groups have not been drawn yet, so we only know USA, CAN, and MEX.


    GIFs uploaded from GBoard don't work

    GBoard (Google's keyboard for Android) has a GIF entry feature.

    Sync properly uploads the GIF from GBoard to my Lemmy instance, but the GIF does not play in the comments, and clicking on it returns an error "image was actually a web page!"

    For the record, they're not technically GIFs. GBoard uploads the image as WebM.

    This seems like a user journey that should be supported. Android users who use Google's keyboard to input a GIF comment would expect it to work or throw an error at upload time. Instead, Sync allows us to submit such comments, but they are broken upon viewing.

    Device information

    Sync version: v23.11.29-22:27 Sync flavor: googlePlay

    Ultra user: true View type: Smaller cards

    Device: ASUS_AI2302 Model: asus ASUS_AI2302 Android: 14


    Intentional disconnects?

    Do people intentionally disconnect mid battle?

    I've seen a ton of DCs, both early in the game and late.

    It really hurts my enjoyment of the game. Like, even if we're getting smoked, I'd rather stick around and work as a team to the end. I mean, it's only a couple minutes. And a DC counts as a loss anyway.

    It's really frustrating to see all of these DCs. Are people really rage quitting, or is it just bad networking?

    Edit: I just got Splatoon 3 for Christmas, but I'm a veteran of the series. Rage quitting did not seem to be as big of a problem in the previous two games.

    Pittsburgh, PA cbarrick

    When a Coke Plant Closed in Pittsburgh, Cardiovascular ER Visits Plunged When a Coke Plant Closed in Pittsburgh, Cardiovascular ER Visits Plunged - Inside Climate News

    A recent study highlights the health benefits of particular plants closing and generally reducing exposure to fossil fuels, researchers say.

    When a Coke Plant Closed in Pittsburgh, Cardiovascular ER Visits Plunged - Inside Climate News

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    > A recent study highlights the health benefits of particular plants closing and generally reducing exposure to fossil fuels, researchers say.

    Pittsburgh, PA cbarrick

    Pittsburgh Synagogue Trial-Jury Votes for Death Penalty in Antisemitic Attack Pittsburgh Synagogue Trial: Jury Votes for Death Penalty in Antisemitic Attack

    The jurors had found the gunman guilty of federal hate crimes for killing 11 worshipers in October 2018.

    Pittsburgh Synagogue Trial: Jury Votes for Death Penalty in Antisemitic Attack

    cross-posted from:

    > The judge is required to follow the jury’s decision. Here’s what to know. > > A federal jury on Wednesday condemned to death the gunman who killed 11 worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October 2018, in what is considered the deadliest antisemitic attack in American history. > > The jury’s decision, which is binding on the judge, was announced Wednesday in the same federal courtroom where the jurors in June convicted the gunman, Robert Bowers, 50, of carrying out the massacre during sabbath services nearly five years ago. The judge will formally impose the sentence at a hearing on Thursday morning, when families of some victims are expected to address the court. > > In a statement, the family of two victims — Rose Mallinger, a 97-year-old member of the Tree of Life congregation who was killed in the attack, and Andrea Wedner, her daughter, who was wounded — thanked the jury. “Although we will never attain closure from the loss of our beloved Rose Mallinger, we now feel a measure of justice has been served,” the statement read. > > Jurors deliberated for just under 10 hours before reaching the verdict.

    0 Designing error types in Rust

    An optinionated guide to designing humane error types in Rust.