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carotte Chloé 🥕

Hello! I’m Chloé, a nerdy ace transbian :3

This is my Lemmy account that I don't use super often. However, I am active on the microblogging side of the fedi at @[email protected] :3

pronouns are she/her

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Google and Apple are hosting an app dedicated to TheDonald and other far-right forums that were banned from Reddit.
  • how about embracing their existence on the fediverse by defederating their ass into oblivion?

  • What a time to be alive
  • What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  • What a time to be alive
  • holy shit, they invented a White Guy™

  • Conservative Immigrants
  • Are you sure about that?

    A lot of the republicans’ voter base is white racists. For them, the republicans being racist isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

  • Milo Rule
  • explaining the joke

    the main character is played by "Weird Al" Yankovic

  • Fuck your early access
  • alpha male? puh. i’m a phi male. they’ve got nothing on me 😎

  • Always r(ule)emember what they took from you.
  • according to the same thread, Madeline is 2,13 meters tall holy shit

    (that’s 6'12" in freedom units)

  • meow
  • mrrrrp meow :3

  • CO2 Gas Chamber Rule
  • even if farm animals were slaughtered in the most humane and painless of ways, the way they’re treated while they’re alive is still horrifyingly atrocious

  • Rule
  • you’ll have a different tone of voice when the world gets hit with the Cauliflower Flu /s

  • VLC Player
  • the thing can read fucking SNES soundtrack files out of the box. i’m sure it could run a marathon if you asked it to

  • We wish you a merry notification bell
  • similar boat here: what I’ve noticed is that, on your instance, 'foreign' toots will only show the favourites coming from your instance. So, if 3 people from your instance favourited a toot that has 1500 favs total, you will only see 3 next to the star

    this isn’t true for boosts, and I don’t know what causes the difference there. Its probably something to do with an incomplete federation (either because of blocks or simply because your server isn’t aware of all the others; I’ve noticed that the difference is much larger now that I’m on a smaller instance with less connections), but I’m not sure

    for toots coming from other people on your instance, you will see the full count on both favs and boosts

  • what do you even say
  • When I talk about dented head and drools, I’m not referring to this soyjak in particular (which is far from the worst), but many who are commonly used have that, such as this one (obvious CW for ableism)

    Sorry for the confusion there!

    (to clarify, I don’t think OP had any shitty intentions. but that’s why we should point out this stuff IMO, because it slips through the cracks and even people with good intentions can unknowingly spread shitty ideologies. I’m certainly not free of blame either)

    as for the rest… well yea, no piece of media is morally without faults, memes included. but in the case of wojaks, I fell like the faults are high and obvious enough that we should still avoid using them.

  • what do you even say
  • But there is an issue with the meme itself. It often associates whiteness (notice how the chad is explicitly a white guy with blonde hair and blue eyes) with being good/right, or physical characteristics associated with 'stupidity' (drooling, dented head) with being wrong. The underlying white supremacy & ableism is still there.

    And no, we shouldn’t compromise on our values to use popular memes.

  • what do you even say
  • Even on their own, the shitty alt-right ideology is still present. Notice how the chad, the guy we’re meant to agree with, is very often (not always, but often) a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy?

    Or how the guy with the wrong opinions we’re meant to mock is often a drooling person with a dented head?

    The ableism and white supremacy of the right is still perceptible in the meme, even when it’s used to push leftist messages.

    and on a more basic level, the idea of bad opinion = ugly, good opinion = beautiful is shitty and flirts with white supremacy (because what’s beautiful is very often dictated by eurocentric beauty standards), but that’s a problem in our societies as a whole, not just with this meme

  • Rule
  • There’s an ability like that in Pokémon Showdown’s Super Staff Bros mode. It makes you immune to any attacks with complicated names.

    very annoying to play against but also very funny concept

  • Rule
  • voyager is the least worst

  • flower cat rule

    Alt text: picture of a tuxedo longhair cat laying on a table, with a big flower around their neck

    They look pretty tired



    Alt text: a YouTube thumbnail featuring a shirtless, bearded, grinning man holding a cucumber and a measuring tape. Next to him is the text "IT WORKED!"

    A caption was added: "mesopotamian farmers after discovering irrigation"


    silicate rule

    Alt text: Screenshot of the Wikipedia page for the Carbonate-silicate cycle, but the word "Silicate" has been circled in red and there is a red arrow pointing from it to a picture of a very silly cat


    just some dice I threw around. nothing to see here

    Alt text: Five dices. Top left corner is a three, top right corner is a six, bottom left corner is also a six and bottom right corner is two threes forming a straight angle.


    rule 😞

    Alt text: A hand holding a Valentine’s Day card with a triceratops on it. The text on it reads: "Nobody TOPS You!" (there is also a stegosaurus toy attached to the card)