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What's your way of destressing?
  • Laughter helps a lot. But if I'm consuming a ton of media, it's sometimes better to just take a break and drink water while doing nothing else. I also have mantras about life like: "if I have my family, I'm ok", "home can be anywhere", "nothing in life is more important that food, shelter, water", etc. Sometimes I worry about bills, future costs, etc. But worrying doesn't always make it easier. A little bit of worry keeps me from ignoring finances all together. But too much worry isn't helping. If you can free yourself from worrying about money, you'd be surprised how much weight gets lifted. I'm privileged because I have family and friends that I love. If I ever hit hard times, I know I have a home with them. Reminding myself of that keeps me from staying up all night with worry.

  • JFK Airport. I'm not taking their advice.
  • Obviously don't pet service dogs. Just to be clear. This photo was intentionally photoshopped to make it appear as though the airport was saying "Travel Advisory: when traveling don't pet dogs". As in, when in the UK never touch a dog. I thought it was funny/cutesy. I didn't intend on sparking a big debate about the ethics of petting dogs or the rules about service dogs.

    Don't touch service dogs.

    Pet dogs if you know them or are introduced to them.

    Basic dog rules people. Teach your children

  • What's your "back pocket" wish?
  • I just picture you floating in an endless void 100 billion years after entropy has moved every single subatomic particle away from each other. Somehow you have been sustained. The last sophisticated entity in the universe. Your billions of years of loneliness have already driven you to the point of insanity, enlightenment, insanity again, and finally a state of which no one could imagine. Because you don't consume food or water, you're in a perpetual state of hunger and thirst. You don't feel harmed, but you do feel peckish all the time. You could do with a draught. Your wish didn't allow for pain "thank God", you think.

  • New York bans “addictive feeds” for teens
  • How do they prove your age? Non-technical savvy people probably just give their kids a phone and don't do much to lock it down.

  • Grocery store prices are changing faster than ever before — literally. This month, Walmart became the latest retailer to announce it’s replacing the price stickers in its aisles with electronic shelf.
  • Paper waste is really something that was overstated in the early 2000s. Yes paper is made from trees. But trees are renewable compared to the silicon and carbon consumed in these electronic tags. It's way more environmentally friendly to use paper.

  • Grocery store prices are changing faster than ever before — literally. This month, Walmart became the latest retailer to announce it’s replacing the price stickers in its aisles with electronic shelf.
  • Are we to judge simple supply and demand now? If they haven't been smart enough to save for a disaster, then perhaps they deserve what they get. If they would rather die they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population. Bah. Humbug. A poor excuse for picking a man’s pocket every natural disaster.


  • Overflow
  • Display and layout rules aren't difficult at all. Maybe I'm just not experienced enough. I've been a web dev for nearly a decade now and I feel like I've got the hang of it. That being said, I don't work on projects that have to work on everything from a Nokia to an ultra wide monitor. We shoot for a few common sizes and hope it clears between edge cases nicely. What is an example of something that wraps randomly?

  • Overflow
  • Genuinely, though, CSS is fairly clear cut about the rules of positioning and space. Relative positioning is one of the most important concepts to master since it allows things to flow via the HTML structure and not extra CSS. Fixed positioning is as if you had no relative container other than the window itself. Absolute positioning is a little weird, but it's just like fixed positioning except within the nearest parent with relative positioning.

    Everything else is incredibly straight forward. Padding adds space within a container. Margins add space outside a container. Color changes text color. Background-color changes the background color of an element.

    Top, left, right, and bottom dictate where the element should be positioned after the default rules are applied. So if you have a relative div inside a parent which is half way down the page, top/right/left/bottom would move the element relative to it's position within the parent. If you made the div fixed, it would be moved relative to the window.

    Lastly, if you're designing a webpage just think in boxes or rows and columns. HTML can define 75% of the webpage structure. Then with just a bit of CSS you can organize the content into rows/columns. That's pretty much it. Most web pages boil down to simple boxes within boxes. It just requires reading and understanding but most people don't want to do that to use CSS since it feels like it should just "know".

    As someone who has built QT, Swing, and JavaFx applications, I way prefer the separation of concerns that is afforded us via HTML JS and CSS.

  • Not Likeable
  • It's Gerrymandering. That's the answer to the question: why?

  • Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic
  • If we spent half the energy on improving our lives that we spend on fucking people over, we'd have a utopia by now. Or at least less lead in our pipes.

    America is a global superpower which - apparently - spends some of its most secretive efforts on petty lashbacks to Chinese propaganda. And I'll be damned if our most secretive efforts don't also end up costing us the most taxes (relative to their effective output). I know that Twitter opens its firehouse of data to government programs to support social media analysis. I'm sure Google and Meta do as well. They are aiding these psychological campaigns.

  • Wells Fargo fires workers over fake keyboard activity
  • I'm not very pro-working but why not fire the manager that didn't notice the employee's lack of output? Seems suss that by just keeping a computing online, you can circumvent actually producing anything.

    As always, measure output not the how or why something gets done.

  • A fresh install of Signal takes up 410MB, blowing both Firefox and Chromium out of the water
  • Would be kind of cool to allow people to choose an install method. As someone who has experienced low bandwidth in rural homes, it would be nice to avoid the waste at the cost of possibly managing chromium versions myself.

  • A fresh install of Signal takes up 410MB, blowing both Firefox and Chromium out of the water
  • That's the point. The storage is a bad metric. While it might indicate poor performance, it's not a direct indication of poor performance. The bloat and optimization comes from the usage of Electron. And people use Electron because it's far easier to make cross-platform deployments for Web and desktop using a framework like Electron. Show me the QT/JavaFX app that mimics Signal and we can compare the cost to develop it. Electron isn't the best choice for memory usage and reducing bloat, but it's the best choice for quick development (in my opinion but also proven out by the market share it has)

  • Linux Inventor Says He Doesn’t Believe in Crypto
  • Nah it's literally a waste of physical resources. Crypto currency is a waste of fossil fuels. AI has its functions at least.

  • you don't need more 4GB of RAM
  • For me it's a pattern of "Ctrl+t" to open a new tab and then I search "my interesting query". After that, I use "shift+tab" or "Ctrl+shift+tab" to navigate between tabs. Rinse and repeat until I get tired.

    I don't like searching in my current tab because I don't want to lose the info I have.

  • Polyamorule
  • Source for the whole kidnapping aspect?

  • got him
  • Oh yeah Linus famously hates C++. Still confusing syntax imo

  • What does rehabilitation look like in Star Trek? How might we apply some of these ideas to a western prison system?

    I'm curious about rehabilitation. I believe crime comes from access to resources and/or from a lack of emotional education (such as empathy, patience, and sympathy).

    When I hear news stories of horrific crimes, I often start to wonder: what would have prevented it and how can we move on from it?

    I don't believe in the death penalty and I don't believe in forced labor. I do believe "confinement" paired with education, food, comfort, and time to reflect is part of rehabilitation.

    What does it look like in Star Trek? In other words, what does western culture see as the "epitome" of a rehabilitation center?


    Christmas can be hard for some people. I hope those of you without your car keys, a good jacket, or a warm meal can find all of that in spades this season.

    Just knowing that other people are such fans of Frasier helps keep me jolly. I hope it helps anyone else who needs a shot (or two) of the Christmas spirit. And if anyone needs some cheering up, as a new fan or an old fan, feel free to hop into our community this winter and post your favorite scenes. Feel free to leave your opinion on chili peppers on Christmas trees.


    I was doing fine until Steps 3 and 4

    Generated with self hosted ollama llama2-uncensored:7b (the small model since I have a small rig)


    How do you know if your server (e.g. is federated with another server?

    I want to see a list for each popular server (e.g. the top 10 lemmy instances) and I want to see - for each instance - with whom they federate. How can I do this? Any sure-fire way to know if a instance like is being federated with How do you know?


    I can't think of some good text for this meme, but the format seemed ripe for the picking. Maybe someone far more clever can make use of it

    This is a screencap from the new show of Frasier, Season 1, Episode 5. I superimposed a "Thanos Glove" from Marvel since the dichotomy of power vs. goof seemed funny to me!