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Anon has bees
  • later, virgins

  • A cool guide to soldering
  • 350°C has been my sweet spot with my hakko soldering station

  • A cool guide to soldering
  • Add generous amount of flux and fresh solder to it

  • Ye Olde Book O' Faces
  • It means you've grown as a person!

  • (Re)Caption this.
  • The caption is already perfect

  • A week of fprintfs has me wanting to code rust next week
  • Use streams, or fmt. fprintf is for C. It's like people buying a cheap android phone, then going for an iPhone.

    I don't blame you though, C++ carries a lot of baggage. Modern C++ is pretty nice, though, as is Rust.

  • ICANN proposes creating .INTERNAL domain
  • Certainly better than the awkward

  • You can't stop me
  • must be a day that ends in y

  • [Google Play] Cytus II
  • Huh, I thought it was free as I have had it installed for a while now, but went to the play store and I had to "enable" it, and update it.

  • Motivational
  • The best feeling
  • can't relate

  • Come at me, Bro!!!
  • Click on the post first, then open the image.

  • Me trying to convince my friends to join Lemmy
  • My friends use instagram, the don't know wtf reddit is lol

  • Australia's 'retirement age' just became 67. So why are the French so upset about working until 64?
  • Assumimg four weeks in a month, that's 2,064 weeks/43 years. In Mexico, you "only" need 1,250 weeks, or 25 years or work (although the pension is locked until you're 65 years old.

    That's an insane number.

  • What's your favorite alternate launcher?
  • Same. Too lazy to switch to anything else