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Scientists push new paradigm of animal consciousness, saying even insects may be sentient
  • Vegans are well aware of this phenomenon.

    People will tend to wave away atrocities by saying the victims "can't feel it" or "don't know what's going on."

    We see it all the time in things like the treatment of indigenous people and the mutilation of baby's genitals.

  • Ukraine weapons package ‘ready to go’ once aid bill clears Congress
  • They would've surrendered by now if not for the belief they could win with western equipment.

    Did you think they were going to take back Crimea? At what point do you acknowledge you may be a victim of propaganda?

    Answer: never. Propaganda is only the tool of the enemy, always. Lol.

    funding Ukraine is an efficient investment.

    That’s not “for the west”.

    Funding Ukraine is an efficient investment for the west...

    Might wanna brush up on your reading comprehension.

  • House passes critical aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan along with a TikTok ban
  • and another that forces Tiktok’s parent company to sell it.

    Capitalists never play fair, lol.

    Can't wait to see some stupid western company take the place of tiktok then all the retards complaining about tiktok suddenly shutting up.

    They don't realize there's a trade war going on and they're just useful idiots in it.

  • Ukraine weapons package ‘ready to go’ once aid bill clears Congress
  • Yeah. Vietnam and afghanistan are identical to the war in Ukraine.

    It's not like the US is on the other side of the world, or anything.

    Nope. They're exactly the same.

    Anything to avoid admitting Ukraine is going to lose and you've been taken for a ride 🤣

  • Palestinian girl shot in mother's arms as they attempted to return to home in northern Gaza
  • Removed for saying: Terrorism isn't a bad thing. We've been indoctrinated to hate terrorist tactics, because it's how poor nations can wage war with wealthy ones.

    Reason: Glorifying violence (which it isn't). I guess it would be okay if I said I'm glad Russians are dying in Ukraine? Lol.

    Great censorship, lemmy! Do you mods just pretend rules are being broken when someone posts something you don't like? Yes, yes you do.

  • Man Sets Himself on Fire Near Courthouse Where Trump Is on Trial
  • That's weird, I was reading expecting to see some kind of simpson's quote or reference like they predicted 9/11. Instead, he mentions how "dozens of the writers of The Simpsons went to Harvard."

    I think Simpsons is very interesting because so many people get the wrong things from it. A lot of people don't view Simpsons as satire (which it is); they view it as an excuse for their behavior. It's ok to be a lazy, ignorant, alcoholic because that's what Homer is. He still loves his family, right? And that makes it okay. (not)

    I typed this out before reading further, and I'm glad he mentioned the Monorail episode because it's exactly what came to mind. However, that episode was clear satire. It doesn't make sense for the audience to think giving in to a conman is the correct thing to do, but that is what has happened to a lot of cities across the US.

    It's weird because I think Simpsons has had the effect that he's talking about, it's just I'm torn on whether or not it was the real intention of the artists.

    If it was, that's absolutely mind-boggling illuminati shit. I don't think it goes that deep, though.

  • Man Sets Himself on Fire Near Courthouse Where Trump Is on Trial
  • Cryptocurrency is our first planetary multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.

    This actually makes a lot of sense if you've followed crypto for over a decade and look at the markets.

    Ycombinator is where a lot of the technology that takes advantage of us begins. I think it's a stretch to say Bitcoin started as a conspiracy, but I would definitely believe that everything that followed could be the result of bad actors pulling the strings.

    The strangest thing in crypto is how uniform the value of currencies are over time. They all go up at the same time. They all go down at the same time. And they do this with near-identical amounts.

    This can only mean that it's the same people who are invested in multiple currencies.

    Seeing how massive companies like "Red Bull" got popular paying influential people to shill their products, it wouldn't surprise me in the least that some investors are paying people to make and shill cryptocurrencies.