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What's the dumbest blockbuster movie you have seen that somehow received high praise?
  • I've always imagined his moral dilemma was knowing that (after the Nazis were defeated) going ahead with the bomb was wrong, but wanting to do it anyway - because they had become so invested in the idea, and wanted to see if they could.

  • What's your take on Cassavetes?
  • Wow. I'm glad you asked and look forward to people's opinions.

    I just watched Mikey and Nickey (after reading about Elaine May's role in the start of improv). The treatment of women was terrible to see but the acting was incredible.

  • Question about ownership of the means of production
  • Oh I like the way your are thinking....

    So you labor, make something, exchange that for money and then buy the tractor. The tractor making people get your money in exchange for their tractor constructing labor. In this regard folks are just exchanging the product of their own labor.

    But if you start renting the tractor out is that the same? In some sense the tractor is a substitute for the product of your effort (you traded grain for money for tractor) so if you were to trade the tractor for, say beer, its still just a swap. But if you are renting the tractor, you get something from the renters but you still have the whole tractor back at the end. You got something from them just for having had ownership of the tractor.

  • Now you know why your fear the night.

    Haven't seen this before. Worried about sundown....


    Seen hiking along the Quilcene River


    Forgotten Beasts with fire, smoke and webs

    Any idea how to face and defeat this monstrosity?


    lemmur can't find

    I get "instance not found"