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Am I old now?
  • What's wild is how much easier cash is to not report and commit tax evasion.

    I'm cool tipping in cash knowing the server isn't reporting it all. I'm also cool with street taco vendors not reporting it too. I think the majority of people are, at least where I'm from.

    But one of the things I learned about doing business is always make it easy for people to pay. It doesn't matter the means, but if you want more sales make it easy for the customer to pay you. Whether it's cash, card, or venmo. If you make it tough or restrict the method, you'll lose sales

  • Trump floats eliminating U.S. income tax and replacing it with tariffs on imports
  • I'd love to see some way for this to encourage domestic production.

    However, that wouldn't work. Most of the bullshit we buy would still come from China or some third world country. And it's not like the businesses importing the product would pay the tariffs themselves; they'd immediately tack the cost onto the retail price. They pass the pain into consumers and we get fucked instead of the multinational corporations.

  • For the dudes here... What "girl" song you secretly love?
  • These boots were made for walking

    It's raining men

    Man! I feel like a woman!

    Tons of great "girl" songs that I'll belt when they come on. Besides all the Broadway and show tunes that I love.

    Music is music. A good song transcends girl or boy.

  • California Senate approves ban on transgender notification policies in schools
  • For a lot of things, teachers are mandatory reporters. Certain topics get reported to CPS and authorities regardless of the child's wishes.

    Fortunately, they are pretty clearly defined around "a danger to self or others" and sexuality, gender identity, and pronouns don't fall into that category.

  • Texas Secessionsts win GOP backing for independence vote: 'Major step'
  • If they seceded I'm sure the federal government would make the argument that they are on federal land, even if it's within the Texas borders. Since it wasn't state land, their secession wouldn't apply so it would remain the USA. If Texas wanted to refuse the US Federal government access to them, they'd learn a swift lesson. Texas has a lot of guns, but the army has more.

  • Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈
  • Ha. That was my first question when I saw this.

    It looks horizontally opposed. I want to say it's an ej out of a Subaru. Top right looks like the bracket for the turbo heat shield. Plenty of lines on the right for the coolant going to the turbo. What's throwing me is the black plastic on the top left. Looks like the intake resonator that sits inside the front fender of the bugeye.

    I'm going to guess it's an ej20 rather than the ej25. I know that resonator was in the 2003 wrx, which, at least in the US, only came as a 2.0L. I don't know if the 2004 wrx still had that same intake as they changed a lot that year.

  • American Airlines passenger sued by FAA after being duct taped to seat
  • I disagree on the duct tape of the mouth. There needs to be a better way to handle that than making it harder for someone to breath. Where they keep the zip cuffs, they should probably have a spit mask or something.

  • The fast-food industry claims the California minimum wage law is costing jobs. Its numbers are fake
  • Oh, I know they won't close. That's just their threat. They keep saying "oh woe is us, if we have to pay living wages then we won't be able to keep the staff hours or we'll go out of business and look at all the employees that would lose their jobs."

    But it's a thinly veiled threat and always has been. What they are saying is "if you do this, I'll hurt all these people in response."

    If your business closes because you can't manage your costs, then another business will fill the void that can. Isn't that how they always describe capitalism and the "free" market? They have money to pay for all this media and "reporters" to repeat their propaganda. They'd rather pay that then spend the same on their employees.

  • Tasers in the Outfield
  • Lots of room for someone to run away rapidly?

    So, like the athlete supposedly in danger would be able to do? Kind of puts a damper on the whole someone was in danger theory you keep trying to push.

    This is the same mentality that got a teen shot because he rang the wrong doorbell after getting the address wrong or the man shot for using a driveway to turn around. The world isn't as dangerous as you've made it in your mind.

  • Tasers in the Outfield
  • It's a baseball game. A random fan going after an extremely fit athlete, who has an entire team (and the other team) with fucking bats if they were really necessary is not in any danger. Literally none.

    Not to mention 99% of people running into the field is doing it for the thrill of running into the field in front of an audience.

  • YouTube is experimenting with server-side ads
  • Your equating the software development with the running costs.

    People have made OS and people have made YouTube alternatives. But that's nothing compared to the quantity of servers, networking infrastructure, storage, power usage, and labor to maintain and update it.

    P2p isn't a valid alternative because that's just shifting costs onto your users. Just because a central entity isn't taking on the burden of cost doesn't mean the cost isn't there.

    Pictures and text are rather low usage, both in storage and networking but video isn't. Especially when millions are watching videos at the same time.

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • Which is such a poor attitude. Just because someone is bad in one subject doesn't apply to every subject. English, math, and history were all GEs. What use does having an English major be weeded out by their ability to do stats or calculus?

    Or a psych major because they have no particular interest in pre-silk road civilizations?

  • What tips do you have for training your dog?

    I'm planning on getting a dog soon and would love some tips and tricks.

    My tip is that when you take your dog for a walk, before crossing any street make them sit and wait for you to tell them to cross.

    It helped when my dog got out a few times he would only walk around the block and never cross streets or run into traffic.


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