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Social Media Post: Star Trek fans have held the national stereotype of being way too rabid about things for decades but they’re probably the nicest fan base in all of science fiction and the one least likely to have a large faction of them absolutely lose it over a torpedo being fired by a woman or dumb shit like that

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Move over, Ford and Chevy: Kei trucks are pulling up as customers opt for smaller, cheaper vehicles
  • Ya. Everything’s expensive, so people buy the cheapest thing [with four wheels]. I don’t want folks on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum to think these are a safe option.

    If(?) a ‘90s Honda sedan is safer but the Kei is new and looks cute, for the same price many will choose the less safe option.

    Eight Californians die on our roads every day here and I can’t wait for some solutions. I really do empathize with everyone you readers care about (no oil companies, no just-for-funsies-truck manufacturers) - I hate the thought of crumpled and crushed human bodies.

  • How do you think Apple's AI rewrite (Writing Tools) performed in their example from WWDC?

    I highlighted what I might have wanted to carry over to a more professional rewrite. (If the filename was real, I'd sanitize it so as not to single out any one employee, but I do think it's an effective example.)

    Using these powerful tools >is lazy, unprofessional, and could result in a catastrophically expensive, embarrassing mistake

    if someone's not careful :)

    Source: Apple Intelligence on


    OK, this is kinda funny. I wanted to make sure I'd actually seen this in WWDC. Turns out they showed a different rewrite (embedded below):


    I think I see what happened. The [macOS] rewrite shown is more 1:1, but comes out sounding goofy (very LLM). On their site, they didn't want to show that, but then they used an [iOS] rewrite that missed e.g. the filename used as an example. Even someone skimming the email should see that filename was garbage and be afraid of getting called out in a meeting for typing a name like that in the future, so I think it's a miss not to have it.

    Not to make a mountain out of a small example or two, but I do hope folks are aware they'd do best to read every word of anything generated for them. Reminds me: I'm excited for that word-by-word suggestion feature as it allows for one-by-one modifications to be very intentionally made.




    Post: My attention has been drawn to this packaging design from HP, which presumably someone approved. Image: In a brown cardboard box sits a shipment inside a protecting wrapper. The wrapper is illustrated with two hands with index fingers extended, indicating that you should put your fingers in the hole in the middle of the wrapper and tear it apart.


    Edit: if you’re too young (or innocent?) to immediately understand the reference, DO NOT web search


    It’s graphic and you will never be able to unsee it


    Honk rule


    “a Pontiac Vibe with a huge check engine light in the back window and a cluster of bumper stickers that read: remember if you honk all you honk at me i will honk if you get any closer you have to i honk honk if you will if myself want honk if you have ever been personally victimized by honk”


    Were the "Cancel" and "OK" buttons swapped when inserting a link in a comment?

    After an update a couple weeks ago, I thought there was a bug inserting links. Turned out I was just hitting Cancel.

    Guessing it was my brain since I don’t see anything in the change log. Feel free to lie to make me feel better :p


    1200s London ruled 🔥


    >You will come to London. Behold, I warn you, whatever of evil or of perversity (behavior or beliefs that are considered immoral or unnatural) there is in any, whatever in all parts of the world, you will find in that city alone. Do not go to the dances of panders (people who arrange sexual relationships for others), nor mix yourself up with the herds of the stews (brothels or houses of prostitution); avoid the talus (dice games) and the dice, the theatre and the tavern. You will find more braggadocios (boastful, arrogant people) there than in all France, while the number of flatterers (people who praise excessively to gain advantage) is infinite. Stage players (actors), buffoons (clowns or jesters), those that have no hair on their bodies (eunuchs, men who have been castrated, typically to serve in positions of trust around women or in royal households), Garamantes (a North African tribe), pickthanks (flatterers or sycophants), catamites (young boys used for homosexual purposes), effeminate sodomites (men who engage in anal sex), lewd musical girls, druggists (people who manufacture or dispense drugs), lustful persons, fortunetellers, extortioners (people who obtain money through force or threats), nightly strollers (people who wander the streets at night, possibly for criminal purposes), magicians, mimics (people who imitate the speech and mannerisms of others), common beggars, tatterdemalions (raggedly dressed people)—this whole crew has filled every house. So if you do not wish to live with the shameful, you will not dwell in London.

    Source at The Internet Archive

    Political Memes brbposting

    Who else needs an apology?


    alt-text / OCR

    taylor my bad playa i underestimated you [screenshot:] Jeff Tiedrich @itsJeffTiedrich Israel is an apartheid state with a stupid racist wall, I guess that's why you and Netanyahu are such great snugglebunnies 3:06 PM • 8/18/19 From Earth Jun 6, 2024 at 2:34 PM

    Sage Follow for anyone who needs to apologize to today or any other day, here you go:

    Jeff Tiedrich Apology Form To: Jeff Tiedrich From: Date:

    I hated resist libs bc they were my parents.

    Only looked at smug lefty twitter

    wasn't familiar with his game.

    didnt know let mitanty supports trans rights

    Reason for behavior:

    I didn't watch the full history of poasting

    I don't know why I thought he sympathized with Israel Mercury was in retrograde

    I mistook Jeff for Nate Silver (HOW?!?)

    I will hereby respectJeff Tiedrichand I will NOT talk down on the future first-ballot Hall of Famer.


    Open URL in Private Tab Shortcut for Safari iOS

    This Siri Shortcut, Open URL in Private Tab (Safari iOS), Opens a URL from Share Sheet or Clipboard in Private Safari Tab

    Using this method can improve your chances of maintaining your privacy on your iPhone.

    Seeking your feedback! My first shortcut on RoutineHub

    Credit to unknown original author of an Open URL in Safari Shortcut

    Download Shortcut


    🪑^squared rule

    Never imagined you could throw on a second base


    iOS Shortcut Wishlist: Instant Offline Dictation to Clipboard, Live Transcription [OpenAI Whisper]

    Does this exist?

    I would love to activate an iOS shortcut that instantly begins dictation, allows me to tap to stop dictation, and then pastes the transcript into a specified text field. For an added benefit, it would be great to view the live transcript to help maintain my train of thought.

    I would like it to use the best available free offline transcription software (e.g. OpenAI Whisper) as well.

    Inspirations include:

    • Whisper shortcut by Giacomo Melzi - online, very inexpensive, but not offline/live. Requires OpenAI API key ($0.006 / minute, thirty-six cents an hour)

    • Ecco Dictate app - offline (private!), but not live nor able to be opened and autostart via shortcut

    (Here I’ll mention… If you have never used dictation beyond Apple’s built-in offering, it may be hard for you to imagine just how much you are missing 🙂 If Apple doesn’t catch up by iOS 18 I will send them such a firm yet polite piece of feedback!)

    Note: Because my ideal solution is all but guaranteed to require an app and not just a shortcut, I’m mainly wondering if there is an app that supports shortcuts as described. Planning to reach out to the author of Ecco Dictate, perhaps after checking with you friendly folks.

    Thank you!



    Near perfection found.

    Free offline OpenAI Whisper transcription to clipboard for easy pasting in any app!


    Aiko (link is to the shortcuts the developer provides)

    (Apparently if you’re not on iOS 17.5 you need to use a workaround when launching these shortcuts using Siri by voice… Have to add Dismiss Siri And Continue + Open App action and have it Open Shortcuts.)

    All that’s missing is live transcription, which is available with online/paid transcription apps but no offline apps I’ve found on iOS. (MacWhisper does feature live offline transcription in any field, but only on Mac for $30+.)

    Political Memes brbposting

    Potential meme format


    xkcd #2940: Modes of Transportation

    xkcd #2940: Modes of Transportation

    Explain xkcd #2940

    Title Text: >My bold criticism might anger the hot air balloon people, which would be a real concern if any of them lived along a very narrow line directly upwind of me.


    A chart that categorizes various modes of transportation based on their practicality and danger level:

    Zone of Practicality:

    • Trains
    • Airliners
    • Boats
    • Walking
    • Cars
    • Scooters
    • Bicycles

    Zone of Specialty and Recreational Vehicles:

    • Motorcycles
    • Helicopters
    • Light aircraft
    • Go karts
    • Skateboards
    • Rollerblades
    • Skis
    • Unicycles
    • Sleds
    • Bumper cars


    • Hot air balloons

    “Hot air balloons are the optimal mode of transportation, if your optimization algorithm has a sign error.”


    📄 rule


    It blows our hivemind that the United States doesn't use the ISO 216 paper size standard (A4, A5 and the gang).

    Like, we consider ourselves worldly people and are aware of America's little idiosyncrasies like mass incarceration, the widespread availability of assault weapons and not being able to transfer money via your banking app, but come on - look how absolutely great it is to be European:

    The American mind cannot comprehend this diagram

    [Diagram of paper sizes as listed below]

    ISO 216 A series papers formats









    Instead, Americans prostrate themselves to bizarrely-named paper types of seemingly random size: Letter, Legal, Tabloid (Ledger) and all other types of sordid nonsense. We're not even going to include a picture because this is a family-friendly finance blog.

    Source: Financial Times