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Star Wars Fans Seem to Be Review-Bombing the Wrong 'Acolyte'
  • It's not even that terrible of a series: it scratches the itch and hasn't mentioned a Skywalker (granted many many years before that whole shindig).

    Is it the best? Nah. Is it the worst? looks at RoS Absolutely not.

  • Nextcloud or Syncthing - which one do you suggest?
  • Yupp! Set up folders, enable on multiple computers; baby, you got a stew going

  • Nextcloud or Syncthing - which one do you suggest?
  • BT Sync no longer in vogue here? That's what I've used to both sync and distribute certain things. Used to use it for my image backup until immich came along and stole my heart. Still use it for phone backups

  • German combination axe-gun, ~1580 AD
  • I interpreted this backwards and thought of all the ways it would hurt to shoot 🙃

  • [question] I want to learn - where do I start?
  • Big focus on the model system if possible. My partner still reminds me about the time I said a minor update in my stack* would take "a few minutes" 😅

  • Study finds 1/4 of bosses hoped Return to Office would make staff quit
  • I go in to eat said baked goods ❤️

  • Race night at coworkers house
  • Y'know, I thought "real track, real trucks."

    Then noticed how big the building was and my brain went a bit wonky until I realized "real track, real rc trucks."

    Looks fun though!

    Edit: also, didn't see where it was posted 🙃

  • Biden hints Netanyahu is dragging out Gaza war for political survival
  • Eyyy Biden, welcome to 6 months ago!

    Soon you'll notice he seems a bit too giddy accidentally killing civilians.


  • Texas education leaders unveil Bible-infused elementary school curriculum
  • Aight, so long as we're including other religious texts and having the class be a deep dive into similarities and differences and what might make the "human condition" between all of them, I'm game.

    Oh no? Just American Christianity? Sounds like something that goes against the Constitution there.

    sips tea

  • Vermont set to become first state in US to 'make big oil pay' | Gov. Phil Scott allowed S.259, the “Climate Superfund Act” to go into effect without his signature
  • I may be mistaken, but doesn't the Dem supermajority mean that he doesn't have a choice? I mean, "allowed" makes it sound like he's gracing us with his decision lol

  • Google Is Paying Reddit $60 Million for Fucksmith to Tell Its Users to Eat Glue
  • Wanted to like, but 69 likes at this time

    Edit: oh hey, this posted 3 times lol that's a new one. Sorry for the spam there

  • Smart-ening Window Blinds
  • Lol agreed, I'm not buying another one. I mainly wanted to get a look* at how because I'm much better at understanding things when i can hold and inspect them.

    Edit: I'll add that my main requirement was not needing a new hub to control them, hence this zwave solution 🙂

  • Smart-ening Window Blinds
  • I grabbed one of these and attached to our largest blinds and they work phenomenally. The main issue is cost, but I really just wanted something as a proof of "how" to do it, and hope to come up with a cheaper homebrew later on.

  • We already live in a dystopia. brvslvrnst

    Zigazoo Kids...

    No other comment, just fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


    Direction on pulling data from pellet stove Harman Control Board for Pellet Stoves and Inserts w/Touchscreen: 1-00-05372

    Replacement Control Board for all Harman pellet stoves and inserts with the Easy Touch Control System. This motherboard is located in the mechanical area of the stove and stores all of the vital functions for the stove's Touchscreen (daughterboard). Check out all of our Harman Parts! Same-day shippi...

    Harman Control Board for Pellet Stoves and Inserts w/Touchscreen: 1-00-05372

    Howdy, long time lurker!

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand with trying to pull data from my Harmon Absolute43 pellet stove. Looking at the board, I see an RJ45 connector and thought "seems like a wireshark-like sniffer would do the job".

    However, all searches end up looking at networking rather than simple data sniffing. Any ideas as to how to add a "bridge" that also stores the data? From there, I can do the publishing side of things, just the hardware component for me has me scratching my head.