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what are these rubber holes on the back of the pc case?
  • It is probably an old case design. In the early water cooling days, there would be separate watercooling units that sat outside the case. The grommets were so you could pass your tubing through.

    I wouldn't really worry about the dust tbh, you will wind up having to clean it regardless.

  • Open source e reader
  • There is actually an open source eReader, openbook

    Unfortunately, the current screen it uses is not being made anymore. People have stated that they have gotten other screens to work, but no official instructions on using them yet

  • acceptable screws
  • Tbh 99% of the hate for hex is probably because Allen keys exist, and are included with everything. Those things are just pure hell. Hex is fine if you have proper drivers for it, but a lot of people don't.

    Note: Speaking as someone that lives in America, I'm sure the rest of the world has already solved this.

  • Me trying to insert a flash drive at night
  • Until you find out that a usbc plug fits inside a usba port and you can mix them up when reaching around your computer. (Don't test this on anything that is powered on, I did it on accident once and it triggered my motherboards usb overcurrent failsafe)

  • And for everyone wondering, the street in the middle is not one way.
  • Just spitballin here. Is the route taking a highway? (I think I see an on ramp). If so, I am about 85% sure the algorithm is just assigning too much value to highways. Generally, highways should be "valued" more to avoid just going down tenthousand sidestreets to get everywhere.