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Vision Pro Owners: Would you buy it again? What should a 2. gen look like?
  • The issue with VR headsets is the bulkiness. I have not tried the VP myself, but having used VR a lot in the past, the tech just isn’t there yet. Imagine carrying a mac mini on your head because currently it’s exactly that.

  • I made a tool to measure the battery impact of different Android web browsers - here's what I learned!
  • Now compare Chrome with Firefox with a bunch of privacy and adblock extensions ;)

    Or better yet, try it on a device with an up-to-date chip that actually has some processing power and see that there would be no long term difference.

  • Any unofficial YouTube clients?
  • Obviously, but lately YouTube and music has sucked so much that I don't think it's worth paying for. The recommendation engine has been very bad and I only use it for a specific purpose so it's not worth it anymore in my opinion.

  • Any unofficial YouTube clients?

    Hey folks, there are a few apps in the Android world which I use to watch YouTube without ads. Some examples are ReVanced, NewPipe etc. I was wondering if there is a similar app that I can use to fulfill the same needs such as ad blocking, downloading and viewing on iOS. Figured if anyone knew it'd be on Lemmy. Thanks in advance!


    Backup filters/blocks?

    Hey everyone,

    Been using Boost for a long while now and I'm wondering if the filters/blocks I've made over the past few months persist when I install the app on a new device. I really don't want to see some communities/instances on my feed and does anyone know if this syncs with my user account? Is there a way to backup these filters I've enabled? Appreciate any response.