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Comment on a YT video about Windows on ARM
  • Yeah, all my Linux installs after about 2003 were liveCDs. I used to carry my Gentoo CD around as my diagnostic tools for a while helping people fix their windows machines (or just backing up everything off it before reformatting).

    I think Knoppix was the first live CD I used. It was mind blowing. Now you can just carry around a whole personally configured system on a USB stick. Pretty cool.

  • i think I'd lose the running part
  • Swimming is always the first event in a triathlon because asking someone to swim 2.5 miles after having run a marathon or cycles 100+ kilometers is an incredible recipe for drowning.

  • Please rate my build
  • You're paying a lot for a 7800x3d, and putting in a 7900 GRE which won't come close to saturating that CPU. You'd end up with more FPS if you saved $200 on the CPU and put into the GPU for an XT or XTX if you can squeeze it.

    Also, if you can hold off on purchasing, the 9000 series CPUs go on sale at the end of the month. If you wait a couple months you can probably either pick up a used CPU from someone upgrading, or the existing new prices should drop a bit as demand shifts to the new higher level.

    In general though I'd say "more money into your GPU" if gaming is your primary goal. My friends and I are generally sticking with the "video card price = CPU + mobo + RAM price" as far as high performance gaming rigs go at the moment (and even higher if you're doing Nvidia because they're overpriced.)

  • The interior of your house is hot, the exterior cool. What would the most efficient orientation be for a box fan? Pushing hot air out of a window or pulling cool air in through it? (Solved)*
  • No, it should be roughly the same.

    The thing you're trying to take advantage of when placing a fan a meter or two from a window is that when you have a moving mass of air and it passes by static air, it "drags" the static air with it. As a result you move more air mass that what was blown by the fan directly out of the fan blades.

    A blower fan still blows air in a direction, and can likely take an even bigger advantage than a traditional box fan since a blower fan's output direction will be more orderly aka closer to a laminar flow than a box fan. But the real advantage of the blower style fan is that its enclosure allows you to direct both the intake and exhaust portions of the air being moved.

  • The interior of your house is hot, the exterior cool. What would the most efficient orientation be for a box fan? Pushing hot air out of a window or pulling cool air in through it? (Solved)*
  • The goal is the same.

    Scenario: cold air outside, hot air inside.

    Goal: replace hot air inside with cold air outside.

    Method: open one intake window and one exhaust window. Use a fan to blow hot air out the exhaust window while the low pressure vacuumed created inside will cause cold air to be sucked in through the intake window.

    Maximize efficiency of method: follow video posted.

  • ‘New York learning about trash cans in 2024 is an insane flex’: Eric Adams trolled over wheelie bins ‘trash revolution’
  • Lots of other places do too. That's why true city size should be counted as the metropolitan population, not just the city borders. In that case, Houston is 5th, beaten by Dallas/Fort Worth at 4th, which surprisingly means Texas has 2 metropolitan areas out of in the top 5 in the country.

  • Toddler, 2, dies after shooting himself while left alone in a Walmart parking lot as his parents shopped for fireworks
  • Not OP, so can't comment on the vaccine part but the "modern medicine isn't modern" is actually a cute analysis. When it comes the healing major woulds, even ones inflicted intentionally like during surgery, we don't actually know how to heal the body. We know how to clean the wound. We know how to remove malignant tissue. But we don't actually know how to heal the wound. The best we've got is "keep it clean and let the body do it's thing". To OPs "poison" point, when it comes to things like antibiotics, those are really just other stuff in nature that we found out kills stuff inside us. It also kills stuff we don't want to kill inside us, which sounds kind of poisony. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment are similar - just dose this person with this stuff and hope the thing we're trying to kill dies before the person does.

    Surprisingly vaccines are probably the most "modern" example we have of medicine, especially the RNA stuff.

  • What's the best quality Linux Bluetooth audio experience for both me and the people I'm talking to?

    My mini ITX motherboard doesn't have as many USB ports as I'd like. I've also decided 2024 is the year I try to kill off all my USB micro devices and replace them with USB-C (sorry PS4 controller). So I'm going to go Bluetooth as much as it makes sense (because of the limited USB ports), and use devices that charge over USB-C

    For communication during gaming over discord I've been using a Logitech g933 for about 8 years with the USB receiver, so that's on the chopping block.

    I'm quite happy with the sound quality for music I currently get out of my Bluetooth headphones. A2DP gives a really great experience. Using those same headphones as a communication device with Discord for both recording and playing audio is really awful though as it kicks back to HFP/HSP. So I was wondering if it's possible to do a dedicated Bluetooth microphone? And more importantly: does connecting a micrpphone-only device over Bluetooth still need to be in the HFP/HSP profile to work?

    To be clear: my goal is to be wires-free for my audio solution, while having both a high quality audio output to hear my beloved gaming companions AND to have a high quality (or at least clear quality) audio input so my beloved gaming companions can hear me. The microphone built into Bluetooth headphones is generally shit and sounds like being on a cell phone call from 1999, even when using it on an android or Windows machine that gave custom Bluetooth stacks that don't fall back to HSP. That's why I'm interested in using a dedicated high quality (probably condenser?) microphone, I'm just unsure if that high quality makes it back to the computer when connected through Bluetooth.

    From the last couple hours of searching and reading I can only seem to find information regarding Bluetooth recording+playback combined headsets and the A2DP/HSP stuff. I can't seem to find anything about regarding dedicated microphones quality over Bluetooth.