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What does the world think of India?
  • The difference between individuals and the collective is staggering. I love working with my Indian colleagues. Generally pretty smart and want to learn. But man, the offshore development teams are completely different.

  • Elon Musk condemns the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) used in general elections in some countries.
  • In Minnesota, the law requires employers to give employees time off (of their choosing) to vote. At my previous job where they were anal about time in the office, I made a point of voting in the middle of the day which would require another commute. When I got the nasty email about "break too long". I just replied with a link the statute. And made sure all my co-workers knew what their rights were.

  • I've had it with reddit

    I think I finally reached my breaking point with reddit (about time). Earlier this month the humorless admins of /r/teslamotors banned me for posting a video of my custom charge port cover. A day or so later I mistakenly posted on the sub using my secondary account. That's on me. The /r/teslamotors admins gave me a permaban and reddit gave me 7 day site ban. I can take my lumps so whatever.

    However, apparently I commented today on /r/teslamotors using the account that received the permaban. Dumbass reddit gave me another 7 day site ban for ban evasion. WTF? Either a software bug allowed me to comment or /r/teslamotors lifted my ban for some reason.

    Neither of those constitute ban evasion IMHO. I'm also tired of using in phone browser since they killed apis.