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  • It kinda feels like they did this to themselves in France at least. If they weren't so help bent on raising the requirement retirement age, people might've not flipped so hard. And of course it won't get fixed and they'll have other issues, but people don't often think that far ahead...

  • Anyone know what 'natural flavours' means on label packaging?
  • So, in the US, there are two categories of flavorings. There is "natural" and "artificial" and the ancient war between them is quite a story.

    All this started when people started to learn about what made things taste and smell like other things. All of this made growers of difficult foods very nervous. Why buy these strawberries that are weather sensitive and expensive to harvest when you can just synthesize the chemicals that make things taste like strawberry! So the lobbyists weighed in.

    The compromise was that foods flavored with actual plant or animal compounds were called "natural" while those that just used the chemicals would be called "artificial." This led to some interesting issues. Some natural flavors are actually dangerous to use. Apple seeds have heavy metals in them. It's tough to make sure when processing apples that you don't crush the seeds, or you might end up with arsenic (I think?) in your output, and at industrial scale you'd be concentrating it. So you have some flavors that are very expensive and hard to get safely, that it's easier to get with a safe chemical synthesis.

    In short, there's not and functional difference between natural and artificial flavors. They're largely identical except in how they've been acquired to added to your food. And as a bonus, "natural" was chosen intentionally as the name to cause a panic when looking at labeling because "good heavens what is artificial flavoring! I can't feed that to my child! It must be unnatural and dangerous!" Generally, artificial flavors are no more toxic or dangerous than the source food item itself. There could be issues in synthesis, like formaldehyde sneaking in if it's not controlled carefully, but in general the only difference is how they got what they're flavoring the food with.

  • Anon discovers .NET
  • Compiler output only marginally better than working with c++

    No one claims it's faster at runtime than good C++, it's just a lot easier to write decent code

    I think they're referring to warning and error content. Compared to things like rust, deciphering error notifications from the c# compiler can sometimes feel like trying to figure out what a child with limited vocabulary is trying to tell you.

    Even with decades of personal experience with it, they can be confusing and non-informative sometimes for me.

  • What's the best way to remote into a Mac?
  • Splashtop has kinda iffy Linux support, but it's there. It has unattended support mode which would need zero interaction from his side. That costs money though. Anydesk has less Linux support but has a "free" personal use mode. Last I used it I pretty much needed something Debian with xorg. Wayland is right out for both anydesk and splashtop.

  • Microsoft's Recall Feature Is Even More Hackable Than You Thought
  • Right now I'm terrified that we will have to add local storage to handle this garbage. We use small disks intentionally to push our users to use the network storage, which is backed up. Instead of local storage which is not. I don't need microsoft keylogging and screencapping my tiny disks to death.