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  • Die nach außen gerichteten Aggressionen gibt's auch bei Frauen, nennt sich Stutenbissigkeit, und bei Männern auch die Antriebslosigkeit, nennt sich burnout. Zugrunde liegen in allen vier Fällen idR Ohnmachtsgefühle irgendeiner Art: Das eigene Leben nicht so leben zu können dass es mit den eigenen Instinkten in Einklang steht.

    Beides absolut unterdiagnostiziert weil's nicht dem Narrativ entspricht. Und auch wenn man's diagnostiziert gegen Kapitalismus gibt's halt keine Pillen. (Burnout mag man als "das wird doch diagnostiziert" ansehen wollen -- aber eben halt erst wenn Menschen erwerbsunfähig werden. Angefangen hat das normalerweise schon mindestens 10 Jahre früher).

  • [Meta] Genuine community request
  • Regarding trolls in general, and especially troll feeding, a couple of hackers figured out how to deal with them ages ago (in German): Throw comments into a bayes filter (like those spam filters), have them rank it according to what it learned and, most importantly: Don't just block the comment. Have the user solve a captcha. The more incited the thread is, the more the post looks like trolling or responding to a troll, the more often randomly fail the captcha.

    Thus you make the unwanted behaviour annoying, people often simply say "nah it's not worth it", but on the flip side you're also circumventing accusations of censorship. Trolls, now having lost the massive reaction they so crave, and themselves having to jump through captcha hoops, migrate to darker pastures.

  • Thousands demonstrate against far right across France
  • Yes it is the lowest form of participation and that's also why there's no excuse not to cast your ballot. Unless the ballot literally gets stuffed, turn up, if you can't bring yourself to vote for any of the parties with reasonable chances vote for a satirical or random micro party. The animal protection one seems to be popular in Germany, heck they might get a seat and cause something to happen from the opposition benches, I rather have an opposition full of vegans than full of Nazis. That failing, invalidate your ballot. Nothing too untoward, ballot counters aren't your enemy.

  • Where did AfD voters come from, and where did they go?
  • lmao So we went from “browsing Greenpeace news” to “she was visiting a website of an animal shelter”.

    No, she went to Greenpeace. She also went to one for an animal shelter. Also, what I linked to is a mere corroborating source.

  • Where did AfD voters come from, and where did they go?
  • Over here in SH urbanisation is actually reversing a bit. Only a bit, but on average villages aren't dealing with a draining population any more. Lots of really small places that have issues, but OTOH the people there drive regularly to some village populous enough to have a supermarket and see that it's quite stable. Just don't ever visit Neumünster.

    And I also think that plays into the "great replacement" perception: There's a difference when a place of say 20k gets 100 refugees and that's it vs. getting 100 refugees and 1000 leaving to work elsewhere. Still nowhere close to rightoid conspiracy narratives, of course, but the incline of the curve looks quite different, it's much easier to spin a narrative out of such a situation.

  • Where did AfD voters come from, and where did they go?
  • Germany. Greenpeace was quite prominent in her browser history. She's a murderous fascist assclown doesn't mean she doesn't care about the whales, and whatever. Hitler loved dogs. How is this surprising or unbelievable to you.

    ...and, ok, fine, I'll get you a source. Not the original documentary (probably depublished), have a taz article:

    1. November 2011: Uwe Mundlos und Uwe Böhnhardt liegen tot in einem Wohnmobil in Eisenach. Das Ende der Terrorzelle NSU, nach dreizehn Jahren. 181 Kilometer östlich, in der Frühlingsstraße 26 in Zwickau-Weißenborn, sucht die Benutzerin „Liese“ am Computer nach Nachrichten. „Liese“ ist einer der Alias-Namen von Beate Zschäpe. Wie sie vom Tod ihrer Kumpanen erfährt, ist immer noch unklar. Aber irgendwie muss sie es mitbekommen haben. Nun flieht sie. Kurz vorher tippt „Liese“ noch einen Satz in das Suchfeld des Internetbrowsers: „wohin kann ich sicher spenden“. Sie geht auf Seiten der Diakonie, eines Tierheims, von Greenpeace.

    She set her apartment ablaze, not the camper with the other two dead Nazis inside, I misremembered that one.

  • Where did AfD voters come from, and where did they go?
  • Where the fuck did you get that nonsense?

    Public TV. Some documentary about the whole insanity that happened that day.

    The AfD literally does not believe in climate change and wants to get the coal industry running again.

    I never said anything to the contrary... well I guess I should've been more specific: Nazis were never anti-environmentalist as such. I think AfD climate denialism roots in their neoliberal history, when Nazis took over they didn't change it because they're not planning on doing anything in their programme once in power, anyway, and it's politically convenient.

  • Where did AfD voters come from, and where did they go?
  • Who are those 50.000 that went from green party to afd? What kind of reason could there possibly be for that?

    Not to speculate too much but according to court records, Beate Zschäpe browsed Greenpeace news before setting the camper ablaze.

    The German far-right has never been anti-environmentalist as such, much to the contrary: On the first Green party convention there were a lot of people who were of the opinion that not enough is being done for the German forest. Until they got kicked out with prejudice. It's the centre-right which likes to bury nuclear waste in leaky barrels in leaky salt mines.

  • Where did AfD voters come from, and where did they go?
  • Might have a lot to do with the relative state of infrastructure and, generally, their surroundings.

    That is, you might be personally fine off economically, but you're seeing abandoned buildings all over the place, the trams are run down, and the schools have leaky roofs because the municipality has no money because half of the population moved west and all the infrastructure is oversized.

    Meanwhile, the stereotypical Green voter is living in a city driving their Cayenne to the horse pasture enjoying the quaint surroundings. (I mean of course you need an SUV you're towing the horse once every two years)

  • Where did AfD voters come from, and where did they go?


    Even more voter movement charts.

    Bonus: "Do you think Germany's economic situation is good or bad?" !

    not even asking about personal economic conditions, just the overall state there's a massive fucking difference in perception.

    Patrick Breyer and Pirate Party lose EU Parliament seats
  • Technically... maybe. Here's a calculator, EPP+ECR+ID+a chunk of the non-attached and non-assigned might make it over the 50% mark, and then there's renew which has neoliberals in it.

    But that's not coalition material as the EPP is not eurosceptic, also, that coalition would reach so far right that a good chunk of the EPP would definitely not be on board with it. The populists might also be opposed on reasons of preferring stoking anti-Brussels sentiment over surveillance, and there's plenty of opportunity for rifts, like the RN saying "The AfD is in favour so we're opposed".

    Do note than in the EP factions have fuck all when it comes to faction discipline. There's no whip, all there is is plenty of negotiating.

  • "How am I supposed to explain this to my children?!"
  • First of all, you don't need to be LGBTA to be Queer, secondly, when it comes to normalising acceptance drag queens are brilliant. When I was a kid Olivia Jones (or Lilo Wanders?) was in like every second talk show round, having funny wholesome meta-takes.

    Or, differently put: Imagine a 2.10m unit moderating a presidential debate in full drag. Heck, imagine a native american doing it in full regalia. As long as that's not possible in the US because the adults would freak out you have to start with the kids so that they won't freak out when they're older.

    then let’s have trans reading hour. To me drag queens are performers,

    Judith Butler aside, trans folks generally don't want to be performers. They tend to want to be who they are and be accepted as such, blend in as their gender, not stand out as breaking norms.

  • First projections of EU Parliament election results
  • Which is an option and would have been an option under the original law.

    It is not a realistic option because the federation isn't giving municipalities access to the capital needed to invest in that stuff.

    Decentralized solutions are faster

    No. Decentralised solutions need decentralised work which more often than not is a higher total amount than if there was some kind of centralisation -- also "municipal level" is not exactly the pinnacle of centralisation. With district heating a municipality needs a couple of specialists dealing with the actual heating part, installation workers which can be any plumber, not just specialists, and road workers which are a completely different pool. For a decentralised solution you need a gazillion of specialists, of which there are not enough. You need to order a gazillion of individual heat pumps and guess what companies aren't able to deliver in those numbers. Want to get a heat pump installed today? Call a company, they'll tell you that they'll be able to squeeze you in for an initial assessment in five years.

    And this was known. The studies comparing different approaches had been made. Of course they were made this is Germany. And the Greens went ahead and said "we'll take the one that our members feel comfortable with, where they can feel superior to everyone else because they've been ahead of the curve". The biggest obstacle to Green policies in Germany is not the voter, but the insistence of the Green party to smell its own farts.

  • HP bricks ProBook laptops with bad BIOS delivered via automatic updates — many users face black screen after Windows pushes new firmware
  • They really, really, should be doing A/B systems. Or just have an absolutely minimum loader that can load from EPROM/flash or USB so when the system storage gets messed up, you can still launch the updater from USB. That bios loader doesn't need to know more than how to talk to storage and shovel bytes to the CPU, maybe blink a LED, it's simple enough to be able to be actual ROM, never needing to be updated.

    Wait, no: SD cards can talk SPI... it's not going to be fast but it's only a few megs anyway. The EPROM or Flash you're using probably speaks SPI, already. You could literally make a system which can load the BIOS from SD card for the cost of a card cage and maybe a jumper. You could have gigabytes of bios storage for three bucks by using off the shelf cheap SD cards, forget A/B storage you could do the whole bloody alphabet and people could replace the thing easily.

  • First projections of EU Parliament election results
  • What kind of insane warmonger amirite?

    That's some Fundie shit. Seriously, noone but Fundies consider Realos to be war-mongers. They're also the only ones considering "Olivgrün" an insult. It's like vegans acting surprised when noone cares about their moraline-sour opinion of vegetarians.

    Conservatives wouldn't have been able to touch Habeck, either, the man can quarrel with SH farmers calling him a clueless city boy and come out on top with everyone respecting him. Remember his Israel speech? Where one was left wondering "that was damn good, why isn't the chancellor doing that"? "why isn't the foreign minister doing that"? The answer is simple: Because neither of them are able to. They had to ignore their actual functions in government to get the message out.

  • It'll end up as "Vote stupid parties, win stupid prices"
  • If you want to take over Monaco by force you'll have to deal with France. Essentially, because history, France tolerates a part of itself as a privately-owned municipality with a symbolic UN seat of its own. Similar things apply to Andorra though there it's both France and Spain, also they're more democratic but you'd still have a tough time with all that Catholicism there. Ibiza is part of Catalonia, ask the Catalans overall how easy it is to gain independence from Spain. Liechtenstein is also out, they actually gave their prince absolute power in a referendum. Hopeless case. By force, you'd soon discover that the mountains say "Grüezi". Vatican state, forget it.

    There's a reason I mentioned San Marino.

  • PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities

    For all your boycotting needs. I'm sure there's some mods caught in's top 10 that are perfectly upstanding and reasonable people, my condolences for the cross-fire.

    1. [email protected] and [email protected]. Or of course communities that rule.
    2. [email protected]
    3. [email protected]. Quite small, plenty of more specific ones available. Also linux is inescapable on lemmy anyway :)
    4. [email protected]
    5. [email protected]
    6. [email protected] and maybe [email protected], itself seems to be up in the air. [email protected] says [email protected]. They really seem to be hiding even from another, those tinfoil hats :)
    7. [email protected]
    8. Seems like [email protected] and [email protected], various smaller comic-specifc communities as well as [email protected]
    9. [email protected]
    10. [email protected]

    (Out of the loop? Here's a thread on mods and their questionable behaviour)


    Has Generative AI Already Peaked? - Computerphile

    > A new paper suggests diminishing returns from larger and larger generative AI models. Dr Mike Pound discusses.

    > The Paper (No "Zero-Shot" Without Exponential Data):


    Chechnya's Bizzare Ban on Musical Tempo


    What is the cheapest way to beat climate change?

    > There are lots of ways we are tackling the climate crisis, bringing down emissions and sucking carbon out of the atmosphere. But which method is the most cost-effective? For a given investment, which draws down the most carbon emissions? In this video I answer that question... and then talk about why that answer doesn't necessarily mean much.


    European Parliament adopts Artificial Intelligence Act Artificial Intelligence Act: MEPs adopt landmark law | News | European Parliament

    On Wednesday, Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act that ensures safety and compliance with fundamental rights, while boosting innovation.

    Artificial Intelligence Act: MEPs adopt landmark law | News | European Parliament

    Press release of the Parliement itself


    • Safeguards on general purpose artificial intelligence
    • Limits on the use of biometric identification systems by law enforcement
    • Bans on social scoring and AI used to manipulate or exploit user vulnerabilities
    • Right of consumers to launch complaints and receive meaningful explanations


    On Wednesday, Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act that ensures safety and compliance with fundamental rights, while boosting innovation.

    The regulation, agreed in negotiations with member states in December 2023, was endorsed by MEPs with 523 votes in favour, 46 against and 49 abstentions.

    It aims to protect fundamental rights, democracy, the rule of law and environmental sustainability from high-risk AI, while boosting innovation and establishing Europe as a leader in the field. The regulation establishes obligations for AI based on its potential risks and level of impact.



    The Dangerous World of Ukraine's Artillerymen

    > We interview half a dozen artillerymen, medics, and others, in this exploration of the life of artillerymen in the most intensive artillery war on the planet, the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The interviews are extensive and unfiltered. They cover topics like living on the front, cluster munitions, living underground, the mental health of soldiers, alienation from civilian life, what motivates them to fight, surviving in the winter, what they do for fun, and many more stories.


    The American Origins of Putin's Madness

    This is a long one, flipping a common understanding of things on its head: Instead of seeing certain things e.g. tankies believe as Russian-caused disinformation (most prominently, colour revolution theory) it traces that stuff back to Lyndon LaRouche and chalks up what Russia is doing to KGB-brains swallowing an American conspiracy theory as truth: It's not that Russia has master-minded some disinformation campaign against the orange revolution, Maidan etc. to justify the invasion, the Siloviki actually believe that shit.

    If you ask me that makes a jading amount of sense.


    [37c3] Ist die Demokratie noch zu retten? Ist die Demokratie noch zu retten?

    Demokratie ist eine gute Idee, funktioniert aber nicht in der Praxis. So die Meinung vieler Menschen, die vor dem Hintergrund von Klimakr...

    Ist die Demokratie noch zu retten?

    > Demokratie ist eine gute Idee, funktioniert aber nicht in der Praxis. So die Meinung vieler Menschen, die vor dem Hintergrund von Klimakrise, Infrastrukturerosion und Regierungsversagen an der Zukunftsfähigkeit der Demokratie zweifeln. Wie reagiert die Politikwissenschaft darauf und kann die Demokratietheorie Lösungswege aufzeigen?

    > Der Vortrag ist eine allgemeinverständliche Einführung in die Demokratietheorie in Krisenzeiten. Er stellt zuerst die wichtigsten Demokratietheorien aus der Politikwissenschaft vor: Was ist Demokratie? Und wie sieht eine gut funktionierende Demokratie in der Praxis aus? Anschließend werden die Problemdiagnostik und die Ursachenforschung behandelt: Was stimmt aus wissenschaftlicher Sicht nicht mit der Demokratie? Ist sie in der Krise oder liegen die Probleme woanders? Zum Schluss stehen Lösungswege und Reaktionsmöglichkeiten zur Diskussion: Bieten Politikwissenschaft und Demokratietheorie praktikable Lösungsansätze? Oder sind sie selbst in einer Krise, weil sie keine Lösungswege aufzeigen können?


    Cut anything, even diamond

    > Today we're looking at an ion milling machine. This instrument accelerates argon particles to high velocities and then slam them into your sample, acting as an atomic sandblaster. The sample is slowly etched due to the transfer of kinetic energy from the argon gas molecules. It can etch literally any material, even diamond!


    The Transputer: A parallel future

    > In the 80s one British firm was working of the future of high performance computing, where not 1 processor would work on a task but many. That company was inmos and the processor was the Transputer.


    Anders Puck Nielsen - If Russia's War Ambitions Haven't Changed are Peace Talks or Deals Meaningless

    GUEST: Anders Puck Nielsen - YouTuber and military analyst. *** At the beginning of November, Zaluzhnyi suggested in an interview with the Economist that Ukraine’s summer counter-offensive was stalling. “Just like in the first world war we have reached the level of technology that puts us into a stalemate,” he said, prompting a debate about whether the statement was correct. Timothy Snyder, a Yale professor, responded by arguing that war is not a game of chess, and that the quantity of resources or weaponry available to each side is not limited, as it is in a game. The west can help Kyiv by “dropping five more queens on the board” (at any time), he said – military aid that could allow Ukraine to break the deadlocked, as happened in Kherson and Kharkiv in 2022. *** SPEAKER: Today I’m speaking with Anders Puck Nielsen, military analyst and influential YouTuber based in Denmark. He specialises in naval warfare and strategy; in today’s video we are going to be talking about Ukrainian successes against Russia’s Black Sea fleet and state of the ground war in Ukraine.

    0 Abducted Ukrainian teen faces conscription into Russian army

    Kremlin is scrambling to find more recruits to bolster its forces suffering heavy casualties as they mount an offensive in the east

    Abducted Ukrainian teen faces conscription into Russian army

    Bevy game engine 0.12!

    For people who want to read instead of making coffee while listening (or more details), the actual release notes: