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When did you (literally or figuratively) dodge a bullet?
  • Is it normal for a call center rep or lead to close customer accounts? I'd assume that the fraud department would be the ones making that decision and handling issues raised. Anyway, I'm glad you had the receipts to prove it wasn't your fault.

  • Twitch restores former President Trump’s Twitch account
  • Totally agree. He is only looking out for himself, and if you're someone like him, you might get some benefit as well. He's not going out of his way to help anyone who can't help him in someway. And even if you can help in some way, the nanosecond he doesn't need you anymore, he'll abandon you.

  • A moderator of a community on Blahaj misgendered Me and I can't report it.
  • The mod log shows the ban was for violating rule two of the community (both for the post and user). Seems like there were others who had comments removed and were banned for 6d as well around the same time. Perhaps the mod didn't realize who You were and was banning on autopilot to clean things up in the community?

    Also, FWIW, in my client (Alexandrite). and from what I can see in Your screenshots, pronouns aren't showing up next to Your username where the comment is. I'm absolutely not defending anyone transphobic, but not everyone is going to click through to the profile to see is pronouns are in the profile. I wanted to let You know about that incase that's some setting on or something that could be fixed and make things better.

  • Twitch restores former President Trump’s Twitch account
  • “We believe there is value in hearing from Presidential nominees directly, when possible. Trump is now the official Republican nominee for US President.”

    AKA: it's more profitable for us to let him stream his hatred on our platform again.

  • The Whole Murder Thing, I'm Guessing
  • There's no telling what mob mentality would do. Some were chanting "hang Mike Pence" and had gallows erected in front of the Capitol. It wasn't going to be Trump who would have tied the noose, but a crazy trump cult member would have probably done it.

  • IT Department's Plan
  • Does it not have epoch set to 1970-01-01 00:00:00? Or does the PDP-11 only use a non power of 2 number of bits, and you've already set the clock back before? Genuinely curious, never heard of 2029 problem before.

  • Crowdstrike


    IT Department's Plan

    Hunter Biden cites Trump ruling in seeking dismissal of gun and tax cases
  • The Supreme Court has been upending a lot recently, it's giving me whiplash just keeping up with every decision. As others have pointed out, this is because of how the appointment of the special council was made, which is how Trump's stolen classified documents case was thrown out in court this week. It seems that in the judicial system bending over backwards for Trump, they failed to consider 25 years of precedence and the ramifications to people other than Trump.

  • Pelosi told Biden: You’re dragging down Democrats
  • I don't think it's really fair to blame Obama now, it's a clusterfuck and why would he want to get back in the middle of things. Also if we are to blame Obama for anything, it should be for him discouraging Biden not to run in 2016 over Hillary. Even if Biden lost like Hillary did back then, he likely wouldn't run again in 2020, leaving an opening for younger Democrats to enter the presidential scene, avoiding the whole situation we're in now.

    The other issue is that even if Biden does drop out, what nominee would be able to survive the three wammies?

  • The Acolyte - Episode 8 Season Finale Discussion (Spoilers)
  • I know right. What was the logic that convincing the meditating Jedi to kill himself didn't count? I guess we're all used to force choking, so the reveal wasn't mind-blowing, but the poison was more clever.

  • The only way we lose is if we stand divided.
  • The Red States have been ignoring the old Supreme Court rulings.

    Citation needed. Regardless if states follow the rulings, the supreme court can shift the views of the nation. After 2015 same sex marriage ruling, there was much higher support for same sex marriage, with noticable large increases with Republicans corresponding to the Supreme Court ruling:

    From the Article from 2017:

    For the first time, a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents do not oppose allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally.

    To your other point:

    myth that there would be substantive change if we just kept Biden in office.

    When Biden assumed office, we were in the middle of a global pandemic, still social distancing because there were no vaccines, and we're having a 9/11 worth of American deaths every day. Maybe returning to normal life wasn't substantive for you, but there have been huge changes over the last 3.5 years of the Biden presidency.

    Because he's either powerless, in which case so would Trump be, or he's willfully allowing this, in which case the worst case scenario is already playing out.

    In this situation, do you think Trump would be willingly allowing atrocities or actively driving and enabling them? A Trump presidency would clearly be the worst case scenario here.

    EDIT: just formatting

  • The Acolyte - Episode 8 Season Finale Discussion (Spoilers)

    I didn't realize this was the season finale before watching and was mostly confused that was it after tonight's episode. Seems like they started more loose ends in that one episode, maybe in hope of another season, but it felt like it could have used an episode or two more to set that up better. Spoilers below:

    The Acolyte - Episode 8 Season Finale Discussion Spoilers
    • I kept expecting the Green Jedi woman to ultimately be behind the destruction of the witches fortress. It still doesn't make sense that the stone structure could sustain so much damage from some paper burning. Maybe bad editing or something in the previous episodes, but seems like there's still a side of a story being withheld.
    • Reveal of Yoda (or yaddle before growing hair!) and who I assume is Plagueis was underwhelming. Either could have been omitted without issue. If they were going for fan service, focus on one. If it is Plagueis, does the timeline even make sense??
    • Honestly, I wish there were more episodes with the Lesbian Witch Cult which weren't all flashbacks. That conflict with the Jedi was interesting (for the two days it happened in universe) and could have explored more of that side of the force before it was killed off. I guess I'm in the minority based on the backlash that received.
    • Kung fu and lightsaber battles were pretty good. Is this the first time in live action a jedi has turned off a lightsaber mid fight? I think out of everything, the choreography was the strongest aspect of the series.

    What'd everyone else think?


    SCOTUS appears to post opinion allowing Idaho to offer emergency medical abortions

    A U.S. Supreme Court opinion erroneously — and briefly — posted on the court’s website seems to indicate that the court will temporarily allow abortions in medical emergencies in Idaho, according to Bloomberg News.


    Happy Mother's Day!


    Tom Rule


    Thumbnails not loading?

    I'm not sure if this is a local issue, but I'm not able to load any thumbnail images. I keep getting a connection timed out.

    Example URL:

    Posting this is anyone is having similar experience today, or has advice.


    Trivia Time! Marilyn Manson vs The Bloodhound Gang | RedLetterMedia

    Mike hosts a trivia video. Rich and Jay are contestants pitted against each other in an ultimate battle of filthy vulgar 90s musical artist lyrics.


    Making Someone Watch a Video

    watch this's just loading now...just a sec...sorry laptop's a bit slow...I'll just refresh it one sec...are you using chrome?... you should probably use says I've got full bars...have you got full bars on your phone?...maybe check the router it could be the router...nah the router is good... is it working on your phone?...yeah I sent you the link...yeah in messenger...yeah i sent it to the group chat...still not working?... yeah I dunno then.


    We're we rule


    best impression of all time

    ``` these impressions feel so real

    Featuring: Billy Langdon, Will Angus, Chet Collins, Liam Cullagh Director: Skyler Fulton Writers: Skyler Fulton, Billy Langdon Producer: Joe Pomeroy DP: Nick Massey Editor: Gerry Kenah Sound: Mike Roberston Production Design: Rick Mader VFX: Scott Woodburn Color: Matt Tipold Production Assistants: Dylan Walker & John Bastian ```

    More from Almost Friday TV:


    when you accidentally select MEET AT DOOR

    why can't he just freaking leave it.

    Featuring: Will Angus and Jackie Green Director: Tyler Falbo Writers: Will Angus and Tyler Falbo Producer: Joe Pomeroy DP: Matt Tipold Gaffer: Nick Massey Production Design: Rick Mader Editor: Gerry Kenah Score: Stuart Leach Sound Design: Gerry Kenah Color: Matt Tipold Production Assistants: Dylan Walker, John Bastian, Ben Barrett and Noah Goldstein