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TIL that science does still not fully understand how cycling works
  • Thanks, I didn't make it that far into the article before giving up on it. It's still a weirdly sensational article, and the video I linked mentions that bikes are specifically engineered. The principles for why a bike stays up are well known and not a mystery of science.

  • How Python Compares Floats and Ints: When Equals Isn’t Really Equal
  • Nice breakdown of floating point math, but it shouldn't be surprising that floating point equality doesn't "work" in Python, because floating point numbers shouldn't be tested for equality in any computer language.

  • What should I know about buying / replacing a garage door opener?
  • You may just need to adjust the sensitivity of the safety reverse on the door, but to reiterate what everybody else is saying, working on garage doors tends to fall squarely into the camp of "if you have to ask, you need to hire a professional". I do a lot of DIY around my home the garage doors are something that I won't touch for anything but the most basic adjustments.

  • ABC News: DOJ releases proposed rule to reclassify marijuana
  • Feels a bit like they're trying to put the horse back in the barn. If it's only by prescription at the federal level, they may use that as legitimacy to crack down on recreational use and make it harder to get it for medical use.