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If we had parties
  • this post implies that you download debs from the internet instead of using your distro's package manager

    also last I checked apt hasn't stopped being a cli over the years

  • hold my hand
  • đŸ„șđŸ„șđŸ„ș

  • In search of a non-existent thing
  • I think that's entirely a Hyprland problem. Iirc there's some option in the misc config group in the config to help mitigate that.

    E: I meant specifically opengl:nvidia_anti_flicker

  • In search of a non-existent thing
  • Debian users try not to tell everyone at every opportunity to use Debian challenge (impossible)

  • Regarding The Hyprland & Vaxry Situation
  • FDO is FreeDesktop dot Org, the XDG people

    Vaxry is an asshole (the Hyprland maintainer)

  • real
  • real :3

  • Help me choose linux's best option for public school lab (distro, desktop, etc.)
    1. I'd say go for a rolling, maybe do updates on weekends
    2. The students will very likely appreciate the customizability of Plasma or Cinnamon; if you want them to focus on work, GNOME (probably with some extensions) would be better. Tilers are a bad idea, because they take some getting used to
    3. Doesn't really matter, company distros might be paid tho, and that can obviously get expensive
    4. Wayland if your DE has good support (i.e. is GNOME or Plasma), otherwise X
    5. Btrfs' snapshotting capabilities might be useful to rollback the system to something working if the students fuck something up
    6. Immutable without sudo access should be the safest to hand over to people that you don't want to ruin anything
    7. I don't know enough about specific purpose distros

    If you already know Nix, NIxOS would be a good choice

  • When a real user uses the app
  • I'm so glad you can automate QA jobs

  • I'm going to McFreakin lose it
  • be the reason your local store has a bad reputation

  • Valve made the right decision
  • A concerning amount of Windows users say they're PC users.

  • Valve made the right decision
  • Yuri though, so good post

  • Noob Question Thread: Ask Any Questions About Linux!
  • I think something like

    %wheel ALL= NOPASSWD: /bin/apt

    should be the right way of disabling the password for apt.

  • Noob Question Thread: Ask Any Questions About Linux!
  • They do! /bin has the executables, and /usr/share has everything else.

  • Noob Question Thread: Ask Any Questions About Linux!
  • I don't think there really is an easy way to do this. For sure not as easy as reinstalling.

  • Breezy Weather: An open-source, privacy-friendly Android weather app forked from the now-unmaintained Geometric Weather
  • obviously a weather app couldn't possibly use your location for anything, must be spyware

  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues resolved by dropping wpa_supplicant in favour of iwd
  • Thanks, I switched from unconfigured (but working because magic) networkmanager to pure wpa_supplicant on my NixOS system yesterday and I definitely noticed frequent reconnecting.

  • A convenient way to manage programs
  • I have one with 2, but I rarely need to close them at the same time, and when I do, I just hit Meta+Q twice.

  • A convenient way to manage programs
  • That already closes tabs tho

  • showerthoughts is just a place for people who don't have microblogging social media to dump their random thoughts

    Electronic Dance Music (Updated July 2023) Lunya \ she/it

    Teminite - Reckless (2024)




    Sind vorhin spazieren gegangen, nachdem heute Mittag eine Demo war.

    Bildbeschreibung: Ein kleines Kartonquadrat mit dem Text "Nein Patrick, die AfD ist keine Alternative" und einem kleinen Bild von Patrick Star an einer Baustellenabsperrung.



    chat Lunya \ she/it

    Why are some comments yellow?

    It looks like it may be related to new comments, but they're not yellow every time. I just went on a post with "23 [Comments] (10 new)", but only one is yellow. I'm using the darkly theme.

    I find it annoying because I can't easily see if something is a top-level comment or a second level comment.

    Reloading unyellows them.


    Why is wofi recommended so much?

    TL;DR: Wofi is unmaintained

    Wofi is a launcher/menu for wlroots based compositors.

    The description on the sourcehut says that it's not actively maintained. Looking at the commits confirms this: The most recent commit was 4 months ago, and the 10th most recent 10 months ago. The creator also confirms this again in a reddit comment. (libreddit link)

    Yet in most places I look (sway wiki 1, sway wiki 2, hyprland wiki\\, gentoo wiki, arch wiki sway, arch wiki hyprland, awesome hyprland\\*) it's at least listed somewhere, often near or at the top, with no mention of the maintenance status. I also searched for comments on lemmy containing wofi and only one of them mentioned that it's unmaintained, and that under a post that's seemingly deleted.

    *edited by me just now

    **filing an issue (or maybe pr) tomorrow when I'm less tired

    I guess it still works perfectly fine, and I'm ok with using unmaintained software (Android 9), but I'm sure there are people who would like to know that.

    While I'm here, I'd like to highlight that there is an active rofi fork that supports wayland with full functionality, which is a great alternative to wofi.