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T-Mobile tries to convince customer to drop price hike-related FCC complaint, fails spectacularly
  • I was curious but only enough to get it summarized:

    T-Mobile is trying to get customers who filed FCC complaints about recent price hikes to drop those complaints. However, at least one customer, "mjsztainbok," is refusing to back down, citing T-Mobile's broken promises and misleading claims. T-Mobile's "Un-contract" and "Price Lock" guarantees appear to have been violated, with the company's explanations being unsatisfactory. Customers feel cheated, and T-Mobile could face legal and regulatory troubles, including a potential class action lawsuit, over false advertising. The issue is unlikely to go away anytime soon for the "Re-carrier."

  • Bernie Sanders calls vote to subpoena Novo Nordisk U.S. head over Ozempic, Wegovy prices
  • I asked mine kinda like "whats the deal with these new medications?" Explaining I knew only a bit about the difference between the two, higher dose weight-loss (wegovy) VS. meant for diabetics (ozempic).

    The poor soul in the waiting room behind me.. Must have waited 30 minutes beyond the initial appointment because my doctor was so excited passionate about what these drugs can help with. He talked about a full hour about it.

    My takeaways (I'm not a doctor or with a perfect memory, so I might get this a little wrong):

    He somewhat likened our 'automation systems' in the brain to can't being able to discern between 'starvation mode' and 'plentiful bounty of food' mode. So starving yourself for example to lose weight can still chemically cause your body to 'hold' weight for example; sensing that you're at threat of death if it continues for an extended time. Likewise when food is abundant, it can still hold weight because it's protecting you from future potential death by starvation. These changes are not something we can consciously control for good reason. Imagine you can stop your own heart with a thought.

    I'm sure there is much more to it, but this 'automation system' in the brain sticks out.

    Lastly, he said that if we wait a bit there will be competing drugs and 'older version' of these new drugs which become out of patent.. And cheaper. So I'll go talk to him in the autumn for a refresher and update.

  • In sweeping change, Biden administration to ban medical debt from credit reports | The rule, first reported by ABC News, could go into effect sometime next year.
  • Literally my first thought. What about students? We are saddled with debt at the start of our adult lives after being told by our parents and grandparents and teacher and school counselors that we HAVE to go to college or we end up broke and on the street or 'flipping burgers'. This toxic push has ironically made people broke and end up on the street, and flipping burgers is actually something people can do to get by due to minimum wage increases.

    Colleges and private lending firms can get fucked on this in my opinion. My college experience was basically feeling like a money piñata. Figuratively every step in any direction was designed to bleed the student dry, ON TOP OF their tuition. I mean books, parking which is not even guaranteed, fancy gyms and rec centers (you all must pay, even if not using) to draw in or attract new suckers students for the same shill.

    I'm not saying students don't benefit or learn anything. However the cost and the massive debt students take on when not even fully aware of what consequences this will have on their future is staggering. If life lessons have a number, a good kick in the cojones would be the cost of going to college because literally everyone around you including family peer pressured you into it, and then later struggling to find work in normal jobs.

    Trickle that down to being unable to then afford a home or barely housing, food, energy. But you know, avocado fucking toast and everything is our fault amiright?

    But hey, back to not being able to call bankruptcy on student debt or have that affecting adults and their credit scores.

    This is not a new problem and Biden is the first to actually do something tangible about the debt problem there, but it's still a start in my opinion. Real change needs to happen or the debt reservoir fills back up and colleges squeeze rocks ever harder.

    P.S.: And no, we're not enrolling in underwater basket weaving degrees you right-wing parrot twats.

  • Study finds 1/4 of bosses hoped Return to Office would make staff quit
  • I have the opposite problem. When I work at the office so much time is spent 'harmonizing' with the other workers, I get a lot less done on those days than if I had worked from home and was able to focus on my tasks.

    But some people can also listen to heavy metal while working, whereas I prefer silence. 😁

  • Trump will hold outdoor Las Vegas rally in scorching heat. His campaign has extra medics and water
  • It's ok to hand out water here, but not when people are in lines for voting right? 🥴

  • UN adds Israel to blacklist for harming children in conflict zones
  • The New York Times quoted Bibi on this:

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel condemned the report, saying in a statement that the country’s military “is the most moral army in the world, and no delusional decision by the U.N. will change that.”

    Who's delusional... 🤨 Most Moral Army... Uh huh. Kill those women and children. Moral my ass.

    It's not antisemitic for criticizing Bibi. Especially that he's acting like an asshole dictator.

  • Samsung Electronics union in South Korea stages first ever walkout
  • Good! I hope they also start making quality products again

  • Clarence Thomas, in Financial Disclosure, Acknowledges 2019 Trips Paid by Harlan Crow
  • He feels so pressures about what he did that he gave an addendum defending himself. It basically says he needed those private flights because of Roe v Wade draft leaks. 🙄 Corrupt ass judges with no real accountability

  • Bowel disease breakthrough as researchers make ‘holy grail’ discovery
  • Researchers have discovered a key biological pathway that drives inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and other autoimmune disorders. This breakthrough centers on a gene called ETS2 that regulates the inflammatory behavior of immune cells called macrophages. The same pathway is thought to underlie conditions like ankylosing spondylitis and autoimmune liver and artery diseases. Existing cancer drugs called MEK inhibitors can dampen the activity of ETS2, suggesting a potential treatment approach. The researchers are now working to develop a targeted version of these drugs to treat IBD and related conditions, with clinical trials expected within 5 years. This discovery represents a major advance in understanding the fundamental causes of IBD and other immune disorders.

    Kagi Summarized

  • 4 June 2024
  • Bab’s uvula who?

  • Spotify has raised prices for the second time in a year, with no new benefits, after its CEO sparked outrage by claiming the cost of creating 'content' is 'close to zero'
  • The cache part pisses me off. I'm fucking paying you to stream me music. Not the same fucking shit over and over and over again.

  • AI Takeover: 10 Jobs Humans Could Lose To Automation In The Next Three Years
  • Also the whole privacy aspect. When companies are bound to things like GDPR and other regulations, it makes taking up the technology harder because they use it to further train the models. Anything you give up to the cloud is basically out of your hands ultimately. You have to trust that Microsoft for example, is really handling cybersecurity properly, and isn't fallible at all. Even then, they have so much paperwork to sign beforehand that they won't face any real consequences if something does go out of hand.

  • ‘Head Up Their Ass!’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Melts Down Over ‘Feckless, Useless Republican Party’
  • I feel like a lot of people don't. It's just so insane it makes the news whenever she word vomits. She thrives on the controversy. I think deep down she knows she's in too deep and just keeps doubling down. I kinda wish she'd have a aneurysm in the middle of a foaming at the mouth rant.

  • Deep Rock Galactic: Season 05 - Narrated Trailer
  • Drilling deeper? Just in time for pride season 🏳‍🌈🦄🫦

  • ‘It’s time we put a felon in the White House,’ California sheriff says
  • In other news (hopefully): Sheriff locked up for being on the wrong side of the law he was meant to enforce.

    Come on. Help me manifest this.

  • How Q became everything
  • "Became everything" is giving it way more credit for the shit stain on history that it is.

  • 4 June 2024
  • Who's there?

  • 4 June 2024
  • I always remember it because there is a Green Day song: 'Bab's Uvula Who?' Teen me was like, wtf mate? Apparently it's taken from SNL from before I was born 🙈

  • What are you insecure about?
  • My weight fluctuates. Sometimes I bloat up from medicine. Sometimes I can't eat and lose weight. I can't seem to just be me and be happy and have people like me no matter what my weight is. It is really frustrating going through your whole life hating your body because of external standards.

    "Don't care what other people think."

    Ok yeah well when you feel like people stare at you and silent judge you all the time, and internally you do the same thing to others and hate yourself even more for being part of the problem.

    It's constant brainwashing of the 'ideal body' when the reality is people come in all shapes and sizes. It's hard to change that mindset when all the ads you see around you tell you differently.

  • Reddit Opens Up 38%, as Shares Begin Trading

    The social media company’s debut on the New York Stock Exchange was one of the first major tech initial public offerings of the year.

    Reddit Opens Up 38%, as Shares Begin Trading

    > Reddit shares opened up about 38 percent on Thursday in their first day of trading, in a sign of investor eagerness that set the stage for more tech companies to reach the stock market this year.

    Archive link: Reddit Opens Up 38%, as Shares Begin Trading


    Saturn stars in this near-infrared image taken June 25 by the James Webb Space Telescope.

    Webb’s near-infrared camera took the picture of Saturn on June 25. Scientists added orange color to the monochrome picture to produce the image released Friday.

    The picture shows Saturn’s iconic icy rings shining around the disk of the gas giant, which appears much darker in near-infrared due to the absorption of sunlight by methane particles suspended high in the planet’s atmosphere.

    Webb pointed its 21.3-foot (6.5-meter) gold-coated mirror toward Saturn as part of an observing program to test the telescope’s ability to detect faint moons. The observations included several deep exposures of Saturn that astronomers are still analyzing to probe the planet’s fainter rings and search for undiscovered moons.

    There are 146 known moons in orbit around Saturn, ranging in size from larger than the planet Mercury to the size of a sports arena, more than any other planet in the solar system, according to NASA.

    via: ArsTechnica