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Pastor Robert Morris confesses to ‘moral failure’ after woman claims he began molesting her at 12
  • I’m sure there are flirtatious 12 year olds, actually. You know what an adult should never do in response to a 12 year old’s flirting? What this guy did or anything at all.

    Of course, I don’t believe for a second that she flirted with him. It’s classic victim blaming and any jury hearing it should assume he’s guilty.

  • For Republicans, raw milk is the new masking
  • | Tanning your Tucker Carlson

    This could also work as a euphemism for exposing yourself in public. As in, “Bobert’s husband went jail for tanning his Tucker Carlson in front of some teenage girls at bowling alley.”

  • For Republicans, raw milk is the new masking
  • Democrats need to start attempts at banning more things for them to defend. For example:

    • huffing glue,
    • trepanning,
    • russian roulette,
    • Flavor Aid with Valium, chloral hydrate, cyanide, and Phenergan.
  • What's this Bug? athairmor

    What is this guy?


    Replacement for table saw in a small home

    I recently sold of a table saw that I wasn’t using mainly because I lacked room to store and use it.

    If I want to do some DIY small building and remodeling projects, what’s a good alternative?

    Example of projects I have in mind: cutting down parts of a kit cabinet that doesn’t fit in the space; building a small credenza; possibly cutting lumber for framing a shed.