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  • I used to collect these and keep them in a coffee tin filled with dirt (and air holes) they bred like crazy. I loved those little rollie pollies so much!

    It was the 90s, insects weren't even on the radar of animal cruelty. Parents definitely weren't commonly teaching against it. Before anyone @ me. I disagree with it now.

  • It is a utopia
  • It's a dystopia

    It will be perfect for some, those sheeple


    But actually if anyone has any sort of short story, novel, whatever that is on that theme of a utopia that is actually a dystopia ... like brave new world, 1984, the gift, enders game, handmaid's tale, . The illusion of a perfectly functioning society and exploring the flaws through someone who sees differently, in some way... I'd love to hear it! If it is even marginally related to that, if it provokes thought or whatever please send me a DM (idc if you stumble on this months/years from now this is something I welcome always)

  • Meta removes Trump account restrictions ahead of 2024 election
  • Please reply to my post with any random emoji if you had tangible relief and improved relationships when trump was kicked off Twitter.

    I noticed an immediate and drastic difference in my work environment, for example. I could elaborate but would ramble

  • So glad i did Rule instead of Rule
  • LOL but akshully, I am glad.

    I feel like I have better context and foundation understanding of technology and software because I grew up while all of it was rapidly changing. Now everything is stagnant, and technology and software are updating to keep draining the capatism tit of tech and not investing in or even allowing actual innovation anymore. Which was welcome before.

    Fuck I miss the old internet. Nothing compares

  • Lawyers for megachurch pastor blame 12-year-old for ‘initiating’ sexual contact
  • Yeah thanks for pointing out something that sort of tickled my brain for a while now and made the thought full formed. I'm going to start pointing this out because it is WILD that we have a culture of saving children from the predators and then also blaming children for being preyed on. And it's just the one side.

    How much hypocrisy can someone swallow ffs????

  • A Black man got a job interview after he changed the name on his resume. Now, he’s suing for discrimination | CNN
  • Yeah they aren't bad but the nature of this type of thing is largely statistics and self reporting and all sorts of other stuff smarter more scientific, academic minded people could point out than my stoned brain recalls. Things that can be interpreted differently much like translators could translate the same scene between characters with different dialog and undertones.

    I mean it isn't like they are outright disproven or liars or anything.. just it is often up for scrutiny because that is the nature of sociology.

  • The worst pick-up line I've ever gotten
  • Yeah

    Instead she made it like hermoine is wrong and the elves really do love being completely subservient to another species to the point of abuse and literally having no choice but to stay unless you're given CLOTHING. It's the most wild fucked up obvious lowest rung of society that desperately needs advocates and just.. kinda stops there. It would be one thing if they just existed and we all later were like wait rhats messed up, like with the goblins. But no she brought attention to it throughout the book made it a whole side plot and absolutely nothing was ever accomplished. I think even later books sort of call back to this in a humorous way.

    But I still like to imagine my headcannon being it. It makes me laugh more than being just a plain bigot does. It's funnier if she is writing something she thinks a moral good character would do as her self insert and just still fails so miserably.

  • The worst pick-up line I've ever gotten
  • Where am I putting my head in the sand? I don't disagree with anyone's remarks at all, fully agree, and see nothing to criticize even. I ALSO amuse myself with this little story.

    (The rest isn't really at you and more I am on a roll now) I DONT actually care ABOUT my headcannon. Shit dude was I not clear it isnt an opinion I actually hold? I guess I should have disclaimed with all the "plot holes" I am aware don't make this fit well too?

    ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× Oh gosh this is now just a ramble I'm sorry I don't expect anyone to read this) ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××

    So here they are.... (cuz I was trying to be succinct in my OP and fight the urge to ramble and over explain, here I am giving in fully. )

    Every single aspect of the house elves is treated like a joke, haha look at this muggle who doesn't understand and making a big deal of having a species completely and utterly subservient to wizards and witches. They NEED it to live happy lives, pretending it is genetic trait they all have and not idk centuries of being enslaved. How do they even reproduce?? Do they get conjugal visits? Are they set up to breed much like how people do with cattle, horses, purebred pets? Do female pregnant house elves get maternity leave and how does that work someone would please ask JK Rowling about this, I'm sure there is some system in place that looks absolutely nothing like slavery did /s

    It is only "bad" for doby and he had a family that abused him. And he knew their plotting to kill a kid that had been a beacon of hope or awe

    Hermoine is full blast white savior complex about it and never once LISTENS to what the elves say or ask them what changes they would like to have. Even in the bs fantasy of a species born to serve, there should be things they would still like to have. She isn't even GOOD at it. Which is fine for a kid, just pointing out another way Rowling made hermoine a total joke.

    Rowling also gives it the most ridiculous name that is clearly meant to ridicule hermoine even more.. by giving it a name to have her club or whatever be able to be called SPEW for short. SPEW

    And she doesn't help a single elf. Harry does and he is also the only one to treat them as individuals.

    IRRC Dumbledore does do something in some way maybe just reassure her the elves are treated more like employees at hogwarts but she doesn't feel reassured at all and still keeps at it.

    ULTIMATELY what I truly feel and believe about this little story and lore from the books is that Rowling is worse than she is given credit for. She not only seems to have this at best subconscious belief that some people are suited for slavery

    She also shows a similar subconscious belief or bias that progressive people speaking against the status quo are naive, silly, idealists going through a phase and that when they understand how the world actually works they will agree with the status quo. The entire vibe I get is like the characters are giving hermoine head pats and eye rolls and calling her a silly girl.

    That said dude it was like, early y2k we were still patting ourselves on the back for Will and Grace. The internet didn't show you so many people's random opinions. We did not have the type of discussions we have now, because now we have SO many points of view we can learn aboit. Now we can be aware of the more nuanced problems of systematic racism, the patriarchy, ableism, and more. Basically if she weren't so awful now I don't think we would be so critical of HER personally and instead critical of the artwork itself but disconnected as a product of the time and not a product of the artist. Jk Rowling makes the former impossible and the latter almost mandatory where she keeps saying more shit that suddenly new aspects of the series has different context with this new light.

    Thanks. Sorry, I am in a mood to ramble tonight with poor self editing.

  • The worst pick-up line I've ever gotten
  • Yeah I know and agree. It is her self insert or who she "identified" with the most, so I hand wave the plot holes of my theory away with the same literary finesse Jk Rowling has exhibited in recent decade or two. Like I said, not a hill I'm even willing to fight on lol.

    The reality is she is an awful racist person, but I like to make both things true in my headcannon. Idk doesn't everyone have loose silly things they kinda choose to believe in for fun?

  • The worst pick-up line I've ever gotten
  • I feel like that was more so her self insert, hermoinie, can be "on the right side of history"

    This is my little headcannon theory and not a hill I even wanna fight on, so if there are blatant holes I'm interested I'm hearing but also keep in mind this is just something I "believe" because it amuses me.

  • House Democrat is proposing a constitutional amendment to reverse Supreme Court's immunity decision
  • Ikr I am doubting my understanding of what I read. He is trying to add a new amendment to the constitution! That's pretty neat. I don't know my history well enough to know if this is uncommon but it is a new experience for me, so I also really appreciate that.

    Instead of being like... bigoted shit.

  • Entertainment Made by North Korea | Paper Will | [05:28:41]

    Here is the Opening Draft [01:32], which could serve as a trailer.

    And his current project/upcoming video is the entire series of Power Rangers


    Would it be a good gift?

    Yeah sorry not your typical post here, I hope that's OK!

    I'm thinking of getting this for my (14)nephew and my brother to play together. He used to play DND in the 80s and this game really sounds like it tries to honor a lot of the culture and whatnot of the games.

    But... I haven't played anything like either of those and my brother is extremely busy with little free time and my nephew doesn't have as much free time as the average kid.

    Is this a game that could still be enjoyable in small doses? Does it get overwhelming or stressful fast for most people who don't play games nearly as long or as intense as this? For context they play a lot of match style games but my brother loved the original assasians creed.

    And if not or for some reason you have another suggestion I'd love to hear it because at the very least this game sounds good to me and I'm interested in what other games it's fans like that I could also check out. :)


    Every really nice pen I have ever owned was because it somehow fell into my possession. I use them randomly sometimes as a special treat for myself.

    Ya'll jealous of my black 08 prismacolor fine line marker and pilot precise v7 rt.

    Okay what the fuck is that last one? Why does it sound like a sports car marketed to males 14-26?


    Hopping off the Hype Train

    Is there a really popular product, technique, or otherwise viral trend that you tried and it fell short somehow?

    What was it, what were your expectations, and what was the result?

    (LOL no shame, totally posting this in the makeup community if I can find it)


    Daniel Radcliff/Miracle Workers

    I love how far against mainstream Radcliff has gone post HP. And this is just delightful regardless


    Sell Me On Your Shows

    What is an old show you think is great and really doesn't get mentioned enough? Why should someone watch it?


    Cats are a Blessing

    Hope mildly witchy stuff qualifies. At least while things start gaining momentum. I have a lot of those!