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Some TikTok influencers are maligning sunscreen. Here's what to know about the claims
  • Yesterday it was posted that these same people are drinking raw milk and exposing themselves to bird flu because reasons and now it’s sunscreen. During the pandemic it was no masking and I’m curious what will come next. The mortality rate of this group brings us all down while promoting a possibly better future without them.

  • H5N1 Bird Flu Isn’t a Human Pandemic—Yet. American Contrariness Could Turn It into One
  • It’s feeling like humans as a species are pushing for our own demise. Why would raw milk sales possibly increase unless we’ve just thrown in the towel on survival. It’s playing the I’m-not-touching-you game with a possible new pandemic.

  • EV sales slowdown is mostly a Tesla problem, according to sales data
  • Rock and a hard place. Tesla as a company is so incredibly overvalued that without the Musk cult, the share price would tank. So get rid of Musk and share price drops, keep Musk and slowly watch financials drip out. They don’t want to rip off the bandaid.

  • Red Lobster could shut down over 100 more locations
  • I know this business activity of investers buying a business just to strip mine it and dump the carcass is not new as that is the back story to the male character in the movie Pretty Woman back in the 80s. So it’s been happening for a while and I am just shocked that we let it keep happening.

  • Jeep is launching a $25,000 EV in the US ‘very soon’ to revamp the rugged SUV brand
  • I thought that was limited to the Pacificas and everything else before they put it into the Wrangler. My understanding was that it was resolved by the time they finally started putting them in wranglers. I hated the older 3.8L engines and was super happy to get the 3.6. I still have low mileage so can’t comment on longevity but I think they may have resolved that.

  • Jeep is launching a $25,000 EV in the US ‘very soon’ to revamp the rugged SUV brand
  • The Wranglers have been mostly reliable but everything else has had issues. The newer pentastar engines seem to be doing pretty well. Not sure on the latest 4 cylinder engines or the Fiat models but the wrangler has been going pretty strong.

  • Embarrassing coal
  • Considering this is Kentucky I would have expected a scale model steam engine that burns coal to boil water to spin a turbine to generate the electricity for the museum. This way they could “roll coal” daily and piss off the surrounding tri-state area.

  • Life is pain
  • Is that like a music recommendation engine? Do you need to run Plex locally for it? I use JellyFin so don’t have Plex here but always looking for a better music engine.

  • Traverse tab was what I needed

    Happy to see the traverse tab. I was trying to figure out how to manually view and organize my subbed communities and the traverse tab is now there to do it. Great feature add!


    Windows in the cloud and AI initiatives at MS Microsoft wants to move Windows fully to the cloud

    You might boot laptops straight into a cloud OS in the future

    Interesting take on the effort of MS to combat Chromebooks and their initiatives for more a more cloud centric Windows deployment.