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AI will soon replace all software testers in the world
  • as a specialist in this field, specifically (test engineering and automation) I'll say AI shouldn't be doing this job, but it will and it will probably be better at it.

    rationale being: good testing requires deep critique and reflection about product specifications, which are things that product/development teams constantly fail to do properly. there's a level of abstraction needed to understand what is really needed and expected but it's not being written down granularly enough, that I think AIs should have a hard time with

    at the same time, the average test professional is very incapable, due to how the market is shaped and long-standing neglect of the discipline by institutions. it's a discipline that is more complex and difficult than the one of development itself, but it's being done by much much less skilled people

  • Something from the old days
  • I recently tried Aoe II definitive edition. they managed to massacre the UI so much it hurts my eyes... that alone made me issue a refund also £15 for a 25 year old game. you'd expect it to be better in every aspect at the very least

  • My RuneScape-inspired fitness RPG, WalkScape, has a new Closed Beta wave starting one June 1st!
  • what's the main engine looking like? only using pedometer? if yes, what's the availability of the sensor nowadays?

    asking because I used to run a similar kind of game years ago and I had to give up because it was a very difficult fight against battery optimization tools, localisation/sensor policies, etc

  • Using Ubuntu may give off hipster vibes to the average PC user, but within the Linux community its has the opposite effect.
  • Apple products are basically jewelry, you choose Apple products largely to be seen with them

    that's usually the take of someone who has never actually used them. I'm far from an Apple fanboy - I actually use all OS because I understood a while ago that each has its strengths.

    my main machine is a Mac and the reason for that is that it is very reliable. I feel like I can count on it to take somewhere and have it just work and not get stuck in a boot loop, or locked out in the login screen (things I faced with linux distros) or stuck in a surprise update screen with Windows.

    of course it's a locked down system with little flexibility and could be expensive, but it pays off in reliability imo. when I want to do some more tricky shenanigans I have a machine with linux, and windows is for... well it's only really worth to play games with for me hehe

    tldr I wish all jewellery was that useful

  • The UK’s controversial Rwanda deportation plan, explained
  • people migrate illegally from everywhere. you're suggesting the UK should fix what exactly? every undeveloped nation everywhere? as mentioned, they can barely keep their own things from falling apart right now

    I mean I know they fucked up basically everywhere in the past, but it doesn't look feasible

    as another poster said, people are also drawn to the UK to the point of refusing other asylums... I bet the problem would be much smaller if refugees were equally accepted worldwide and willing to spread around, so it's not exactly one side's fault necessarily

  • Wave Particle Duality
  • it's really annoying how bad this experiment is explained to the general public. the wording generally used is so poor it implies there's something supernatural about the phenomenon

    I'm not a physicist, but as far as I understand the principle, any human actively looking at the experiment changes absolutely nothing. what it really postulates is that light behaves as a wave until it is interacted with. at that point, the wave "collapses" and it starts to behave as a particle, positioned somewhere within the probability zone described by the wave initially. when you measure it in any way, using some measuring tool, it inevitably interacts with it

  • Bodycam video shows handcuffed man telling Ohio officers 'I can't breathe' before his death
  • the whole ethical discussion aside, is it even possible for someone to choke under their own body weight, or die if they lay on their stomach, if they aren't terminally obese or something like that?

    legitimately curious, as people are throwing this around like it was normal... is this an American thing?

  • EPIC personality test. Which personality are you?!?
  • interestingly, anedoctaly, I'm an absolute skeptic about almost everything, including astrology, religion and the such, but this test was so on spot from me I had a real hard time being convinced it was pseudoscience

  • Who are you talking to?
  • I find it funny that sharing any type of take about these "sensitive subjects" is a russian roulette kind of thing these days

    posting either this comment or the comic itself in slightly different times of the day and communities could be the difference between praise and roast