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Trump Rally Gunman Was ‘Definitely Conservative,’ Classmate Recalls
  • I saw the same document. It was thoroughly disgusting and more or less describes what you said. I'm not making excuses for anyone, but they're also just allegations. I would very much like to see them demonstrated in a court of law, but I don't know that that's really possible at this point.

  • Considering the Heavy involvement of CGI in today's action films, shouldn't we consider them to be just hyper realistic cartoon films ?
  • I really dislike superhero movies in general, especially this non-stop Marvel/DC stuff, and a primary reason for that is the way they tend to go in and out of live action and animation. There's an uncanny valley thing that happens in that transition, and you can obviously still tell that large portions of the live action stuff is shot on a greenscreen. It all looks fake as a result. My suspension of disbelief is shattered.

    But when a movie like this admits it's animated, things improve a lot. I watched the first Spiderverse movie the other day with my kid, and I absolutely loved the art style. I had other problems with the movie, but the visual style was not one of them. I wish there were more animated movies targeting older audiences with unique art direction like that.

  • More confusion for recruiters
  • statement: 
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  • Burgeoning vinyl enthusiast seeking guidance about next steps

    Hey everyone. After inheriting a bunch of old records, I started dipping my toes into this whole vinyl thing and... I think I'm hooked. I'd like to step a bit farther into this, but the deeper I get the more there seems to be to read up on. I'm beginning to get a little paralyzed by it, so I thought I'd ask for some direction from more wizened vinyl-loving elders.

    I initially had one of those little suitcase players with the garbage tinny speakers. Then I got some self-powered speakers that greatly improved my willingness to use the device. Especially for old records that haven't been particularly well cared for, when I was already accepting some pop and static, that made me start using it more. Then I upgraded the turntable to an Audio-Technica one - one of their entry-level budget-type devices - and that made me go all in.

    So at this point, I have a collection of over 200 records, new and old, and I almost exclusively listen to them these days when I'm in my office. The stylus that came with the turntable wore out, so I bought a new one, upgrading to a microlinear stylus. Sounds fantastic.

    But now I want some passive speakers that I can control through my receiver, and I'm finding that to be a more expensive item with a lot of options I don't really know how to parse through. So that's a good place to start. What's a good set of small-ish passive speakers (to fit on or near the shelf I have the turntable on) that a guy can buy on a budget?

    I have also noticed a lot of static and pop and... "sparkle"? on even brand new records. This I attribute to static electricity. I live in northern Colorado, the air is exceedingly dry here, and I can hardly walk across a room lately without picking up enough static to power my house through the winter. I have some anti-static inner sleeves that are nice, but they don't really get rid of the charge on the records. There seem to be a ton of different products for taking that out, but it's hard to know what the best thing is to buy, and some of it gets quite expensive pretty quick.

    What else am I missing that will improve my vinyl collecting and playback experience? Best ways to clean old records? Take the warp out? Things I don't even know I need to know yet?


    I've been carving avocado seeds lately. Here are a pear and a turtle shell I made.

    I like the flow state I get into when I'm focusing on small detailed things.


    How to find most active communities?

    Using a desktop browser, I click "Communities" in the top-left, taking me to Now I see a list of communities, and I can filter by those I'm subbed to, those on the local instance, and "all" federated communities. This all works well. However, I would like to sort this list by the number of subscribers. The column header changes the mouse cursor so it looks clickable, but nothing apparently happens. There are no messages in the JavaScript console, and no requests are made to the server.

    So I dug in a little bit and found that the ListCommunities API call supports a "sort" field. However, the valid SortType values it refers to don't appear to align very well with the fields on the Communities page. I tried a handful of odd sort values in the URL like ?sort=Hot but they didn't change anything in the results.

    Is this just a not-yet-implemented feature? If I were to raise an issue against the source code about this, what would be the appropriate codebase to do that in?

    Street photography A Phlaming Phoenix

    Mural outside a record shop in Old Town Fort Collins, CO