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Anyobody picked up a game from the Steam Summer Sale yet?

Anon discovers .NET
  • pervasive unchecked nullability

    Framework management is hell, fat binaries inconvenient and not default

    No option monad in the standard lib

    Cross version dependencies simply don't work in some contexts

    Compiler output only marginally better than working with c++

    At least it doesn't have Gradle.

  • The state of the discourse.
  • Think about it again, what's the difference?

    By the way, I didn't say that this post claims it's false. It's worse. This post begs the reader to claim it's false on the authors behalf

  • A memorable view at the Azores
  • This is the result of about 30-50 back-and-forths with chatgpt who acted as the intermediary for dalle3

    The rough direction I brought it was:

    • short strokes art style of Van Gogh without too much emphasis on starry night
    • the bleak colors and mood of samurai jack
  • A memorable view at the Azores