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Frequency detection crate
  • The new version seems to fix that since your comment was written, but it will stil panics if less than 2 samples are provided, unless the crate it wraps panics at an earlier point.

    let peak = buf
                .take(self.sample_count / 2)
                .max_by_key(|(_, s)| (s.abs() * 1000.0) as u32)
                .expect("to have at least 1 sample");
  • [Feature Request, workaround exists] Add to the list of instances opened in app

    Sometimes I come across links to communities or posts on instances that are not in the list of links the app recognizes as lemmy. Instead they open a browser tab. Given lemmys growing and decentralized nature it's unreasonable to expect devs to keep up with that. Please enable users to add to that ever growing list, at least for their own account. I understand that such a feature is may be far in the backlog or may never come at all, in the meantime I would be happy if you added the domain to the list as seems to be migrating there.

    Workaround: Apparently it works with the ! community @ instance links like [email protected] but not normal links

    Elon Musk condemns the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) used in general elections in some countries.
  • If you get an RSA receipt, it can be brute forced (in some years), if you don't you can't be sure it was counted.

    If you get coerced into voting a certain way on paper and taking a photograph*, the coercing person needs to be in the toom to make sure you don't mark, take a photo, spoil and vote differently. With a receipt you can coerce the receipt, wait some time and buy some computing power to decrypt the vote later.

    * secretly as it's illegal/vote spoiling for obvious reasons

  • About the us election
  • There are countries not as much brainwashed as usa where third parties win all the time

    And they tend to have better voting systems, like proportional representation or ranked choice voting, none of which will be instituted by a third party getting 3%.

  • About the us election
  • The system isn't fair but the only way yo change that is through the system. If you want to have a say go vote in a primary.
    If you want to support Palestine and fight the establishment (aipac, Hillary, ...) support Jamaal Bowman.

  • OK which one of you drew this?
  • A HIMARS chocking what looks like a S-300 in a non sexual way (I hate that I have to mention it, but I know the crowd around here).

    It's probably because the Ukraine have been allowed to strike into Russia with western weapons.
    Maybe there have already been specific news of S-300s being blown up since then, but they are probably unable to do the job they where built to do: securing russian airspace.

    PS: the S-300 has its eye on the wrong side

  • Gegen Ziele in Russland: Berlin erlaubt Einsatz deutscher Waffen
  • In den Separatistengebieten konnten keine Stimmen abgegeben werden.

    In einem Gebiet welches von militanten antidemokratischen Gruppen kontrolliert wird konnten keine freien und unabhängige Wahlen stattfinden. Woran das wohl liegt 🤔.

  • AutoTL;DR support anton

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