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This's why I hate Reddit and r/worldnews
  • It's 100% better to just ban me stright up. They made everyone think I deleted my comment because I lost the argument or something, and made me think that I spoke out what I needed to say. A huge bitch move much worse than banning me

  • Anon plays GTA: Dubai
  • lmao that one is messed up. The truth is that after the 80s, there was an excess of 40 million males to female in china, which made all families afterward to flip and change to rather want girl instead, and it even lead to cases where females would have multiple husbands:

    The ratio is still messed up to this day there's 32 millions extra lonely males who can never find a wife and have to seek abroad. There's even a town full of lonely aged men who never married anyone. Very sad

  • This's why I hate Reddit and r/worldnews

    Shadow banning your comment where only you can see them.

    This is what I see when I login from my account:

    When I logout:

    link to discussion:

    the nazification of /r/worldnews has become ridiculous

    Google, then vs now
  • I fell victim by clicking on the first result from google search which was a sponsored ad that was a phishing fake website that caused me to lose all my money at the time. I still wish I could sue them for it to this day. I have all evidence for it too.

    To this day btw, google still sponsors and shows scam and phishing websites as first link.

  • Maldives will ban Israelis from entering the country over the war in Gaza
  • Lol they don't practice shit about any religion. Their government is corrupt as hell. What Shariah law? Have you been there? They have prostitutes from every nation on earth on their exclusive beach resorts for the wealthy

  • The fuk? Please help me complete this insane captcha
  • I don't mind captchas if there were 1-3 of them only. Try connecting via vpn or tor, you get stuck with 30+ captchas one after another going in loop even if you kept answering them all correctly they keep on coming: select truck, select bike, select cum... holymoly fucking shit bro

  • Nikki Haley writes ‘finish them’ on IDF artillery shells during Israel visit
  • Nikki plainly said word by word "Palestinians came, robbed, and killed Israelis."

    She recieved over a million dollar from AIPAC during last year alone and has been Israeli's right-wing puppet for over a decade. She also previously supported and made numerous genocidal statements including nuking Gaza.

    Do you know who has the highest percent of immegrants in the whole world? Palestinians. Go look it up.

    Israel before Oct-7 is an apartied state. They are land colonizers occupying, starving and continuely bombing and killing Palestinian people.

    How can you pretend that was the best democracy in the middle east and most moral army when the treatment, evictions, land stealing, long and unjustified random imprisonmemt without charge, killings, and oppression the Palestinians were living, before Oct-7, was worse than living in the worst oppressive dictatorships of the middleeast? More than 90% of Israel prisoners are Palestinians. An Israeli can just kill any Palesinian kid and wouldn't get a week in jail. Go look up the 100000 of times that happened before Oct-7.

    How do you pretend the way Israel was besieging Gaza and continuely "mowing the lawn" was acceptable? Palestinians have the right to just fucking live like Israelis. Is this statement unreasonable for you? If not, then they have the right to free themselves, and the whole western world must stop the hypocracy and pretend it's acceptable for Israel to exist the way it is. They muat sanction and isolate Israel's government like they did to Russia until it gets it act together and just be a normal country that does not colonize and kill people from different race or religion.

  • Second UFC Saudi Arabia event will be ‘two or three times bigger’ than June 2024 debut
  • stable in sportwashing. Those fighters and their fans who accept any money and cheer any event are morally corrupt and disgust me.

    Those events are organized by the autocratic dictatorship oppressive state themselves. Go figure where that bloody fucking money came from. But also let Putin or Kim Un organize the next event and make sure you cheer and pay for it because sports are fun to watch.

  • [Bug] Post upvotes and downvotes are not stored at all

    Once I upvote a post, it would show me orange color that I have upvoted, but then as soon as I click on any post or change the page, I will come back home to find out that non of my upvotes were registered or stored.

    This bug does not happen when I browse online then open the app. Only my upvotes through the app don't get registered.

    Gaza war: Israelis attack aid convoys sent for Palestinians
  • This is Hamas fault. Hamas eat food so we should kill food to stop it from aiding Hamas.

    And if regular citizens also starve and want to eat food, then that makes them Hamas terroritzes by association just like how the IDF AI chooses targets.

    And omg if the food was Hummas by any chance, then the most moral army in the world should drop 20000lbs bombs on it even if 99% killed were colateral victims because look what Hamas made us do


    No, it's etho-state Nazis commiting genocide.

  • ‘Psychologically tortured’: California city pays man nearly $1m after 17-hour police interrogation
  • 1 million for 17 hrs? unless they were proping him anally for those 17 hrs non-stop, I think it was too much. A lot of false-prison sentences get less than 1 million a year. They should also fire and fine the cops who caused this loss

  • Microsoft is one of the greatest promoters of the Linux desktop
  • I want to say two things, but please ignore the first one, and just reply and focus on the second.

    1- you are insufferable.

    2- okay my linux is debian on wayland. Can I install and run steam on it without virtual machine? The last time I checked I was told no. If yes, then I will seek the solution and do it because I wish so.

  • Microsoft is one of the greatest promoters of the Linux desktop
  • but, and correct me if I'm wrong, steam still does not support good graphics on linux. It still only runs on X11 and has no wayland support. So many linux users switch temporarily to windows for gaming only. Valve needs to make the adoption happen faster. They're the ones still holding gamers from switching from windows, not promote linux as you say. Not to mention tons of top games that still can only run on windows without any way around it (proton compatibility does not work on all games)

  • ChatGPT cannot do punctuation grammar correctly even if you forced it

    I asked it about how to use etc with three dots in an example followed by a brand new sentence starting with a capital letter afterward.

    It told me : / In standard usage, "etc." is typically followed by three dots and then continues with a lowercase letter. If you are starting a new sentence, you do not add additional dots after "etc." /

    Then I begged it to give me an example of that rule. One such as: I love swimming, soccer, etc... I also love eating animals.

    And it just couldn't do that. It kept typing 4 dots or single dot or no dots at all, and it can't even recognize what it typed every single time. Lol try it yourself


    Issue Comments Disappear as soon as screen goes black

    Very very frustrating and keeps happening to every time I use the app. I type full paragraphs that disaapear if I look away from the screen 10 seconds and it dims black (did not even lock phone or exit app). It haapened this time while I was reading the comment I typed before posting it. I cannot stress how awful that is and it was gone, no draft and not saved anywhere. Please fix.


    Request: Saving Drafts for Comments and Posts.

    I'm tired of having my comments and posts deleted if misclicked once outside the keyboard layout while typing. Also confirmation before exiting and losing everything you typed while typing them as when it happens due misclicks. Please add drafts for comments and posts. it haapened to me 10 times and it's extremely frustrating and awful.


    GF finally broke up with me. I feel happy and sad

    We've been together for 3 years. To give some context, I'm currently in extreme financial struggles that I realistically can't hold a relationship of this type anymore.

    We live in different cities. 6-hrs drive apart. Basically she only likes me for money, and sadly I wouldn't have a problem with that if she reciprocated the giving and care back. It's not a sugar-daddy relationship and was never meant to be. We're the same age and supposed to care about each other in every way and not like this. It sucks when someone only values you as an ATM and ignores every side of your personality and every other kind of support you can provide: Self improvement, self worth, self image and value, health care, emotional, future planning, respect, protection, and all the worrying and care which I give to her more than I do for myself. I emptied my bank account for her and she still wouldn't care for me because it's not enough. Constant gifts for her, her friends, her family, rent, hospital bills, all sort of bills, fancy restaurants, flight ticket and hotel bookings (for her only not both of us), resorts, medical therapy, ... I gave her everything she wished for that I could afford. I let her have the nice things while I still live poorly and have bad ones. All I asked for return is care and time of her day. I'm not talking every day, No; She wouldn't even see me for few hours every month. The last month was the breaking point for me, I spent over $10K on various things for her, and then we decided that I would come to sit with her and she replied with "I can only stay with for 3 hours, then I have to do other things and meet other people." So I asked her to choose a date when she is not very busy and can see me for few more hours at least, and she still wouldn't do that. So I said, "ok no hard feelings, but I'm canceling my trip and all the gifts I was going to bring with me. Maybe we can sort another day in the future." After that she got angry and cussed at me and said to never see, text or call her again in life.

    From my perspective: I do not want to waste so many hours and money to see her for 3 hours. I feel bad about myself and I don't feel desired or cared about. I started to hate this shit of relationship we have where I constantly give my all and everything to someone who doesn't give back anything.

    From her perspective: I'm not good enough and I don't care about her.

    In the end, I tried my best and didn't mistreat her once. I really wish her the best but would not want to apologize and restart things with her again.

    Thank you for the vent and please feel free to share your opinions. I will respect them and try to understand them regardless.


    Lemmy is confusing and poorly limited. How does Lemmy work? Why are there so many Lemmy clones? Do I have to sign up for each of them? Does my post show on each of them?

    First please don't ban me I'm new., ,, lemmy.whatever, etct... + hundreds of clones. Is each of these a Reddit by itself containing many subreddits inside it?

    Does that mean if someone in posted something interesting that I wont even see it because I'm signed up in lemmy.yyy/c/jokes ?

    That is quite a weakness of lemmy compared to reddit. Can I post on lemmy.yyy if I signed up for or do I have to sign up for each of them?

    Which one should I sign up for?

    How can I see all lemmy posts in one place? I can't believe no one has found a solution to this yet and just let hundreds of clones post repeated things. Also how is each moderated? Is lemmy.yyy moderated by sensitive snowflakes who ban anyone who cusses or offends anyone, while is ran by racist nazis? How does this work?

    Edit: Thank you I read all comments and thank you some where very helpful. and I hope things get improved and added with time. here for the long ride