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Why is Tap to Pay available only for merchants?

I’ve always wondered why was it locked only to merchants, anyone knows?


Wanna buy a flat but dunno where to start from

Hi all 👋 I’m interested to buy a 3-4 room flat in Bavaria, some place quiet with access to Kita and schools. Have some money piled up, it’s not much but now I was wondering “where to next?”

I’ve asked some of my friends and some tell me I need to get in touch with an “Immobilien Gutachter”; I’m not that familiar with the terminology currently but I’m trying to!

If anyone has some good resources I could look into, please share. Thank you so much 🙌


Where do you read Apple news?

Hi all 👋

I’m just curious what other sources is everyone using to check Apple news, so far I’m constantly checking

  • appleinsider
  • 9to5mac
  • MacRumors

and sometimes iMore.

What are y’all reading?


Son, I think there’s a hole in your sock

“What? No there isn’t!”

“Well then how did your foot get in there?”


Where do bricks go when they die ?

The cementery


Mom keeps yelling at me to put the toilet seat down

Well, why are you carrying it around?


To be Frank,

I’d have to change my name


My wife always wanted a child with an unusual spelling of a popular name

When we had our firstborn, she said, “How about we name him Mark, but with a C?”

I smiled and nodded and then told her I’d take care of everything with the name registration and birth certificate. When my wife looked at the birth certificate a few days later, she was confused.

“Honey”, she said. “Why does this say Cark?”


Honey, why is there a strange baby in the crib?

You told me to change the baby


Dad pro tip #2

If your baby starts crying, cry twice as loud to assert dominance


Dad pro tip #3

If you’re tired, a pile of unfolded laundry straight from the dryer is a good place for a nap


A dad tried to keep his wife happy through labor by telling jokes,

but she didn’t laugh once. It was the delivery.


Dad, can you help me out?

Sure. Which way did you come in ?

Kubernetes androidul

Flux v2 just dropped 4d ago Release v2.0.0 · fluxcd/flux2

Highlights This is the first General Availability (GA) release of Flux v2. Flux v2.0.0 comes with the promotion of the GitOps related APIs to v1 and adds horizontal scaling & sharding capabilities ...

Release v2.0.0 · fluxcd/flux2
Apple androidul

Dodgy app from Apple coming up in my Screen Time

Does anyone know what this is? I was checking my Screen Time for today and scrolled all the way to the bottom just to bump into this.

This makes me curious

Apple androidul

Apple released AirTags yesterday Apple introduces AirTag

Apple today introduced AirTag, an accessory that works with iPhone and other Apple devices to track and find important belongings.

Apple introduces AirTag

Do you guys plan to try them out? I kinda find the cases little bit pricey for something that should just hold the airtags

DevOps androidul

Curated DevOps/SRE news Telegram channel DevOps drawer

Curated DevOps resources from trustworthy sources.

DevOps drawer

Hey guys, I’ve been curating for more than a year DevOps/SRE news, tools et. al. along with a Golang one that I shared in !golang

If you find the content interesting, feel free to subscribe, I don’t publish any ads and stuff, it’s just pure content.


Curated Golang news Telegram channel Golang drawer

Curated Golang news

Golang drawer

Hey all, I’ve been curating on this channel all sorts of news, interesting projects, tips & tricks et. al. for more than a year. If you like the content feel free to subscribe ☺️