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Trending Communities for Tuesday 2nd July 2024
  • It should get fully back to normal in a few days - the results are averaged over 7 days so there's still some data missing (lemmyverse was fixed 2 days ago).

  • [email protected], the online space to discuss veganism fully managed by vegans.
  • Your instance rejects Follow requests from instances not on your 'Allow list', which is a pretty small list.

    Edit: the list has since been expanded.

  • Trending Communities for Tuesday 25th June 2024
  • Hi. I raised an Issue on the crawler's repo a couple of weeks ago. Still waiting for a response though ...

  • A transgendered person got a job at a chocolate factory recently
  • It's best avoided, yeah. A marginally better title would be "A transgender woman got a job at ...", but it's not like this joke is particularly worth fixing anyway

  • How do I get languages other than English into the database?
  • No, I don't think you did anything wrong. It looks like languages are added as your instance becomes aware of them. On my test instance, there was a very random-looking list of 8 languages, but sticking [email protected] in 'Add Remote' meant that 'Deutsch' was added too.

  • Trending Communities for Saturday 22nd June 2024
  • Yeah, maybe. I'll leave it with you ...

  • Trending Communities for Saturday 22nd June 2024
  • Fixed now - a community called "wave" music caused a JSON deserialization error (because JSON uses " for its own purposes).

    It's been 2 weeks since I raised the Issue for 0.19.4 / 5 instances on lemmyverse - given that there's been no response, we might have to give up with these lists anyway.

  • The Acolyte - Episode 5 Promo | Yoda | Star Wars & Disney+ (June 25, 2024)
  • That '... and you killed Kelnacca' line sounded a bit crowbarred in to me. Not sure if they even used the same actor for it.

    I'm not convinced by the Darth Bortles theory (it's a fun idea, I just don't think the physiques match). More likely for the master to be one of the witches. They should have it be Abigail Thorn, just to watch the internet explode.

  • What's the reason for the empty comments, lately?
  • Re: your edit - please feel free to open an Issue for PieFed about it. It's MBIN content in Lemmy's communities, so it's something that needs attention (we should show it, even if Lemmy doesn't). I'll have a crack at fixing it next time I'm working on the code.

  • What's the reason for the empty comments, lately?
  • 'Bin follows the same format as Mastodon for inline images, which is different from Lemmy.
    Mastodon puts the details for an inline image inside an 'attachment' field, with nothing in the 'content' fields, whereas Lemmy doesn't use an 'attachment' field at all for them, and includes the HTML for img src in the content.
    It's always been the case that Mastodon didn't show images from Lemmy comments. I don't know if the reverse is a new thing or if it's always been like that.

  • How quickly do changes get pushed to the ActivityPub protocol?
  • It depends. It seems like Lemmy batches up its activity to send to remote instances - so, per instance, it sleeps for a bit, then sends what it has. If both a Create and an Update are in the same batch, Lemmy just sends the Update. If they don't happen to be in the same batch though, it sends both activities.

    (this is outsider observation, not insider knowledge)

  • A list of casual communities on Lemmy (that aren't just tech news or politics)
  • This is a great list. Note, though, that (and by extension, [email protected]) are less useful at the current moment than before because lemmyverse needs an update before it can crawl the increasing numbers of instances on 0.19.4 or above.

  • The Acolyte discussion and review megathread
  • If something is supposed to be cringe, it's up to the creators to find a way to indicate that to the audience, otherwise it's taken at face value. Syrill Karn's speech to Mosk's troops in Andor is a good example of how to do that.

    As for any 'anti-woke' sentiment - I'm sure there's some, but most of the criticism seems to come from people who just straight-forwardly aren't enjoying the show as much as you. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

  • Editing (or running) file(s) regardless of current directory. [Cli tip]
  • I wouldn't do this personally, but if I did, I think I'd at least pipe the results to head -n 1 to only act on the first result.

  • Star Wars Fans Seem to Be Review-Bombing the Wrong 'Acolyte'
  • I'm guessing that The Acolyte has suffered the same fate as Marvel's Secret Invasion - in production for an overly-long duration, full of re-writes and re-shoots. So far, it's resulted in a show that's a mash-up of individual scenes: some are quite cool, some are oddly shoddy, many of them don't stand up to much scrutiny.

    Review-bombing anything is so self-defeating though: it gives the producers such an easy out, and allows for any legitimate criticism to get folded into the more illegitimate stuff.

  • Lemmy and my Switch to PieFed
  • 'subscribe to anything' is handy, too. I'm subscribed to this post, for instance, so get notifications of new top-level comments.

  • Trending Communities for Saturday 15th June 2024
  • The last time I raised an Issue, the dev did respond, but it was a full week later. Maybe just considered low priority vs. other stuff in his life, rather than unmaintained. Hopefully, anyway. We'll see ...

  • Trending Communities for Saturday 15th June 2024
  • For lemmyverse, the issue for it is here:

    We'll have to wait until that dev responds, or maybe until Lemmy devs change their mind about not providing a nodeinfo 2.0 response for 0.19.4 instances.

    EDIT: ah, me and Blaze were commenting at the same time, it seems.

  • Trending Communities for Saturday 15th June 2024
  • More and more stuff won't feature as instances continue to upgrade to 0.19.4, as doesn't yet support it (there was something like 582 instances listed yesterday on there, it's 572 now).

  • [freamon] Currently working on: Following Users

    There's more than one way to do this, of course. For group-based forums like piefed, I think the most promising way is to automatically create a local community for each person that someone wants to follow. Incoming activity is then put into the appropriate community, and so you have a consistent UI of UserA has posted to technology@wherever, and UserB has posted to [UserB's community] This avoids the '2 websites in 1' look that can happen when a site wants to display both lemmy-like communities and mastodon-like microblogs.

    I haven't done too much work on it, in case this idea gets shot down in flames. So far, what I've got is:

    1. A user searches for another remote user, e.g. @[email protected]

    2. When they're found, the user is offered the opportunity to create a 'Follower Community' (for want of a better name. I've been using 'fan club', but that's maybe a bit naff)

    3. The community is created, formatted from the profile id, so []( becomes [](

    4. A follow request is sent to the remote user (from the user doing the search, or a dedicated bot account, maybe)

    5. Incoming activity will just be to activitystreams and followers, so there won't be any matches in 'to', 'cc' or 'audience'. In that case, 'attributedTo' is looked at, using the same conversion as above: so something from []( will be sent to []( if it already exists.

    6. The posts will show in the community like any other. Other users can then subscribe to the community in the normal way, and get updates whenever the remote actor publishes something for their followers.

    7. Posts from Mastodon would need another post-type to look their best (something that simulates how they look over there). Posts from Pixelfed already display well using Masonry: On pixelfed: ! On piefed: !

    8. Post replies and upvotes (maybe) should make their way back to remote user, the same way they do if they'd actually made a post in a local community.

    Random thoughts: There would need to be an Undo Follow sent if the community was deleted. A local community called c/pixelfed_dk_users_freamon looks a bit ungainly, but there's likely a way communities like this could be rendered as something like [SELF] in the homepage feed. I realise pixelfed are planning to implement Groups, but that hasn't really worked out for mastodon, so we'll see how it goes. I think the ability to follow individuals will still be useful. The remote user could be made a moderator for the local community, and it set to 'mod posts only' so it would only contain stuff from them. This approach doesn't require any database changes.

    I've just bashed this together for now - looking to get your thoughts before I continue ...


    I'm thinking of submitting a PR for a 'lemmy-spoiler' tag to Markdown2

    Lemmy's spoiler format is



    As described here

    The regex I've come up with is :{3} spoiler\s+?(\S.+?\n)(.+?)\n:{3}

    It won't do spoilers inside spoilers, but that's a pretty niche case.

    The changed code is viewable on GitHub

    Any thoughts or suggestions for the regex before I create the PR?

    I'm assuming that if I create a PR, and if they accept it, they'll (eventually) release a version with it in, and the line in pyfedi's requirements.txt can get version bumped. This seems like the 'proper' way to do it, but it's a bit long-winded, so maybe there's a better way to do it.


    [freamon] Currently working on: cross-posts

    I've been thinking about what to do about cross-posts (e.g. where the same link is uploaded to both [email protected] and [email protected]).

    In terms of them being annoying, I don't yet know what to do about that.

    My progress so far, and what it requires: The Community table has an extra field (xp\_indicator), for the field which determines if something is a cross-post or not. It defaults to URL, but it could be the title for communities like AskLemmy. The Post table has an extra field (cross\_posts), which is an array of other post ids (Note: this would lock PieFed into using Postgresql) New posts, for local and ActivityPub, are checked to see if they are a cross-post, and the relevant posts are updated. This also happens for local edits and AP Update. In the DB, the posts in the screenshot looks like:

    ``` -[ RECORD 1 ]---------------------------------------------------------- id | 27 title | Springtime Ministrone url | cross_posts | {28,29,30} -[ RECORD 2 ]---------------------------------------------------------- id | 28 title | Springtime Ministrone url | cross_posts | {27,29,30} -[ RECORD 3 ]---------------------------------------------------------- id | 29 title | Springtime Ministrone url | cross_posts | {27,28,30} -[ RECORD 4 ]---------------------------------------------------------- id | 30 title | Springtime Ministrone url | cross_posts | {27,28,29}


    In the UI, posts with cross-posts get an extra icon, which when clicked bring you to another screen (similar to 'other discussions' in Reddit)

    In terms of hiding duplicate posts from the feed, I don't yet know. If it was up to the back-end, it would require some extra DB activity that might be unacceptable speed-wise. This update would mean though, that a future API could provide a response similar to Lemmy for posts, so apps/frontends could merge duplicates the same way some of them do for Lemmy. Likewise, if there was a 'Hide posts marked as read' feature, it could regard any post ids in the cross\_posts field as also being Read.

    I have to wait a few days until the quota on my ngrok account resets (something in the Fediverse went crazy, I'd guess), so I thought I'd share here in the meantime. Also, it means the PR doesn't come out of the blue, and it can be discussed beforehand.

    (also: it turns out I can't spell 'minestrone')