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  • Neither is Hamas, nobody believes you anymore.

    israel, on the other hand, did plant rifles behind MRI machines, and laptops with plugs that aren’t even used in Gaza.

  • Children is bugs
  • There are many topics that aren’t allowed on the main sub (revenge stories, violence, asking for advice, etc.) that would be allowed on aitb.

    I’ve seen way more fake posts on other aita subs (r/AITAH, r/TwoHotTakes, etc.), the moderation on r/aita usually catches most obvious rage bait posts.

  • US Presbyterian Church divests from Israel bonds, condemns Christian Zionism
  • If you aren’t giving them much, there’s no harm done in stopping. If you are giving them much, people have a right to condemn you for it. If you want to keep giving them much as leverage, this is the perfect time to exercise that leverage.

    There are no excuses.

  • PSA: Like tracking pixels, these users are transparent.
  • I’m not American so I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, but don’t pretend that Biden cares about Gaza, even if Trump is worse. You can draw the line wherever you want, compromise whatever you want, but stop lying to yourselves.

  • Phone calls still assume the people on the receiving end are attached to a desk.
  • I’m so glad that spam calls aren’t a thing where I live yet. SMS spam is a relatively new phenomenon here.

    EDIT: I completely skipped over the point of the post. If you’re busy, or you don’t want to be called, can’t you just decline the call?

  • Breath of the Wild: Scavenger Hunt - Explore Hyrule to find pictures taken by other players. BOTW Scavenger Hunt -

    Hunt through the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to recreate pictures taken by other players. #### Community Guidelines 1. How to take a picture: When you find your desired location, take a screenshot using the screenshot button. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PRO HUD ENABLED! 2. How to upload your pict...

    [email protected]

    We migrated from reddit, but can view the subreddit if you want to know how it works.

    BOTW Scavenger Hunt Anas

    Scavenger Hunt Information

    Welcome to [email protected]! In this community, you post pictures of interesting locations you find on your journey throughout Hyrule, and others try to find where they are!


    Posting a new picture

    • Take a screenshot of your location using the Switch's screenshot button. Make sure you have the map disabled by changing the HUD mode to Pro.
    • To upload your picture, you could either:
    1. transfer it to your smart device by following this guide,
    2. post it to a social media website, and link the image directly in your post, or
    3. use a microSD card to transfer it to another device, and upload it to your post.

    This article explains both of these methods.

    • You could include a clue in your title or in a comment to help the Scavengers looking for your picture.


    • Try to find the exact location of the picture linked in the post, and take a screenshot there. Make sure you have the map enabled by changing the HUD mode to Normal.
    • Upload your picture to Imgur, and post the link in a comment.
    • Even if the picture has already been found, you can still participate in the hunt and look for it.
    • If you were the first to find a picture successfully, you will receive a point. Points will be tracked internally, and until a "user flair" system is added, there will be a public leaderboard.


    Other Guidelines

    • If the picture is a spoiler (e.g., a major boss, or DLC content), please mark it as such.
    • Don't post any off-topic content. This includes generic BOTW content that isn't necessarily a location picture to be found, memes, META posts, and other content that does not relate to the game.
    • Be kind. Remember the human on the other side. Offensive content will not be tolerated.

    --- This post will serve as a feedback post, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave them here.