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Lewis Hamilton Goes Full Send While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
  • I think the ethical argument is the strongest.

    “animals getting killed is part of the natural cycle”

    The 80 billion animals a year we kill are in farms and not part of the natural cycle (96% of the land mammals by weight are human or farmed animals) but if you meant to say there is wild animals that kill other animals and that makes it morally correct then what do you think of lions raping each other? Is that now also morally justified?

  • Is It Possible for Atheists to Have "Objective Morality"?
  • I have been taught animals aren’t things, therefore they are not something but someone.

    The relevant part is that they have their own conscious experience that you are negatively impacting by killing them, the same reason it is wrong to kill a human.

    “The natural order of things” is not a guide for morality; lions rape each other, that is still immoral.