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OK at it Again
  • The porn was mentioned just because its in the letter.

    There are of course much worse things on the internet freely available, sometimes even advertised and pushed on you. And the internet is not the worst thing here. Alcohol and gambling advertisements on TV are IMHO the worst. But I have advertising as a whole so I might be biased.

  • OK at it Again
  • I hope this gets thrown out swiftly. FFS what is wrong with these people?

    As if the internet was not full of porn and horrible stuff FREELY available to everyone who can click "I am 18".

    But no, free acces to educational resources, that's where the line should be drawn. God forbid kids get access to books for free.

  • I giggle every time rule
  • I get vegancirclejerk posts in my feed and in most cases I am not sure if these posts are serious or just making fun of vegans. Most of the time it looks like troll posts. It's more like a meat-hate cult.

  • What family sayings did you think was universal?
  • I have recently heard similar saying with legs, meaning is the smae but different wording roughly translated from Czech:

    What is not in the head, is in the legs.

    Ketchup effect is good, i might use it when the situation comes. Thanks.

  • Shocked face
  • I have done that a week ago, put Immich on it and planning on other services to degoogle myself. Now i have 6tb of space for my photos, for "free". Minus the initial investment but that should pay itself in few years.

  • Dude like wtf lol
  • What's the problem OP, you'd preffer if they passively watched group of people kicking bal on a field for hours? Or prehaps gluing paper models is better hobby? Or should they "man-up" and go to the pub every night get wasted?

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I have said this in another post here, as a joke, that YT can just inject the ads in the main video stream, and it would be just like cable tv where you can't skip the ad.

    I swear it was a joke.

    edit: spelling

  • YouTube videos sometimes start with audio out of sync.

    I have recently noticed that videos will sometimes start with audio out of sync. After reload it loads just fine. In private tab with ad-blocking disabled it also works fine.

    Has anyone noticed this. Could this be another attempt at making user experience "sub optimal" for adblock users?

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I am talking about YouTube videos.


    Feature request: Can we get separate save folders for SFW/NSFW?

    Title says it all, can ve get separate folder for NFWS saved content that can be, for example, then filtered from main gallery?