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Google rolls out new lens controls to older Pixel phones
  • Removes the ability to zoom between the lenses. I welcome the change, I've had experiences where I'd want to be at 5x zoom and would accidently flip down to 4.9x and swap lenses.

    This is an optional setting in the "pro" tab in Google camera

  • [MacRumors] Apple's Phone App Finally Supports T9 Dialing in iOS 18
  • I think you're mistaking T9 dialing with T9 texting. T9 Dialing uses the letter on the keys to search through your contacts to make find a number. 236 has the letters BEN. It would also return someone named Admond or a contact with 236 in the number. Before, iPhones would only return the result of a number with 236 in it, and you would have to search through you address book if you didn't know their number

  • TF2 steam reviews are now down to mostly negative in the past 30 days
  • Any client rejection would have to occur server side. I'm assuming that the client doesn't even report to the server if it's running headless. Nonetheless, it'd be trivial to mod the client to report that it's not running headless even if it is.

  • Spotify is going to break every Car Thing gadget it ever sold
  • Even Google products have a longer lifespan 😖

    I've since moved on to Tidal. Bought it at $30 when root mods started to be developed, but never really went anywhere.

    Image alt:

    • 2021-04-13: Interested in car thing
    • 2022-10-18: order placed after discounted to $30
    • 2022-10-21: shipped
    • 2024-05-23: Discontinue notice
    • 2024-12-09: Service discontinued

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    ThinkPad Nate

    [See inside for repair experience] Does anybody have good experiences with Lenovo's warranty?

    Edit: Conclusion at the bottom

    I just sent my ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 2 in for service the other day, it hasn't yet reached the depot but I'm worried after seeing reviews online about Lenovo's customer service. I know people are definitely more likely to write a review if they have a bad experience than a good one.

    The repair is just for the TrackPoint, which hasn't been really up to the old ThinkPads I've had (T23, T43, T61, T410, T460) and had recently stopped going to the right entirely. TrackPoints are the only reason I still buy ThinkPads and not something like a framework (and I don't think I can go back to non 2-in-1 laptop after this last one)

    I also took the NVMe drive out and swapped it with one that had a fresh install of windows 11 on it so that I could use my data while it was sent in. Will they refuse to work on it if they have a non oem drive inside?

    AFTER REPAIR EDIT: Just got it back from the warranty center! Instead of replacing just the TrackPoint module, they replaced the whole top cover & TrackPad (I did mention that it was having similar issues to them). Came with the factory plastic on it. They didn't try to short-change me in any way, didn't try to argue that it was normal or that it was wear and tear or anything like that. It works better they day it was new, and all of the scuffs that I had on the corners are now gone (so is my intel sticker but I can live with that).

    In regards to the SSD being out, they didn't say anything or refuse service because of it. I was up front that I had been inside the device before I had sent it in, so YMMV, but all in all 10/10 experience


    How long do updates take?

    Started an update for a minor version and it's been like 20 minutes and I have no display out from the nas and I can't access it over the network. This is the first update I've done on the system how long does this usually take and when should I try rebooting it?