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I was looking at the firefox flatpak on flathub. Won't this warning make a non tech-savy user anxious? This might make them think they'll get a virus or something like that.
  • They should not be worried, they should be educated.

    If you worry a new user enough they'll go back to Windows or Apple because there's less scary warnings there.

    We need to make the transition as pain free as possible. Learning about the joys of kernel compilation and SELinux can come later.
    The first step is "Hey, this is as usable as Windows, without stupid ads in the start menu.

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • My EV sits in the driveway and soaks up excess production from my PV setup.
    My main problem is it's never really empty enough.

    If I'm on the road, a high voltage DC charger gets me from 10% to 50% in about 10 minutes. Barely enough time for a coffee and a leak, then it's another 2 hours of driving. Rinse, repeat.

    Sure, you can't barrel down the Autobahn for 10 hours straight without stopping but who wants that?

  • For security reasons
  • IF you already have an email domain you control.

    Calling "acquiring and setting up an email domain and configuring the mail server for wildcards" "basically no extra effort" is a bit disingenuous compared to "solve a captcha for a Gmail account"

  • Beware of used Pixels with a replaced screen
  • For anything I don't control, like door locks at work, I'm with you.

    For a device controlled by me, the tradeoff for convenience is so much better.

    If it's properly implemented, extracting biometric features is hard, so stolen fingerprints are less of a concern.

    It allows me to use a long password, which in android also serves as an encryption key for the filesystem, while allowing me to unlock my phone without entering that password every time.

  • Android 15 will let you find your Pixel 8 even when it's off
  • That feature is right on the border between real neat tech and deeply unsettling.

    "Hey, my phone uses its last few electrons to turn into a bluetooth beacon to stay findable" sounds like sci-fi "reserve power emergency mode"

    "I can't turn off the locator chip in a device that holds half my life and memories" is just dystopian.

    I'm wondering if there would be a way to keep it useful while minimizing impact for people who stay off the grid. A hardware switch would probably be a good start but they won't fly with current all-touch designs.