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  • These are not necessarily unpopular in terms of subscribers, but nieche in terms of topics:

    • acollierastro: theoretical physicist with a unique style. What got me hooked are her videos debunking or responding to popular scientific misconceptions.
    • Ben Eater: teaches computer related subjects like electronics, networking, low level programming, architecture etc. in a fun way. He has a series where he builds a computer from scratch with cables and circuit boards.
    • Living Ironically in Europe: if 2balkans4you was a youtube channel, although he has some serious content as well
    • Masaman: mostly talks about genetics, he hasn't made any new videos in a while.
    • Max Derrat: he seems to have deep knowledge about occult stuff and its history which he uses to analyse video games and other media.
    • Ostura Official TV: progressive metal band from Lebanon.
  • I wish I had a physical "Undo" button I could use in real life and not just on my computer
  • Granted. You wake up one day and see a button at the corner of your vision. You think you're hallucinating but you're not. You concentrate on it and a debug menu appears which has all sorts of buttons: undo, redo, stop time, resume time, add money, add strength, set health to max, save, load etc.

    It's great! In fact it's the best thing that could ever happen to you. You're free of your depressing life, you can do as you please, you have all the money, all the time, all the chances you could ever want, and you haven't even seen every option yet.

    But after a few weeks it starts to dawn on you that this kind of thing should really be impossible. It's like it's straight from a video game. Are you living in a simulation? Is this a test? Is anything real?

    The more you think about it the more depressed you get and the things that you enjoyed just days earlier seem meaningless. You explore this debug menu a bit more and you find something that you weren't expecting: the exit button.

    As the days go by and you wake up every morning in your huge mansion with the worst hangover ever, you have had enough and you finally press is.

    For a moment everything goes dark but then you wake up. Tubes and cables are sticking out of your body and you can barely walk. It's dark and cold, you look around and you see millions of other people hooked up in pods, just like you were. You start to make your way forward, trying to find a way to escape this hell, but it seems to go on for hundreds of kilometers, by your estimation. A few days later you die of dehydration.

  • What show did you watch because of memes but were dissappointed?
  • I saw some memes with Good Omens templates and decided to give the show a watch.

    Season 1 was pretty good, the kind of comedy that made me smile occasionally, which is fine.

    On the other hand season 2 was mostly boring, 2 episode's worth of story was stretched out to 6, and the ending ruined the friendship between the main characters, which was the cornerstone of the whole concept.

  • If programming languages were weapons. Old but gold.
  • Also C# (or should I say the .net framework) is now cross platform, which wasn't really the case when I first saw this meme.

    This joke made sense when instead of .net you could only use Mono with C# on other platforms, which wasn't very good at the time.

  • If programming languages were weapons. Old but gold.
  • Yes and no. They serve roughly the same purpose.

    I actually hated Powershell until I was forced to work on some automation scripts with it and realized that it's actually pretty cool.

    Bash is good for quickly doing something in the terminal but for longer script files I prefer PS now. It feels much more modern and has a less janky syntax.

    Funnily enough the reason I had to use it was to make my scripts cross platform between osx, linux and windows.

  • I wish for all systems of capitalism to collapse to be replaced by something better for the most people possible.
  • Granted. World War 3 breaks out which brings the worst human's rights violations that you can think of, followed by nuclear annihilation.

    Sure, capitalism fell but so did 95% of humanity. What remains are some small groups of people suffering in the post apocalyptic hell, and the ultra rich who enjoy a life of luxury in their underwater bunker city.

  • I wish to see my character sheet
  • Granted. You can see your character sheet but there's almost no new information on it.

    However, now you know for certain that we live in a simulation. This gives you an existential crisis that you can't deal with for the rest of your digital life.

  • I wish for the year of the windows desktop
  • We're almost there already, MS serves ads on the Windows lock screen and sometimes they sneakily install bloatware with updates, like Candy Crush and Titok. Having to watch ads before opening apps doesn't feel too far off.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Granted. Stakeholders fire him because they think he doesn't moderate the platform enough. A new guy is put in his place whose new team insta bans anyone who speaks out of line. What's the line you can't cross? Anything that goes against Reddit's current sponsors and advertisers.

    Spez starts a new social media site that federates with Lemmy. A bunch of old Reddit users flock to that new site, making it the most popular fedi instance. It has all the problems of Reddit and more, and it starts to heavily pollute other instances. Spez pays off Lemmy admins who want to defenderate, ruining this place forever.

  • European leaders seethe over Putin-Orbán meeting
  • I agree, and even if it could I don't think it should.

    But there also should be some kind of mechanism to deal with members whose interests no longer align with the rest of the EU.

    Not necessarily kicking them out or punishing them because they are out of line, but cutting funds seams reasonable. We get that money for specific reasons, and if they are not spent to meet those goals they should no longer be handed out.

  • Szerintem mindenki ismer legalább egy ilyen embert (OC)


    Aki a hátán hordozza ezt a közösséget


    Anon gets his girlfriend back


    John is kill


    I've seen some shit


    I think I offended GPT-4 Bing ("I'm not here to chat endlessly")

    Regular blue Bing gave an accurate answer to my question, GPT-4 had some very believable ideas that were false, and got offended when I pointed it out.

    19 A kínai média manipulációján múlt, hogy közellenség lett a világsajtóban a magyar teniszező

    Nem pont úgy zajlottak az események Tóth és Csang meccsén, mint ahogy az az interneten elterjedt. Kibogoztuk a világszerte heves indulatokat kiváltó teniszmeccs eseményeit.

    A kínai média manipulációján múlt, hogy közellenség lett a világsajtóban a magyar teniszező

    Mit gondoltok erről a sztoriról?

    2visegrad4you alokir

    They'll never understand our struggle

    Old OC I made that got many upvotes on Reddit

    2visegrad4you alokir

    AI generated anime waifus from each Visegrad country

    It's an older post I made on Reddit that got deleted because nO aNiMe. Literally 1984 1848


    Have you ever returned to a game years later and had a very different experience, despite the game not changing significantly?

    I recently dusted off my old Guild Wars 2 account after YouTube recommend some videos of it.

    I was a huge fan of Guild Wars 1, I especially loved its skill system. You had hundreds of skills available but you could only equip 8 at a time. This forced you to think carefully and craft builds, which was half the fun. There were some skills that were only available once you defeated some hard elite enemies, which was also a fun challenge.

    When GW2 released I bought the game on the first week, but the skill system was very underwhelming for me. A huge part of why I loved GW1 was not there in the sequel, so I quickly stopped playing.

    Around 10 years later I logged in again and created a new character. I'm aware that there were tons of changes made to the game but the very early game stayed pretty much the same (as far as I remember). However, the way I experienced it was very different.

    It no longer bothered me that you only have a fraction of the skills available. I'm 10 years older than I was when I first played it and I have much less time. This means that I appreciate not having to spend days to craft a character, I can just go out and enjoy the game.

    The story is also pretty good, I've heard that GW2 is one of the few MMOs where the early game is also as much fun as the late game, and it seems to be true. I don't feel like I have to rush to max level to have fun.

    Have you ever had a similar experience?