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Why openSUSE?
  • I still find it quite baffling that for a distro that pitches itself as an everyday Linux distro for newer and intermediate users, Fedora doesn't come with snapshots preconfigured out of the box or any obvious way of handling a system restore.

  • Seems like I wont be able to even own tbe content I create
  • That's fine for the tech-literate minority of us, but totally unrealistic for the average citizen.

  • Seems like I wont be able to even own tbe content I create
  • So basically don't interact with 99% of online platforms, then?

  • The Antiquity to Alt-Right Pipeline
  • Twitter was always toxic but lately it's become a real cesspool. I created a new account the other day just so I can keep tabs on how recent news plays out over there, and before I had really even followed anyone there were racist dogwhistles and alt-right content right there on the timeline.

    Also, the account you're arguing with has a fairly high chance of being a bot.

  • Seems like I wont be able to even own tbe content I create
  • Big tech companies making vast profits off of users providing data for free instead of paying workers wages in exchange for manufacturing goods is only going to deepen the disparity of wealth in society.

    What we desperately need is essentially a Digital Bill of Rights so that we can legally own our own data.

  • Why though? 🤔 This is highly inconvenient when you wanna find new people to add to your Following list
  • Especially since it's already hard enough to find the specific content you're looking for on Mastodon.

  • A cool guide on Types of Asian architecture
  • I think it's cute and not to be taken so seriously, but to be fair to the artist, the styles are pretty accurate. Obviously each country has its own rich history of different architectural styles, but each of the designs shown is fairly typical of that country.

    It's also not AI; this image has been around for some years.

  • Customer service
  • Yep, Samsung's customization runs rings around Google's. Don't like the AOSP gestures? Samsung offer an alternative set that are arranged along the bottom of the display which frees up the sides for the user to add and configure their own with One Handed Operation+. Don't like the stupid recents screen that was brought in with Android 10 that only lets you see one app at a time? No problem - you can use Good Lock to turn it into a stack, a grid, or a vertical list. Good Lock can also be used to customize the stock launcher, quick settings, edge lighting, the navigation bar, amongst other things.

    In terms of glitches, Google phones have been frequently dogged by hardware and software issues. With the Tensor chips, for example, many users have reported random drops in connectivity and WiFi disconnecting. This was a common issue with the Pixel 6 and is still apparently a common problem for 7 and 8 series owners. Then you also had the infamous fingerprint sensor troubles, which I hear have been largely fixed but are still not as good as Samsung's optical and ultrasonic sensors. Many of these issues do get patches further down the road, but it seems with every new Pixel generation, there's something else that crops up.

  • Customer service
  • I hear you. My personal limit is 155mm x 74mm and even I were willing to overlook the lack of connectivity, so many of the Google/Samsung alternative Android phones are just too goddamn big these days.

  • Customer service
  • I don't think that anyway, but if you'd like to offer some suggestions that support 5G bands 41, 71, and 260/261 then I'm all ears.

  • Customer service
  • It only supports sub6 5G frequencies. That means no mmwave.

    I'm on the go a lot and my area has good >6GHz coverage. I prioritize connectivity above pretty much all other factors, so I'm not really interested in devices that don't support all the frequency bands used by my carrier.

  • Customer service
  • The problem with Uniherz is the lack of 5G network support. I'm on T-Mobile and only 1 of the 4 bands are supported by Uniherz phones, so that means limited connectivity and no mmwave support.

  • Customer service
  • They exist. They're just not well known.

    Really? Which others support US 5G network frequencies apart from Samsung, Google, and maybe Motorola? LG have been dead in the water for some time and their software support is atrocious.

  • Is it just me or do Lemmy communities tend to skew left wing? Why might this be?
  • That's true, but it still doesn't change the fact that the FOSS ethos runs in direct conflict with the ideals of capitalism and private ownership, and libertarians are nothing if not fanboys of those things.

  • Customer service
  • For Android phones at least (especially in the US), there aren't many great alternatives. Regardless of what you think of Samsung and their bloatware, Galaxy phones have fewer glitches and far better customization options than Google Pixels.

  • No war but class war
  • Agreed. Expecting politicians (especially in the US) to get a hold on corporate power and control it through legislative reform is a complete fallacy at this point. The only way out of the private capital hellscape is through direct, collective action.

  • Spotify’s HiFi add-on could cost an extra $5 per month
  • Yes, they are essentially the master files that would normally be downsampled to 16-bit fit on a standard CD. However, the audiophile industry is plagued by snake oil salesmen and relies heavily on the placebo effect to sell people fantastically overpriced equipment.

    When the original engineers chose 44.1 KHz @ 16-bit as the CD standard, they did so because this allows the excess information that was originally recorded to be discarded without it impacting how it sounds to the human ear. If you are interested in reading an explanation of why there is every reason to be skeptical of hi-res audio, read this article by an engineer who worked on the FLAC and Vorbis digital audio formats.

  • Le Murca
  • Just the United States acknowledging its debt to General LaFayette.

  • Spotify’s HiFi add-on could cost an extra $5 per month
  • Buying music outright helps support the artists, too.



  • "Why are the Arabs so violent? Why do they hate Israel?"

    TIL that in 2018, thousands of Gazans peacefully demonstrated against Israel's siege of the territory.

    In response, IDF forces opened fire on the demonstrators with live ammunition. Some they shot to kill, others they shot in the leg, crippling them for life. Others they shot with rubber bullets and tear gas. They shot women, children, the elderly, paramedics, and journalists.

    A UN Commission found that Israeli soldiers likely committed war crimes or crimes against humanity. Investigating from March 30 to December 31, 2018, the Commission reported 183 Palestinian protester deaths from live ammunition, including children, medics, and journalists. Over 6,000 were injured by gunfire.


    Kaiju ft. Flowdan - Hunter [OSMUK029]

    An oldie but a goodie.

    1 House passes bill to expand definition of antisemitism amid growing campus protests over Gaza war

    The House has passed legislation that would establish a broader definition of antisemitism for the Department of Education to enforce anti-discrimination laws.

    House passes bill to expand definition of antisemitism amid growing campus protests over Gaza war

    'If passed by the Senate and signed into law, the bill would broaden the legal definition of antisemitism to include the “targeting of the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity.'"

    Pardon me, but what is this horseshit?

    52 Even Mentioning “Occupation” at the Oscars Is Antisemitic, Some Jewish Hollywood Figures Say

    “The Zone of Interest” director Jonathan Glazer’s Oscars speech was denounced by Jewish Hollywood figures for mentioning Israel’s occupation.

    Even Mentioning “Occupation” at the Oscars Is Antisemitic, Some Jewish Hollywood Figures Say

    “The use of words like ‘occupation’ to describe an indigenous Jewish people defending a homeland that dates back thousands of years and has been recognized as a state by the United Nations, distorts history” gets the prize for the most oblivious statement I've seen all week.


    Why are Mastodon's trending hashtags so ... dull?

    As a new user, I'm enjoying Mastodon's vibe so far but the one thing that is a letdown is the trending hashtags. I've been checking them regularly over the past couple of weeks and it seems like they're pretty much always like this.

    Even on days with big news stories, people on Mastodon are only talking about what day of the week it is like company employees on some internal message board?

    Is there anything that can be done to liven them up a bit?


    Why are Mastodon's trending hashtags like this?

    Every day, they seem to be pretty much the exact same.

    Coming from the bird site where you could actually get a gauge on what was happening in the world right now, Mastodon's trending hashtags seem so ... banal?

    6 Science activism is surging – which marks a culture shift among scientists

    Political mobilization among scientists has been growing in recent years. Two social scientists break down what this looks like and how it represents a culture shift among the scientific community.

    Science activism is surging – which marks a culture shift among scientists

    Debunk This: The Scientific Evidence for Gender Transition Therapies is Weak The media is spreading bad trans science

    Misleading studies are being taken as gospel

    Hi, everyone. The author here claims a couple of things I'd like people to check out:

    1. That European countries are generally reluctant to endorse gender reassignment treatments due to insufficient evidence

    2. That there are no large scale studies / reviews that find good evidence in favor of gender reassignment treatments

    Thanks in advance!

    7 What People Are Getting Wrong This Week: UFOs and the Government

    Maybe people are just really bad at identifying objects.

    It appears UFOs are flavor of the month again.