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How heterosexual couples met in the US
  • And due to urban sprawl, everyone gets into their car in their garage, drives to work, then drives back to their garage. There's no room for walking to the neighborhood pub, convenience store, pharmacy, etc and bumping into neighbors on the way.

  • OneNote alternative to make a knowledge base
  • Proton just bought Standard Notes, so keep an eye out for changes there. Otherwise, I use Obsidian but I have it sync to my home server so I can access the same data from my phone and computer.

  • The state of my garden right now
  • Not if she spent hours and hundreds of dollars planting bulbs in the fall just so the rabbits could dig em up and eat em in the spring, which was my wife's experience with our neighborhood residents.

  • This new Find My Device Network....

    What percentage of Android phones are actually running it? I get that it's brand new and over time more and more phones will report the location of trackers, but are there any metrics on current "market saturation" (for lack of a better word)?

    I just got my Pebblebee clips yesterday that I pre-ordered a few months ago. I wanted to test them out so I sent one in my kid's backpack to daycare today (which is a legit use case I had in mind when buying these, particularly when we leave him with a babysitter).

    When I try to check on the location, it says "last seen at 7:45" which is when I dropped him off, implying that my phone was the last to ping the tracker. So that means none of the teachers' phones, nor any of the other parents' phones have pinged the tracker. It's not a big daycare but he's one of the first to arrive. There should have been at least 2 dozen other phones near his backpack since then. This brings me back to my question about how many phones would you expect to report the location of a tracker.

    Banned from service for replying all to two recipients.
  • I feel like you're missing sufficient evidence to establish causality. I get that the timing is coincidental but you should be more open to other factors. I hope you were professional when reaching out to Proton support

  • New OS for Pixel 3

    I have an ancient Pixel 3 that still works. I'd like to install a new, third-party OS. Which would you recommend?

    I can see that there are many: Lineage, Calyx, /e/, Graphene, .... How do I make the decision? Can all of them work on a phone as old as my Pixel 3?

    Edit: holy shit, I just installed Lineage OS on my lunch break! I've installed "alternative" OSes before on computers but never on a phone. I just followed the instructions (which were a little confusing as there were nested steps) and it's up and running!

    Proton Pass VS Passwords App
  • What does connect with Apple do?

    I won't ever use Apple services because of the lock-in. I haven't checked but I doubt there's an Android app, Windows App, or Firefox extension for Apple Passwords.

  • What's this random plant growing in my garden?

    I didn't plant it (intentionally) but it's definitely more than a weed. I'm letting it grow just to see what it wants to grow up to be.


    Thoughts on folders

    There's a button to "sort" folders in the settings which sorts the currently existing folders alphabetically. Then when you create a new folder it gets put at the bottom. Can we just have them sort alphabetically automatically?

    Also when you click sort, it only sorts the top-level folders. The subfolders don't get sorted at all.

    This is the kind of rough-around-the-edges stuff that Proton really needs to sort out before adding more and more services.


    Anyone else find this annoying?

    That the labels for the apps get truncated so you can only read "Proton" plus the first letter of the app. I'm only able to distinguish based on the icons which isn't great because Pass and Drive are similar colors, and Pass and VPN, and Drive and Calendar are similar shapes.


    Send Tab not working

    I'm signed into Firefox on 4 devices. I can send tabs between all of them except from my work computer to my phone (other direction works). I can see the tabs open on my computer from my phone and tap to open it on my phone, but if I "send tab" from computer to phone, it never arrives.

    I tried signing out on my phone and back in. Didn't work.

    What else can I do to troubleshoot?


    How can I hold a Zenphone before buying it?

    My wife is in the market for a new phone. Her highest priority is that it's small. She has it narrowed down to a Galaxy S23 or a Zenphone 10. The Samsung is the safe bet, especially since she's upgrading from an S10e. And even so, we can just got to T-mobile and play with one. The Zenphone is a bit riskier as it's unfamiliar. But it's small and gets great reviews. All of the options under "where to buy" have you buy it through, say, Target or Walmart, but it's online only. So she wouldn't be able to play with it until after unboxing and setting it up.


    Proton Pass Windows App

    Everyone's been complaining about having access to passwords offline. While you could always do that with the Android app (and I assume iOS), you can now do it in Windows.

    Direct link to install file from the screenshot email

    Proton has been killing it lately. I feel like the speed at which they're rolling out new features and products has really picked up over the last year or so.


    Platform Tilt: Documenting the Uneven Playing Field for an Independent Browser Like Firefox - Open Policy & Advocacy Platform Tilt: Documenting the Uneven Playing Field for an Independent Browser Like Firefox – Open Policy & Advocacy

    Browsers are the principal gateway connecting people to the open Internet, acting as their agent and shaping their experience. The central role of browsers has long motivated us to build ...


    Did the Proton Mail Beta app merge with the regular app?

    I used to have both, because the beta didn't have necessary features like archive but did have threaded convos. Now "both" of my Proton Mail apps are the same app but I have 2 icons. They both open the same thing.



    Any good keyboard recommations?

    Every year or so I try one or more privacy focused keyboards. I always end up right back on SwiftKey after a couple of weeks because most of the keyboards I try have the same problem: the predictions suck.

    Ok, I get that surveillance is good for predictions. Put another way, predictions are tough without collecting everything everyone types. Is there a best-of-both-worlds keyboard out there? I'd be patient enough to give it some time to learn how I type and get better.


    How to manage 2FA for Proton account if Proton Pass is my 2FA thing?

    I'm migrating the handful of accounts that I have 2FA set up in from using Authy to using Proton Pass. But I'm stuck on my Proton account itself. Should I keep Authy just for my Proton account and then once I'm in, I can use Pass for the rest of the 2FAs?

    What do you do?


    Alright Proton, you have one year

    My wife and I both use Bitwarden and share passwords back and forth. We switched from LastPass after the chrome extensions shit the bed, and thankfully before they got hacked.

    Tonight I got her to just make a Pass Plus account under the one year free deal. She voiced her opposition to switching "again". I told her it's not better than Bitwarden yet anyway, but I'll keep an eye on it and let her know when it's better. I'm going to need to make a convincing case to get her to switch.... again.


    Questions about password sharing in Proton Pass

    1. Can I do it yet?
    2. I assume it's at the vault level. Meaning an entire vault is either shared or not shared, rather than each individual password within. Yes?
    3. Can both (all, but in my case my wife) people with access to the shared vault add/delete/edit all passwords within it?
    4. what's the situation if a paid account is sharing a vault with a free account?
    Personal Finance akilou

    On Retirement Savings

    I'm almost 40 and according to the wisdom found everywhere on the internet, I don't have enough saved for retirement. Which worries me because I've been saving for as long as I've had a proper job with access to a retirement vehicle. But also because the internet wisdom doesn't make sense or sound feasible.

    According to what I've read, you're supposed to have:

    • 1x your income when you're 30
    • 3x your income when you're 40
    • 6x at 50
    • 8x at 60
    • 10x when you retire

    I'm almost 40 and I have just barely over 1x saved. So it feels like I'm 10 years behind. However, my income has grown substantially over the course of my 30s, more than doubling. So accounting for growth in income, I do have almost 3x my salary in my late 20s. But similarly, the above advice could be interpreted as needing 6x the income you had when you were 30 by they time you're 40. And by that metric, I'm doing even worse!