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What's worse than thieves hacking into your bank account? When they steal your phone number, too
  • I mistyped my PIN (yes PIN, you can have only a 4 or 6 digit number, not a real password) into my bank app too many times and had to reset it. I was prompted the secret question "what is the name of your childhood best friend?" This alone would have given me (or anyone) access to my bank account. I forgot what the answer was and had my account locked after a few attempts.

    How was I to prove my identity? Call the 1-800 number and the automated system asked for my account number or any credit/debit card number, the numbers in my postal code, my phone number, and my birthday. THAT'S IT. Account unlocked and was able to set a new password PIN. So many people know or can easily find out this information.

    I use very strong digital security everywhere that allows it, but of the hundreds of accounts I have, my bank is the least secure and does not allow any stronger security even if you want it!

  • More futuristic than anything on the road today. 1993 Pontiac Trans Sport
  • Ok, I dislike transphobia and other culture war BS too but can we please leave stuff like this out of completely irrelevant topics?

    IMO we could all do with at least occasional online engagement outside of that sphere unless it's the topic at hand.

    Like this is a much more wholesome way to enjoy my morning: 545

  • The way to beat this system is to build alternatives and wean people off of their dependence on it, and deprive it of victims.

    And how do you propose we do this considering the only way the system can have alternatives is if the system allows for alternatives which (spoiler) >!it won't!<.

  • Bernie Sanders response...
  • I see where you're coming from.

    Sayings have to be short and memorable, meaning they usually lack nuance, are wrong depending on context, or are just straight up wrong. That's why I don't like the bridge jumping one; it's the same reason I don't like most sayings. I don't think the bridge jumping saying is "straight up wrong." Simplistic and lacking nuance? Yes.

    I think you're right in that few make their own decisions and defer to their "heroes." I'd instead say few truly think critically, despite believing they do.

    There are always people who do things nobody else does, don't do things everyone else does, do things with an uncommon approach, or hold opinions that are considered outside the sphere of common thought. As a whole, this is okay. Not just okay, but good. Good for making societies interesting.

    When everyone does x, that doesn't mean you should be doing x. Divergence sometimes proves righteous. This is what I presume is intended by the bridge jumping saying.

    However, I feel that many are far too arrogant in their divergencies. If something is different from everything else, that does not make it inately better. Often, it is not.

    This is especially true in the West. Western (especially American) culture is so individualistic that arrogance is rampant. How often do people really stop think whether they are really right about an ingrained divergency, to think that maybe they are in the wrong...maybe they're not a rare enlightened one. For example, maybe prevaling theory from experts might have just a modicum of validity. Maybe more than some nunce's gut feeling.

    Anyway, I'm rambling so to get to the point:

    If everyone else is jumping off a bridge, don't jump blindly, but question why you aren't jumping. You might be right not to jump. However, as the only one not jumping, you should consider if jumping might be just fine. Maybe everyone else has a good reason to be jumping.

  • Bernie Sanders response...
  • Who's "he"?

    If only one jumps, I'm gonna think "why are they jumping?"

    If everyone is jumping and I know I'm surrounded by reasonable people, I wouldn't jump blindly but I'm gonna think "why am I not jumping?"

  • Bernie Sanders response...
  • I've never liked this saying.

    I usually hear it as "if your friends [...], would you do so too?" If my friends—who I feel are quite level-headed—were jumping off of a bridge, I think they would probably have a pretty good reason. Is there a bear charging us from behind and they've noticed but I haven't? Is it because the bridge is short and they're safely jumping into some water for fun? (I've done this before. If the conditions are right, it's perfectly safe for those who can swim.)

    Surround yourself with good, level-headed people. If your friends are arrogant/ignorant or not all that bright, you can't assume they're right to jump. If you've built up a sensible group of peers and they all are or are not doing something, you should at least consider why you are the outlier.

    Then again, I just wanted to dispute this saying. I'm not saying I agree with OP here.

  • Bernie Sanders urges Dems to 'stop the bickering' and back Biden
  • I agree, she's not the candidate I'd want leading the dems—far from it. But people are used to voting between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich as their president. Biden is something different, more agreeable than some other candidates the Dems have run. But people are seriously concerned about voting for a man who's mental acuity is declining rapidly towards senility and very possibly will not live through 2028.

    Plus, I haven't read too far into it but I've heard that only Kamala would be able to use the Biden/Harris campaign war-chest. It's sad as hell that that is so important, but it is nonetheless.

  • Restaurant group in Massachusetts is trying to reject a public vote on paying tipped workers
  • If the goal is to do away with tipping, I don't know of another way besides banning it that will be effective.

    The provinces of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia all did away with the seperate (lesser) server wage so that all employees go by a universal minimum wage. I don't think that changed patrons' tipping habits one bit.

    And servers are still reliant on the good will of people. Ain't nobody with real expenses getting by with some of these minimum wages. Not with the current cost-of-living.