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Harris Urged to Take 'Clear Stance' Against Weapons Sales for Israel.
  • Everything black and white. Childish and simplistic.

  • Harris Urged to Take 'Clear Stance' Against Weapons Sales for Israel.
  • Yes I'm sure that's comparable to the elimination of the nations of Palestine and the Ukraine. How selfless.

  • Harris Urged to Take 'Clear Stance' Against Weapons Sales for Israel.
  • The rest of us do know how to do the right thing. You're not doing anything, your lily-white inaction is moral masturbation. Doing the right thing requires considering the suffering of others over your own passive comfort. Often that means making tough decisions. How much will suffering increase because puritanical children refused to sully their hands on anyone who wasn't perfect? Childish and simplistic.

  • 21 July 2024
  • Just remember: cheating isn't bad because you're sleeping with other people, cheating is bad because you're betraying the trust of your partner. If you're open and honest about everything, you're not cheating.

  • Brainstorming
  • I think brainstorming is specifically a group activity. When you do it alone, it's just called "thinking". The point of brainstorming is to bring in ideas you thought of individually to co-mingle with the ideas other people thought of individually.

  • Anon goes to a donut shop
  • You're not wrong, but it comes down to delivery. I've said a lot of bizarre, goofy lines in my time, in various stages of social aptitude. The same line comes across very differently based on whether it's said confidently with a self-assured smile, or muttered while looking at your shoes.

  • How do you inform yourself on topics which don't belong to your field of expertise?
  • Escalate. Start with early digestible low quality sources (AI chat bots, short YouTube videos, old Reddit threads, etc.) to build a general familiarity with the subject matter space.

    Once you grasp the basic vocabulary and concepts, you know well enough what questions to ask to find more nuanced discussions and the right Wikipedia rabbit holes.

    If you need more comprehensive understanding than that, use your newfound familiarity to start skimming primary sources.

    Once you get more involved than deep dives into primary sources, you start blurring the lines of developing a new area of relative expertise.

  • Milk ruins cereal.
  • This is a time sensitive equation. Dry cereal is too crunchy. Cereal which has been sitting in milk a while is too soggy. You're supposed to eat it immediately after adding milk, when the cereal is partially softened but still mostly crunchy.

    And you don't need to drown it in milk like it's a soup, the best ratio requires you to stir the cereal a few times to evenly wet it. If the milk comes more than about halfway up the cereal, you've overdone it

  • Polyphasic sleep
  • The sticking point is that your body acclimates to sleeping at exactly your set nap times. If you miss or delay a nap, you're screwed. If you have total control of your schedule (i.e. work remote with no meetings, no kids, no other spontaneous responsibilities) you can make it work. Otherwise, not recommended.

  • Burninate
  • Hard disagree, guy wouldn't know majesty if it came up and bit him in the face

  • Teachers should graduate backwards
  • I know several, related to some. I've often heard "teaching school" used as a colloquial term for education graduate programs, not unlike "medical school".

  • Plato vs Democracy
  • I've got a gut feeling you might be mistaken.

  • MAGA Begins Hunting People Who Made Trump Assassination Jokes
  • I'm not saying you're incorrect, but it's easy to be principled when it's someone else in the cross-hairs.

    Victim blaming is wrong, but boisterously inviting danger is stupid.

  • If you had a drain that you knew was clogged only with hair, could you unclog the drain only using Nair?
  • I don't actually have a drain that needs to be unclogged. This is a showerthoughtquestion.

    Unclogging hair from a drain is the single most relevant practical showerthought

  • Bambu X1C Purge and Prime

    I'm considering pulling the trigger on an X1C but the waste is a huge turn-off. I know there are options for purging to infill or a sacrificial object, but last I heard there's still a considerable amount of purge/prime. Can someone who's played with the settings tell me honestly how much progress has been made in reducing waste?


    Setup for TTRPG GM assistant?

    Still pretty new to local LLMs, and there's been a lot of development since I dipped my toe in. Suffice to say I'm fairly swamped and looking for guidance to the right model for my use

    I want to feed the model sourcebooks, so I can ask it game mechanic questions and it will respond with reasonable accuracy (including page references). I tried this with privateGPT a month or two back, and it kinda worked but it was slow and wonky. It seems like things are a bit cleaner now


    Crunch Sweet Spot

    Let's kick off some activity here with a question:

    How much crunch do you, personally, like in your games?

    Ultra Lite? Lite? Basic Set? Every book you can get your hands on?

    Light on combat, heavy on skills? Vice-versa? Light overall with some aspects way more fleshed-out? Heavy overall with some aspects way more simplified? Are there specific mechanics you like to take full advantage of? Mechanics you like to gloss over?

    No wrong answers, let's just get some discussion going