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Ten ways for Kamala Harris to win my vote
  • The first thing I asked myself when reading those is “is this a proposal that can be made by the executive or by congress?”

    After applying that, only two of those items were even slightly still on the table, and then would only be as executive orders that would likely be overturned by congress as unconstitutional (whether they actually were or not).

    If the OP wants an actual leftist government, they don’t need to elect a leftist president, but a leftist congress. Even one or two representatives at first.

  • GOP Rep. Tim Burchett calls Kamala Harris a 'DEI vice president'
  • What I would find hilarious is if Harris then turned around and endorsed Pete B… and the GOP smear machine has to switch attactics yet AGAIN, alienating yet another demographic.

  • Stop panicking. Replacing Biden on ballots isn't a problem.
  • …a situation where the electoral college is actually an advantage against election manipulation.

  • Sea Shepherd founder and anti-whaling activist Paul Watson arrested in Greenland
  • Wow… I didn’t realize he was still mobile! He left Greenpeace a LONG time ago.

  • We love our new Democratic Nominee, Don't We Folks?
  • Great… Trump endorses Harris too! Maybe he can get the MAGA crowd to vote for her as well….

  • The homeopaths of spin
  • Also… if you block them that means they are more likely to appear to be speaking with authority to the ignorant because everyone who knows what’s actually going on is blocking them and so isn’t fact checking.

  • Federal judge delays posting of Ten Commandments in Louisiana public schools
  • The Bible contains two summaries of the ten commandments. Unsurprisingly, what Louisiana wants to put up on a poster is not a literal translation of either of them. Catholics tend to use an interpretation that doesn’t include “no graven images.”

    Two tellings of the Ten Commandments in the Bible are Exodus 20:1-17 and Deuteronomy 5:1-21.

    Note that there’s stuff in there for many Catholics to be unhappy about (carved images, taking the lord’s name in vain) and many protestants (telling children about adultery, observing the sabbath, not coveting, not bearing false witness).

    But those commandments are a small part of the Jewish Mosaic law; Christians are supposed to override that with “love God” and “love the people around you, even those who your social clique shuns” along with “it’s not enough to not do the commandments; if you catch yourself contemplating breaking them in your head, stop doing it.”

  • Trudeau and family head to B.C. for vacation in unnamed location
  • Well, except when it’s under evacuation order.

  • Trudeau and family head to B.C. for vacation in unnamed location
  • I hear the surf’s up at Trudeau’s favourite BC destination….

  • What’s pvp? An sti?
  • Indeed :D — that’s why I left it :)

  • What’s pvp? An sti?
  • No, I wrote youngest instead of oldest. And you’re the first person to both catch it and comment. Added an edit :)

  • What’s pvp? An sti?
  • To be fair, Millennials tend to forget us Gen-Xers exist almost as much as the Boomers do. The crazy thing these days though is that outspoken millennials still think of Boomers as being anyone over the age of 40. The youngest boomer is 60 this year. The youngest millennial is 40.

    [edit]. I thought “surely I couldn’t have written ’youngest millennial’ — and there it is. Oldest. Oldest millennial.”

  • What’s pvp? An sti?
  • That’s my point. The post could easily apply to me and I’m not a young millennial, or a millennial at all. There’s no correlation.

  • What’s pvp? An sti?
  • Lots of things came earlier. I’m just trying to figure out what being a “young millennial” has to do with a preference for vs computer games. We gen-x-ers were playing PVP games before young millennials were born. Atari was a staple of our childhood. Nintendo multitap was a thing in 1985.

  • Global IT outage disrupts B.C. health-care system
  • Agreed. BC pivoted to using US cloud services in 2020; it would make much more sense to spin up cloud hosting instances within the province.

    Of course, while that would have avoided the Azure outage, it wouldn’t have done anything against the CrowdStrike issue.

  • Project 2025’s extreme vision for the West - High Country News
  • The thing is, I really wish the Democrats had something like this. Not as a requirement, but as an available resource.

  • What’s pvp? An sti?
  • Actually, the first PVP game I played was NetTrek in 1990 — forgot about that one. We generally didn’t start calling them PVP games until 1993-ish.

    I spent a lot of time on MUDs in the 90s too…. They generally had mobkill and PVP zones.

  • What’s pvp? An sti?
  • I don’t get this.

    I was playing PVP games in 1993. On the Internet.

    I played my first offline video game in 1983.

    Most video games I play today are offline on my phone, with a few PVP games in the browser on my computer.

    What does being a millennial have to do with any of that?

  • Conspiracy Theorists Say Global Outage Was an Attack on Trump
  • Will those same people blame Biden being incompetent for the outage when a bit more time has passed?

  • Windows 11 is nagging users to try OneDrive to "fully backup" your PC
  • Because iCloud was a smashing success for Apple when they used this technique?

    At least iOS and macOS don’t keep on asking you after you say no like Windows does though. At least not until you change something in your iCloud configuration.

  • Large fire engulfs inactive rail bridge next to the Oak Street Bridge Vancouver fire engulfs inactive rail bridge next to Oak Street Bridge

    An inactive rail bridge connecting Richmond and Vancouver caught fire Thursday and forced the temporary closure of the Oak Street Bridge.

    Vancouver fire engulfs inactive rail bridge next to Oak Street Bridge