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We're cooked...
  • You see, it's that sort of conspiracy bullshit that will erode everything.

    Could it be the work of a professional photographer bringing their A game? No, it must be staged.

    Why are all these random things like that? It must be "preplanned" ...or... Maybe you would have found similar things in any photograph from a political rally.

    Thing is, you sound like a classic MAGA when you say daft stuff.

  • Nothing sells 100,000 CMF Phone 1 units in three hours
  • features with a high degree of customizability - you can swap out the back cover, and also attach things like a lanyard.

    Ooooh, a lanyard strap... That's the sort of right to repair we've all been after.


  • DataIsBeautiful
  • This is literally the last thing we wanted to happen.

  • Some men...
  • Hero.

  • Nigel Farage, Right-Wing Disrupter, Elected to Parliament for the First Time
  • Are you saying that I made something up? If so, let me know which bit it is and I'll happily correct it.

    Just to be clear though, I wasn't saying he hasn't had an impact on British politics. As the front man for some very shady interests he helped bring about a brexit referendum by causing the Tory party internal angst (Cameron really thought the country would vote to remain and he'd silence the right of his party that was being egged in by Farage). Nor am I negating that he has enjoyed unprecedented media exposure that has helped divide the UK.

  • Some men...
  • LeVar?

  • Nigel Farage, Right-Wing Disrupter, Elected to Parliament for the First Time
  • "Disrupter"... Yeah, we need to stop using that word. He's as much part of the establishment as the Tory members he's helped replace.

    His party is a corporate entity, and we'll see how he gets on niw that he legally has to file his financial interests.

  • Insecticides Made of RNA Could Offer a Safer and More Targeted Weapon Against Crop Pests
  • Can't see this going wrong and creating vast swarms of flying spiders that have a taste for human flesh.

  • Bindependence Day Rule
  • Mostly? So which bit were you serious about?

  • Exit poll: Labour to win landslide in general election
  • I feel like the Tories lost this election rather than labour winning it.

  • Biden tells ally he is weighing whether to withdraw from 2024 race: Live updates
  • I just read your comment history. Speaking from experience, huh?

  • why isn't anyone calling for Trump to drop out.
  • Someone knows their cock rights.

  • My reading progress so far this year
  • Sure, but like, weird flex.

    I mean that could be complete bullshit, who would know? I'm more inclined to think the sort of person that lists all the books they have supposedly read is probably the same sort of person that is trying to show off and therefore likely to exaggerate a bit.

    Either way, good for you if you enjoyed them. Weird to think anyone else would care.

    Maybe take one book and talk about how it made you feel, or something.

  • UK PM Sunak Proposes Disabling Driving Licenses and Financial Services For Youth Avoiding National Service
  • Right now you can buy milk that will outlast this useless, cruel man.

  • My reading progress so far this year
  • I'm sure this is true.

    However, if someone else offered that list I'd call complete bullshit.

  • Obsidian + Zettel Notes
  • This is so incredibly useful. Thank you.

  • Looks and Longevity: Do Prettier People Live Longer?
  • If you read the paper...

    This finding remained robust to the inclusion of covariates describing high-school achievement, intelligence, family background, earnings as adults, as well as mental and physical health in middle adulthood.

  • I miss text-based tutorials

    When I use the internet to learn, I don't want to have to spend 2 minutes watching an advert, then try to decipher an accent I can barely understand whilst a 15 year old speed runs the task whilst seemingly skipping crucial steps in a video.

    I want the steps written down. Maybe with diagrams.

    I'm old. Learning is hard enough.

    Microblog Memes adam_y

    All Cakes Are Baklava (ACAB)


    The Pie of Sauron

    Ok, not technically a pie, better puns are welcomed.


    another modernist synth experiment

    I'm calling this 'West Coast Main Line' after the section of rail that passes through where I live.

    Again, I'm using the Pro-1, a Volca Keys and an Uno Synth. This time a Model:Samples is playing a looped section.

    I'm looking here about recreating the rhythm of rail using a phasing technique.

    There's a bandcamp version too, where the track is free to download, if you prefer.

    bandcamp Link

    As before, please feel free to share any of your experiments too.


    A day at the beach

    Hello, long time listener, first time caller...

    I just wanted to say hi. I'm very much interested in the grain, the unplanned and the documentary when it comes to analogue photography.

    This one was shot on fomapan 400 and an Optima 335 that I've had in my jacket pocket for a while.


    Lost at Sea - a modest modernist symphony with monosynths


    I though you might like the more nerdier details about this track.

    The equipment is a Pro-1, an Uno Synth and a Volca Keys (set to octave). All running through a Behringer xenyx and recorded on a tascam dp 006.

    I used an Sq-64 for the sequencing, which was a steep learning curve but I think it came out ok.

    In terms of the music I was particularly interested in timbrality changes and phasing as well as emergent patterns. I'd planned for the piece to be around an hour long, but it came to a natural conclusion at the 21 minute mark and I went with that.

    There's also a version on YouTube here, where I used the recorded midi output to create an animation. It was a bit of an afterthought, but I think it might make some great and complex visuals down the line as a technique.

    Ok, thank you for your time.


    Lost at Sea - A Modernist Music Piece for Three Analogue Synths

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    My first post to Lemmy is a piece of modernist music I've made for three synthesizers.

    In this case, I used a Behringer Pro-1, an Uno Synth, and a Volca Keys.

    I'm very much interested in repetition and emergent rhythms. Feel free to share some of your own work if you think I'd be into it.