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nvidia jetson + media server + ollama,stable diffusion, . . .
  • The requirements for a media server mesh well with a NAS and *arr suite and other light loads. Low CPU demand, some RAM demand, integrated GPU if you need transcoding and that’s it.

    They are wildly different from generative AI. For good performance, you’ll want a decent GPU with loads of VRAM or brute force with raw CPU power and RAM. If you care about power draw at all, you don’t want this on 24/7/365. Why not build a cool gaming rig and use it for AI? As a bonus, now you have a cool gaming rig with your AI machine!

  • NAS, Home Servers, and where do I even start?
  • I am just starting so take this not as a recommendation but as an option. I am familiar with Linux but do not work in IT.

    I got myself a used desktop as a starting point. It can handle 2x 3.5” drives, one 2.5”, plus an NVMe. You could buy an adaptor and change the DVD drive for another 2.5” caddy, but more on that later. It came with 8GB of RAM, but it can handle 64. I spent something like $250 including cables, bolts, caddies, but not drives.

    If you watched the video, you’ll notice the CPU has video transcoding acceleration and encryption acceleration too. It comes out ahead of modern N100 CPUs being widely used for home NAS these days, and draws a minuscule amount of power while idle. Indeed, most of the idle power draw for my machine comes from the drives.

    So pros:

    • can host a decent amount of services
    • upgradable (PCIe slots and up to 4* spindles)
    • the fourth needs you to convert the DVD to a caddy, but then you need to get an expansion card to add another SATA port, but will allow you to go RAID 10 or z2/6.
    • small and mostly silent, low power draw
    • 2x M.2 slots, one for NVMe and the other for an expansion card (like a Coral TPU or Wi-Fi)
    • cheap


    • 3x onboard SATA ports, 3x drive bays means you’re rather stuck with RAID z1/5
    • lower reliability from a used unit
    • 1x 1 Gb Ethernet port onboard only

    For software, I’m using TrueNAS scale. It’s easy to install and configure, there’s good documentation and a support forum, can run docker containers and VMs. Lots of administration quality of life tools built in that you don’t need to build. Plus it’s Linux and I can tinker with it if the need arises.

    To get to what you want, you could install an M.2 A+E to SATA adaptor and a slim DVD to 2.5” caddy to come up to 4 drives, add memory, a multiport multigigabit NIC, an NVMe and 4 drives and you’d be set. VMs for your firewall, VPN, pihole, dockers for the rest.

  • Is there a way to hide a community from the home feed?

    I love the Linux community but it absolutely drowns the other communities in I subscribe to in my home feed. Is there a way to remove it from my home feed without unsubscribing from it?


    [Request] filter comments from blocked instances

    I would love a checkbox in the settings that would allow me to filter comments/ content from users at blocked instances.

    Desired behavior: Block instance b.c, auto content filter on. Go to a post on instance x.y where user [email protected] has commented on, don’t see those comments.

    Please and thank you!

    Original text below because reasons I guess.


    When I block an instance, I expected not to see anything from it - the nuclear option, you’d say.

    However, browsing a post from another community, I still see comments from users of the blocked instance.

    Is this the designed behavior? If so, is there a way to change it to block all content emanating from that server?



    [SOLVED] I'm cheap and want a Linux keyboard

    Thank you everyone for taking time to help out. While looking for keyboards, I’ve found a great deal on a new Keychron C3 Pro at Amazon for around $30. It’s a wired keyboard, but it’s got hot swappable brown switches and I figured there’s no way I’d find something better to dip my toes in this hobby.

    And I’m really glad I did! The feel and sound of it is just so much better from my regular keyboard it’s not even funny.

    I’ve got some sample switches and o-rings in the mail to further dampen the sound but I’m very happy with my purchase.

    Original text below:


    All those really sweet compact keyboards are super sexy and I want one. But the ones I like are both:

    • very expensive
    • have windows exclusive software

    I’m not even sure mechanical keyboards are for me, to be honest. I don’t type that much, and the keyboard I have - a Logitech wave ergonomic keyboard - suits me, except for the humongous size and the noise (I do a lot of video calls and it gets distracting to my interlocutors).

    From my research, a QMK/VIA 65% keyboard would be ideal. The VIA part would allow me to configure the few extra keys and layouts so I can make the most of the keys I’ll have. And it’s Linux compatible. However, it seems the controllers for VIA keyboards make them significantly more expensive. Then there’s the noise issue. The click clack, while tactile satisfying, is a no go for me.

    I went down the rabbit hole and to find something that has a chance of suiting me, the cost quickly balloons above $200, and for something which I don’t know if I’ll like. If at least I knew it wouldn’t be too loud I might justify forking that kind of money.

    Is there a keyboard for me? How can I tell if it’s going to be too loud? Or should I just give up that search and go for a normie tenkeyless keyboard?


    What is TrueNAS writing all the time to disk?

    I have a TrueNAS install with SMB turned on and nothing else. Even when it’s idle and nothing is accessing it, there’s constant disk activity. Very low bandwidth, but it’s like some log is in verbose mode.

    TrueNAS is installed in a NVMe disk with plenty of room, and there’s only one pool. I’ve checked my snapshot configuration, nothing enabled faster than daily.

    What could be causing it? How do I stop it or redirect it to the NVMe drive? I’m willing to create a partition on the NVMe drive if that’s what will do it.

    Edit: thanks everyone for all the feedback, I’ll try these out and report back.


    Frequent disconnects from Voyager app

    Hey, I’m having this issue only with Mander. I can’t reliably reproduce it, sometimes it’ll go days without issue. But then the insurance gets disconnected and I need to add the account again. Does not happen with my account on another instance. Anyone else experiencing the same? Any clues as to what is causing it?


    Self hosting courses on Udemy

    So my employer got me a business Udemy account and I want to make the most of it. What are good courses there for a home self hoster?

    I’ve got a couple Docker for beginners courses.

    Would an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner be any useful?

    I’m looking into networking as well, so I understand VLANs, routing and firewalls.

    I have a decent grasp of Linux fundamentals, but I’m outdated in administration as I haven’t been more than a user for the past 10 years.


    Ingenious ways to measure power draw

    So I wanted to get myself a Kill-a-watt. Being who I am, I wanted information regarding its accuracy, especially at low power draws. I found a comparison with a industry grade equipment (Fluke is about the best out there in handheld electrical meters). It’s not encouraging, so I thought about a more proper meter, but it’s not easy to find an actual power meter that is accurate at low loads, isn’t a hassle to install and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    What do you use? Am I overthinking it?


    Local backup on TrueNAS

    I am building my 3-2-1 backup system and wanted to add an external HD to my TrueNAS machine. Since it only works with ZFS, I thought of setting up that drive as a compressed, dedup ZFS volume.

    I have a truckload of NVMe left on the boot drive that I could repartition and turn some of the free space as a dedup vdev for the backup drive. I don't have any other physical bays to add a dedicated drive on the machine.

    A) Is that a bad idea? What are the downsides of using the boot drive like that?

    B) Which tool do you recommend for local backup? I'm looking for actual incremental backup, not just a sync tool.


    Afraid of tuning bongos

    I bought a pair of bongos by impulse while browsing guitar center ($90 discounted to $40). I have never played them. I don't play the drums either. Or percussion. Yeah...

    I think I got the tuning right on the hembra, but the macho keeps sounding very flat, as if I'm permanently muting it with the other hand, or if I'm drumming on Tupperware. There's no resonance like in the big one.

    I'm afraid to keep on tightening it and ruin the hide. The lug nuts have gotten pretty stiff to turn, harder than the hembra's. Is that normal?

    Edit: forgot to mention the pitch is rather dark. I wanted a higher pitch. I understand shell material and construction and head material will limit what tone I can achieve, but it doesn't sound right to me. I was looking to emulate the bright sounds at the intro to Your Latest Trick by Dire Straits (the live version has it).


    How amps connect to concert sound systems?

    Hi there! I'm trying to find a gift for my resident bassist. He's got a 15W 10" bass amp which for bass is only enough for rehearsals. He started gigging and I want to gift him a new amp. Something that can be connected to a concert setup as the band is about get their hands on loaned equipment.

    I know in pro set-ups there's an amp head connected to some speakers. And somehow that is connected to overall concert sound system. How is that connected? Is that "output direct connect" I see in some combo amps?

    Where can I read about it? All I've found online was useless. I guess my lack of basic knowledge prevents me from asking Google the right questions.

    8 First live birth of a chimeric monkey using embryonic stem cell lines

    A team of researchers in China has reported for the first time the live birth of a monkey that contains a high proportion of cells derived from a monkey stem cell line. This "chimeric" monkey is composed of cells that originate from two genetically distinct embryos of the same species of monkey. Thi...

    First live birth of a chimeric monkey using embryonic stem cell lines

    Gattacca here we come.

    > This "chimeric" monkey is composed of cells that originate from two genetically distinct embryos of the same species of monkey. This has previously been demonstrated in rats and mice but, until now, has not been possible in other species, including non-human primates.


    Searching for communities across the fediverse

    Hi there! I'm another reddit refugee, been lurking here since the API fiasco.

    How do I search for a community across the several federated instances? Is there a directory somewhere?