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No but seriously...
  • With a side of "girls insult boys instead of understand them"

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  • Bobbie Ann Mason, author of Shiloh and Other Stories, although the posted excerpt is from In Country

  • Lauren Boebert called "racist" for saying Karine Jean-Pierre is a "DEI hire"
  • I assure you DEI is used as more than the n word

  • In just a few years, half of all states passed bans on trans health care for kids
  • Why are you comparing being trans to drinking and smoking?

  • This is a pretty old template iirc

  • 'Jack him up on Mountain Dew!' GOP lawmaker floats wildest Biden debate conspiracy yet
  • Mountain Dew float with chocolate chocolate chip ice cream vs covfefe and hamberders, battle of the century

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  • It is apparently not very good, according to the angry video game nerd, and it was published by LJN so I am inclined to believe its trash.

    But a [quirky Earthbound inspired] indie JRPG thats woke about going back in time sounds like fun

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  • Barf.
  • Might be more of a texture thing

  • Hogwarts is a dumpster fire
  • Well her other self insert, Hermione, also had a cat, so things aren't looking good for cat lovers.

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  • Would you vote for that just because the other guy might be worse?

    Yes, are you retarded? Like you've gotta be actually fucking stupid to be queer and think letting republicans win to punish dems is better for you, or Palestine. American politics is harm reduction, and the choice for less harm is clear.

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  • I can't ignore the band name

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  • And not voting for a major party will fix that how?

    Even if a significant portion of the population goes third party (and assuming they all agree on the same party), splitting the vote has only ever helped the opposition.

    And if Democrats are just Republicans from the last election cycle, which is an absolutely unhinged notion but I'll humor you anyway, voting for Democrats is still in my best interest since Republicans are even further right

    You've legitimately lost your mind in a purity test if you can't see that.

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  • and if enough people do that they lose

    and then things get even worse for everyone, including Palestinians

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  • Lol

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  • I mean, voting blue no matter who is still in my best interest.

    I hate it and it sucks, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

  • Many such cases
  • Most desktops have a graphical startup editor

  • Saw a nazi today
  • The probability of getting BOOG88 is the same as any other random series, but the chances of getting a random series that also has two extremist dogwhistles is very small