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what foss phone OS do you use and why?
  • I’m looking at getting a new phone this Christmas. I’ve been fucking with fedora on my main and Garuda on a cheap mini pc in the garage. So I’d like to swap my phone over too. What is a good model to look into or a good model to await?

  • Best way to remotely access pc on same LAN

    Hey guys. I have a steam link I’ve used for quite some time. But I’m wanting to figure out a solution that is similar but grants full PC control. I have my main PC hardwired and a steam link and monitor out in my garage I’m routing to with a power line adapter that works pretty great. But it has a lot of issues when minimizing steam to use as a full PC. I have a mini pc N100 I planned on using as a router. But would be happy to swap to use for this if possible.


    This makes me irrationally happy.

    Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. Just got in a new mat I’m in love with 😍. Toke up. DO IT FOR HASH.


    Notepad++ Question

    I am trying to create a template in notepad++. Where my fields are hard coded as in I can highlight and delete but my fields stay and the values are erased. I could just copy and paste the template over each time. But I’m lazy as hell. Any ability to remove more button clicks is a win lol