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New Biden rule cracks down on insurers’ use of prior authorization
  • Insurance companies are going to do anything they can to reduce loss ratio, but... That is literally the plot of a John Grisham novel (pre-ACA, so it was a little more complicated than that, but still).

    Maybe that's not the model that real-life insurers should be copying.

  • Nevada has a plan to expand electronic voting. That concerns election security experts
  • Yes, but it's much easier to claim 'rigged' after the fact when done electronically. Mail-in ballots are harder to push back on. This isn't about voting, it's about covertly excluding votes from certain groups of people. They just can't say that part yet out loud.

  • When you stopped caring about staying in good shape?
  • You and me both.

    Not too many years after that nightmare, I was perfectly capable of enjoying thru-hiking, carrrying exactly same weight anyone else would have been, moving at same speed on rough terrain, etc. Still couldn't run a mile - or much shorter distances - in my wildest dreams. Didn't matter, I was in exactly the shape I wanted to be in, for the things I cared about.

    Can't do it anymore, my body widely conspired against me in various ways, but glad I was capable of it and have the memories. If I had been able to run a mile, but not hike any distance with weight, I'd be alot less happy about what I had achieved at that point.

  • DWP told to pay £50,000 to Deaf job-seeker after repeated failure to provide BSL interpreter
  • Entirely valid question, that as a USian, I might just be qual to answer. The ratio between them varies by individual, but it boils down to a core American exceptionalism that’s taught actively from very young; some ridiculous blather about how having founding docs / written constitution makes our rights safer even in context of significant social change; and my personal least fave, the idea that if one didn’t directly and proximately earn something through capital or wage slavery, they just aren’t working hard enough and therefore shouldn’t have it.

    Those things are at the core of a very large group of American voters’ opinions, and all are fatally flawed.

    Of course, as a child of the very early eighties, growing up it was still (at least conceptually) possible to buy a house and a car on one income, within relatively recent history. As it absolutely should be.

    Kicking that exceptionalism thought process is quite the struggle (as is the rest), even for those motivated to do it.

    Civilised world has mostly lower paid docs (relative to us) but also mostly some sort of universal care. I’d gladly accept NHS-level wait times, if it meant that I could take the $2k a month that my emp and I together now pay for insurance (just 2 adults) - even if taxed to support that sort of system, that is real money.

    Things are bettter than they were in my lifetime, even though ObamaCare was basically a typical American “personal responsibility” solution, just with subsidies to avoid actively excluding only the less financially well off.

    Used to be that you had to have continuous coverage in order to get a new cost, or pre existing conditions weren’t covered under a newer policy even if one could buy one privately (you really couldn’t, practically).

    Healthcare before ACA was a sanctioned and mostly very profitable betting operation for large carriers because the risk pool for each individual policy was large, and there were max amounts and sometimes lifetime total limits that could be paid.

    By comparison, what we have is pretty great for folks who lived thru that era, but… Hot garbage compared to many other developed nations.

    We’re a nation full of people literally trained to think our system is the best in the world. Helluva barrier to overcome, all the more so when the ACA did actually make things better.

    Mild sidetrack but the only reason to assume by default our system might be better is the education (indoctrination) we receive early and often, and consistently.

    Always appreciate a comment that makes me question why/how I made some assumption.

  • PayPal plans an ad network built off your purchase history
  • Cap One 360 checking - free, and offers single use cards. Think they regen on each usage,and can get the number etc easily in app.

    Edit:missed “credit” card. Believe Cap One does same for their credit cards, not entirely sure tho. It’s becoming more common on credit, but def not “most” cards doing that yet

  • PayPal plans an ad network built off your purchase history
  • Thought they charged something to put $ on temp card, via EFT though I may well be wrong.

    Don’t recall the org name I conflated w them anymore u fortunately.

    And from where I sit, yeah they pay me to some degree - the acct costs me nothing, and it’s got a handful of the usual “edge case” insurance benefits and such most debit cards don’t.

    Not real useful to me, admittedly, but I do receive something.

    That, and they reliably post direct deposit exactly 48h early, plus or minus fifteen minutes. Ability to plan my life around when exactly my check will show up has value. Seems to be very much a “best effort” basis to post early w/ most banks.

    Lots of that stuff is useful because of my individual habits and patterns of spending I’m sure, might well not be for you.

    Will check out privacy, now I’m kind of curious if there is something even more friction free for my scenario.

  • does anyone know any states that are cheaper to live in? we can't handle Illinois pricing any more
  • Nice. Then I would highly rec Vigo County, IN. Col is very low, esp rent. Fiber available in a surprisingly large footprint and not just on major streets for biz.

    Will DM a couple WFH pos that I know exist or will fairly soon. Lots of hiring on interesting/unique factors candidate brings to table, very little hiring based on degrees/years experience, at that level.

    Was first time I ever felt like someone was actively listening to my interview answers and paying attn and I’ve been working 25 years.

  • What jobs were you horrified to learn are done by people with little to no experience or training?
  • Pharm tech licensing varies wiiiiidely across the states. Some require natl very, some require basically on job training IIRC.

    RPh not so much, but tech also has responsibility not to kill you with a misfill and more eyes are always good for preventing deaths.

    The shit wages they pay in relation to being responsible in part for safety and accuracy (in retail) is a big part of why most retail is dangerously understaffed.

    Same for insurance agents and real estate agents in many (most?) of US. HS, a couple weeks of “teaching to the test,” and a test is all it takes. Rote memorisation. - lots of those younger folks in insurance couldn’t define what they may/may not say/promise, or who is an “Insured” under a given policy.

  • I wrote a book on Linux command line tools and Shell Scripting (beginner to intermediate level)
  • sed harbors no demon beasts, in my experience.

    On the other hand, by default using sed -i is where the demons come in.

    No, sed, NOT in place. Not the first time. Show me what you want to do based on the instructions I gave you, and then we'll talk about letting you play with the real data.

  • does anyone know any states that are cheaper to live in? we can't handle Illinois pricing any more
  • There are plenty of nearby states that qualify, the problem is most of them are not politically viable if you've lived in Illinois for years. I landed here because western Indiana was just too MAGA for me, for example. Indiana is a lovely state, and I'd gotten quite used to calling it home and tolerating the morons rolling coal and such. But then the pandemic hit, and every time I tried to wear a mask in public someone managed to make a big deal out of it.

  • Flood water use
  • Seems like it would be a nightmare to purify. Perhaps useful for agricultural applications, but for drinking and household use…. Most water supplies don’t have e.g., human bodies floating in them.

    Not a scientist, happy to be proven wrong here, but that’s my gut.

  • Are there any EV cars without any "technology"?
  • Digging my Mirage. Low-key cheap, simple display that integrates well w/ phone, and 40+ MPG.

    Also easy to paddle shift into “oh fuck” mode, which burns more gas but gets me out of some hairy situations when AC is running.

    Would prefer a hybrid, but this is the car the numbers worked out on in a sane way. I tried hypermiling in a Prius 1G (99, I think) on both a KY parkway and I24, and it sorta worked but was a huge PITA as well. Context, US 41 thru Evansville, Parkway, 24. Not terrible for the time at all, but a bit stressful here and there.

  • Valve confirms your Steam account cannot be transferred to anyone after you die | Your Steam games will go to the grave with you
  • As others have pointed out - costs a few bucks annually,and requires beneficial ownership report (free IIRC).

    Otherwise, it’s a tried and true tactic to pass businesses down through generations. An LLC vs. a corp vs a trust is a convo to have w/ lawyer barred in your state but the general premise is vaguely sane.

  • Make the financially responsible decision
  • With ya. I smoke an odd brand that’s hard to get, in a state that (rightfully) taxes the shit out of them.

    Still costs me an even C-note every two weeks, same as always. Have I cut back, probably. But mostly because I’ve started to face my own bullshit instead of expecting smoking to fix it for me.

    I straight up enjoy my Kamel Reds, and while I don’t want to model that to the next generation, I’m the better part of thirty pack-years in.

    I can either take the risk, or downright break all the other mental health progress I’ve made. Since I have a wife and some folks I care deeply about in my life, imma go with the mental health.

    For unrelated reasons, I once was an unmitigated SOB in any interaction. On the rare chances I’ve been in hospital, I’ve been miserable.

    Right or wrong, I prefer to communicate with people rather than attack them, and quitting now would not help that.

    RJR can have my money, they won’t get the next genration’s money. We have dispensaries, video gaming, and casinos on every corner in my state. My choice of vice could be far worse, and I’m kind of grateful that I settled on smokes, and not gambling.

  • DWP told to pay £50,000 to Deaf job-seeker after repeated failure to provide BSL interpreter
  • Things are no better stateside. To get social security disability takes years, and a lawyer who will take a portion of your back pay settlement when finally awarded.

    And of course one can’t be earning money during the process.

    Even with private short term disability coverage through employer, while it was more efficient than that, I still barely had the strength to get through it just to get partially paid for 10 hrs a week for a few months, in hopes that I can regroup, get things back together, and be able to make it through forty hour weeks.

    Since that’s an external company, and our HR and payroll is a different external company, now I have to stay on the latter to make sure a) they get the memo and b) I actually get the pay in question.

  • 2024.03.14

    • FWP Grand Central Skies / Safari M
    • Iroshizuku Suo-Ro / Sport B
    • Diamine Havasu Turquoise / Safari F
    • Diamine Apple Glory / Safari M
    • "Just Blue" / Lilliput F

    Love the way GCS shimmers.

    A CCR quote, and a few words of a certain classic twenty-five minute Arlo Guthrie song.


    2024.03.13 Today's Pens

    This isn't "proper" alt text, but the quotes at the bottom got a bit illegible as I ran out room, so...

    20204. Clariefontaine A5

    • Diamine Violet / Sailor 21
    • Diamine Sherwood Green / Sport F
    • FWP Pink Sugar Beach / Preppy 05 M
    • Diamine Earl Grey / Perkeo M
    • Iroshizuku sui-gyoku / Perkeo M
    • Diamine Pumpkin / Perkeo M

    > Bother me tomorrow, today I'll buy no sorrows... - CCR [Above is in my atrocious cursive, just to see if I can even still write a simple sentence in it]

    > All those people, all those lives, where are they now? With loves, and hates, and passions just like mine, they were born and then they lived and then they died And then they I also ran out of room on the page, it continues "Seems so unfair, I want to cry." (The Smiths)

    That's it for today, I suspect I'm a little behind on reading comments, hopefully will have some time today to remedy that.


    2024.03.12 Pens (And a little fun with ink)

    I'm in an oddball mood this morning, so the quote is from Simon and Garfunkel's "America". The original is "Kathy," the spelling liberty just fit my mood. Same for the mixed styles and colors in the text.

    • Diamine Pink Ice / Preppy 05M
    • Diamine Tropical Glory / Preppy 03F
    • Diamine Apple Glory / Safari M
    • Iroshizuku Shin-Ryoku / Perkeo M

    Clairefontaine Triomphe 90gsm lined stationery, which also happens to be stationary within a generic six-ring binder from Amazon that I stripped the cover off, and rigged to a much more solid piece of cardboard cut down to A5-ish.

    Slides really nicely that way right into a Travelers Notebook, the original cover was clear flexy plastic and kinda worthless as an insert.

    Quickie ink samples are on Midori in A6, weight unknown. It plays pretty well with a lot of things, I thought I'd dig the color, but... Not so much.

    Keeb in the background is generic Chinese 80-key from Amazon, to replace the one that was on sale because it was UK layout and my dumb ass didn't notice. Juuuuuuust different enough to be infuriating when I'm trying to work...

    Gotta say, y'all, I enjoy this hobby on a relatively solitary basis, but... I'm having a friggin' blast doing these - not just because I'm rediscovering stuff I adore that's been buried too long in my ink drawer, but the sharing as well.

    PS my penmanship is almost as potato as my photography skills. But I'm kinda stuck with both skills sucking, at this age. Meh, I still have fun.


    2024.03.11 Pens

    As ever, y'all, forgive the potato-quality image.

    Today's contestants...

    • Amo-Iro / Sport EF
    • Hana-Ikada / Jinhao (model unknown) EF
    • Syo-Ro / Sport B
    • Grand Central Skies / Safari M

    The shimmer in GCS doesn't photograph as well as I'd like, but there is some serious depth to that ink as with most FWP products.

    Also, confession time... But just between the lot of us, of course... I may be a 45 year old man, but dammit, Hana-Ikada is one of my all time favorite colors. Can't even tell you why, but it brings a smile to my face to use, and it's just SO well behaved and clean to write with...

    Second and third faves, while I'm confessing such things, are FWP Pink Sugar Beach and Diamine Pink Ice. Slightly less well behaved, but only just, and who doesn't love pink sparkly... Um... Yeah I'm not helping my case here lol!


    BSB and Polar Green - free to good home

    Have a bottle of both, barely opened, and zero chance I’ll ever use either.

    Without getting into the why…. 2 nearly full bottles of noodlers inks free to good home. Cover actual ship cost and they’re yours.

    Really, truly, I want the damn things outta my ink drawer because I won’t ever use ‘em and because reasons.

    Hell, if you’re somewhere between roughly Chambana, IL and Indianapolis, I might even be up to meet you somewhere.


    Today's Pens 2024.03.10

    Since my handwriting is a dog’s breakfast…

    “Today’s fun

    Going out for a bit so keeping it light. Just my much adored Fuyu-Gaki (you’ve seen that EF nib) and “mooring on the quinuai river,” from a Chinese company whose name I can’t recall, in a preppy 05M. Don’t know if the shimmer will photograph well.”

    Still up for sample trades, can never have too many inks!


    Tomorrow's Pens 2024.03.08

    • Jade Green
    • Hope Pink
    • Havasu Turquoise
    • Hotaru Bi

    Sailor 21

    Possible that I've posted this here before, but since views seem to be trending upwards and it also might have been on the other instance that's gone now...

    ...I positively love these pens, but is there any practical way to disassemble them, or am I stuck with the ink color I chose for them?


    Pen O' The Day 2024.03.07

    Maybe - just maybe - I'm a bit early but there's a chance my morning will be a lil nuts so might as well set things out and post ahead of time.

    Also, feedback welcome - don't want to spam the sub, do want to add some useful content even if it's just a post history with a bunch of ink samples in it so some lunatic (like me) can agonize over the perfect orange between FG and Pumpkin (Protip, Iroshizuku every. single. time. It just writes better, across more pens, IMHO. It's also a slightly more pricey addiction than Diamine, so...)

    Today's fun includes:

    • Fuyu-Gaki in Safari EF

    • Midway the Magnificent in a Perkeo M

    • Pumpkin in another of the ever-present Perkeo M

    • Amo-Iro in Sport EF

    Pardon my handwriting, and weird datetime formatting. Blame my journaling habit for the latter, as it makes finding things I know I 100% wrote down rather easier. The former is all me.

    Midori A6 for the scribbles, Clairefontaine in the background.


    Today's Pens

    Being the change I want to see (more traffic and more interesting pens here)...

    My primary pens for today are a Safari F inked with Tsutsuji, and a Kaweco Lilliput in brass, with the Kaweco Blue cartridge it came with (also F). I'll refill it with something more interesting when the time comes, just haven't decided what.

    On an average day, I might rotate through two pens; or everything I have inked. Just depends on my mood.

    Edit: That's Midori A6 they're sitting on / scribbled on, and Clairefontaine A5 in the background.


    Business Phones - Suggestions

    Tired of wondering when the Big G will kill off GV, and now I also find myself needing to port a number quickly so I don't lose it (damned MFA backup SMS!).

    3 numbers, a fax would be nice though I can take it or leave it. Basic autoattendant would be nice, voicemail and transcription, etc.

    Really, I'm just looking for the features that have been bundled for years on the consumer side, and without nickling/diming me to death on it - and without Google.

    Amazon's call center product is interesting, but more than a little heavy for me. I hate to go all-in on a self-hosted PBX when I don't really have the need. Not to mention I've still got to pay for the DID if I do that..

    Used RingCentral for many years, and wasn't impresses. That was a while back, I hear they've improved somewhat, but the experience still left a bad taste.